To avoid unexpected weather conditions, using a canopy tent when holding outdoor events is one of the best options. Many kinds of events are perfect for the outdoors, whether it's a birthday party or a wedding. The outdoor scenery can bring a stunning view to the event, adding beauty to the event. You can hold different types of events all year round, but you will need different kinds and styles of outdoor canopy tents. if you want to hold an outdoor event, you will need to know the features of these tents first. And what type of event they are suitable for. Knowing the features of these canopy tents carefully can help you organize a successful outdoor event. 

high peak canopy tent
(Party canopy tent)

Pop Up Canopy Tent

The pop-up canopy tent is the easiest to set up and easy to transport of all tent categories. Its frame is pre-framed and expandable, and the installation method is very simple. Usually, you just need to unfold the frame and then put the canopy on and it is done. There is no need for any installation tools, which greatly reduces the installation time of the tent, and even the elderly can be successfully installed.

10' x 20' Pop up Canopy with Sidewalls - Beige
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.5 ft
  • Benefits: Private space,Multiple usage methods

The canopy material of this kind of tent is usually made of Oxford cloth plus PU coating. This fabric can be very tough to prevent tears in the process of installation. It can perfectly block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and the PU coating can be waterproof. So you don't have to worry about weather changes. No matter what kind of weather it is, it can shelter you.

quictent 10x20 canopy

(Quictent 10x20 canopy)

Size of pop up canopies

Quictent offers a wide range of pop up canopy sizes, of which 10x10 canopy is the most popular size.

Size Capacity
6x6 canopy 2 people 
8x8 canopy 4-6 people
10x10 canopy 10-15 people
11x11 canopy 10-15 people
13x13 canopy 10-15 people
10x15 canopy 18-22 people
10x20 canopy 16-20 people


Suitable for what kind of events?

Due to the special nature of the pop-up canopy tent frame, the largest size is a 10x20 pop-up canopy, which can accommodate up to 30 people, and less if you need to put tables, chairs, and decorations in it. So this tent is only suitable for small events, such as family gatherings or neighborhood barbecue parties. The smaller size is ideal for vendors to use for farmers' markets.

Pole Tent

The difference between a pole tent is that its frame is made up of several poles. The material of the poles is usually galvanized steel pole, while the canopy will also be made of PE which is waterproof and sun-proof. And in the middle there will be a few center poles, so you can see the difference in appearance.

20' x 20' Fire Resistant Party Tent
  • Size: 20' x 20'
  • Height:13ft
  • Benefits: Fire Resistant Fabrics,Upgrade Structure

As well as the tent will have stakes and ropes around it that are needed to add stability. For this reason, the installation of the pole tent will require extra space for stakes to be pinned into the ground. In terms of installation, the pole tent will require at least 2 people to set the steel pipe into the canopy and then secure the pole in place.

pole tent

(Outdoor pole tent)

Size of pole tents

 Size Capacity
20x20 fire resistant party tent 65 people
20x40 pole party tent 125 people

Suitable for what kind of events?

Pole tents are similar to circus tents in appearance, so they are more attractive. But the center pole makes the tent have less space for use and can make the guests' vision obstructed. So the pole tent is more suitable for all kinds of festivals or birthday parties.

Frame Tent

The material of the frame tent varies, some will be PC while some will be galvanized heavy-duty material. Unlike pole tents, it does not have a central pole and can be reinforced without stakes in mild weather. In appearance the top will be a structurally sound triangle, making it easier for rainwater to flow down. The shape is mostly rectangular, which can accommodate more guests.

16' x 32' Party Tent -White
  • Size: 16' x 32'
  • Height:9.85'
  • Benefits: Upgrade Materials,Extra Ground Bar

And the top frame gives more room for decoration, such as hanging string lights and ribbons. Since the frame has multiple parts, it will require more people to install and will take more time than the first two.

white frame tent

(White frame tent)


Size of frame tents

 Size Capacity
10x20 Party Tent
30 people
10x30 Party Tent 45 people
13x26 Party Tent 60 people
20x20 Party Tent
75 people
16x32 Party Tent 80 people
20x32 Party Tent 100 people
20x40 Party Tent 125 people

Suitable for what kind of events?

Frame tents are usually in the shape of a tunnel, which makes it easier for guests to move around, and the lack of a central pole opens up the view. Different types of tables and chairs can be placed, so frame tents are ideal for outdoor dining areas in restaurants or outdoor bars.

High Peak Tent

High peak tents are similar to pole tents in appearance, but high peak tents do not have a central pole. It is built using a frame in the shape of a spire. High peak tents usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the frame material is usually heavy-duty steel tubing to maintain a stable appearance. When installing, you can set up the outer ring first and then continue to build the inner frame.

29' x 21' Large Event Wedding Heavy Duty Party Tent
  • Size: 29' x 21'
  • Height:11.5'
  • Benefits: Elegant appearance,More solid

Size of High peak tents

 Size Capacity
20x14.5 Party Tent 40 people
22x16 Party Tent Wedding Tent
65 people
29x21 Party Tent 86 people

Suitable for what kind of events?

The high peak tent has the same elegant shape as the pole tent, but without the obstruction of the center pole. So there will be more space in use and it will be more convenient for guests to move around. So the high peak tent is very suitable for outdoor weddings or some special events. Or it is also very suitable for glamping tents, several high peak tents placed together will have a village feel.

high peak tent

(High peak tent)

Adding different types of sidewalls.

If you need to hold outdoor events in the summer, you can choose a screened canopy or add mesh sidewalls to your tent. This will effectively insulate you from mosquitoes and maintain ventilation, keeping your guests comfortable and cool. screened canopy is more suitable for casual events and is not suitable in winter. If you want a more formal sidewall that can be used all year round. You can choose a sidewall with a window, which is more elegant in appearance and the window design still allows guests to see the outdoors. The presence of a sidewall also provides insulation and protection from the wind, regardless of the season. So this style of the sidewall is also suitable for all types of events.

tent with walls

(Party tent with walls) 

Now you know all the types of canopy tents and what kind of event they are suitable for. You may have already figured out what kind of tent you want to choose, but there are other factors besides that that you need to consider. Including the venue, the number of people, and whether meals are provided are all factors that affect which type of tent you buy. Please be sure to think carefully before choosing the tent you want to invest in.

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