From shipping service to payment methods, from material knowledge to maintenance suggestions, here you can find official answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Questions You May Have Before Making Orders
We at Quictent sincerely recommend you read these questions below to have a general knowledge about Quictent.
Q: Why should I choose Quictent?
Quictent is a professional, experienced online seller for outdoor & gardening products. Starting the online business at the beginning of the century, we have good knowledge about how to make a balance between high-quality products and profits. We always apply a reasonable pricing strategy for a variety of premium products.
We are committed to bringing an easier and better lifestyle in the simplest way. You can always expect the best value items, free & fast shipping service, premium warranty, and excellent customer service from Quictent.
Q: What payment methods does Quictent accept? 
We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal. 
Stay tuned for more trusted ways of payment!
Q: Does Quictent offer customized services?
We are sorry to tell you that we do NOT offer customized service at present.
We are working hard to make it come true soon.
Q: Does Quictent offer expedited shipping such as the overnight, next day delivery? 
We are sorry to tell you that we do NOT accept rush orders at present. 
We need time to prepare for shipping and we have signed up for shipping service with the carrier. A change is not easy work. 
Q:How long should I except for a delivery?
Usually, it takes about 3-5 working days. 
We will share the tracking number(s) for your order in a workday. You can track the package by yourself. 
You can reach out to us if you have any concerns.
Q: Can I change my shipping address and billing address after signing up?
You can manage your shipping address and billing address by logging in your account.
Q: Can I pick up my order?
It depends. 
We have several U.S-based warehouses and you should contact us before you make a pick-up order.
Q: How many people are required to set up a Quictent?
Quictent products are designed for easy set-up. Most such as pop up canopies, small party tents, greenhouses, and grow tents can be quickly installed by 1-2 people.
You’d better have over 3 people to finish assembling a big party tent.
A rule of thumb is that the more people work together, the faster it will be finished.
Questions You May Have After Making Orders
We spare no effort to make online shopping as smooth as in-store purchases. These questions are of the most importance when it comes to address change and after-sale service.
Read the following questions carefully and let us know if you have any questions.
Q: How can I change the shipping address for an order?
Please contact us at your earlier convenience. 
You have 24 hours of waiting period after the order is placed. If you want to make changes, whether for a shipping address or a cancellation, you should contact us immediately. Or you have to pay for the handling fee if the item has been shipped out.
Q: How can I cancel my order and get a refund?
You can check the Quictent return policy here.
Q:  How can I file for warranty & parts?
You can check Quictent terms of warranty & parts here.
Q: How can I apply for an invoice?
You can contact us with order information, and an account specialist will get back with an e-copy as soon as possible.
Answers to General Questions About Products
The more you know about the item, the less you're troubled in after-buying issues. 
Let's have a quick overview of some general questions you may have when shopping at Quictent. 
Q: What are the differences among the Privacy, 4Season, and Screen series when it comes to pop up canopy?
They belong to pop up canopy and the main difference lies on the sidewalls.
For Privacy ones, they provide you a private space as it features with mesh windows on two side panels which can be fully closed. 
The 4Season ones apply for unique Silvox® fabric and can be used all through the year. There are church windows on the sidewalls making it easy to observe outside at any time.
The Screen series apply for a whole piece of mesh for sidewalls, making it a great choice for camping.
Q: Are Quictent tents fire-retardant?
Some pop up canopies are fire-retardant to some extent. However, you should be noted that a fire-retardant certificate can not be provided. 
What’s more, we NEVER recommend you to use the Quictent tents near fire sources.
Q: What is Oxford, polyester, PE, and PVC?
Oxford fabric: It is a basiceven weave fabric derived from slightly thicker yarn fibers, creating adurable, lightweight fabric. It is usually to be used for button-up shirts, dresses, and bedding. 
Polyester fabric: It is asynthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum. It is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and it is used in thousands of different consumers and industrial applications. When blended with cotton, polyester improves the shrinkage, durability, and wrinkling profile of this widely-produced natural fiber. 
PE: It is the abbreviation of polyethylene. It is strong, does-not-stretch, making it useful for folding camp and deck chairs, tarps, and tents.
PVC: It is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride. It usually consists of a backing woven from polyesterfibers with a surface coating of shiny plastic.
Q: How does the silver-coated process benefit the tent structure? 
Besides have a good-looking, it also adds to a longer life span as it works great against corrosion.
Q: Are there any general maintenance suggestions?
You can find some useful suggestions from instructions.
Below are some general but useful maintenance suggestions. We’re also glad to hear from you about your one-of-the-kind DIY ideas.

  • You should keep pop up canopies and party tents from the water, moisture after each use, or the item will be damaged. An outside leave overnight is not recommended, even with precautions.
  • You should NOT use any Quictent products under bad weather.
  • You should strengthen the item for each use.  From pegs and ropes coming with the order, or extra weights such us sandbags, bricks to extra supporting pole, they are recommended.
How Can You Contact Us? 
If you are not over the moon with your order, we'll move mountains to make it right. If your questions are not founded on this page, you can always get in touch with Quictent by submitting your request.
A customer support expert will get back in hours.


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