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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
10' x 10' Heavy Duty Portable Garage Outdoor Storage 10' x 10' Outdoor Storage
8' x 8' Portable Garage 8' x 8' Portable Garage Outdoor Storage
6'x6' portable garage outdoor outdoor 6'x6' portable garage

Find Your Storage Sheds at Quictent

If you find that you have more and more items to store and your space isn't able to accommodate them, you may need the perfect portable storage shed as an extension space. Quictent offers you storage solutions.

Easy to set up You can set up a Quictent storage building on any flat area, and it's your biggest helper for outdoor storage. When you need to move this portable storage shed, you can easily disassemble and reset it, which won't take you much time.

Multiple uses A Quictent pop up shed can be used to store tractors, gardening tools, bicycles, firewood piles, and all kinds of other items you want to store, helping you get more space.

The perfect cover All Quictent portable storage covers are made of 200-gram, extra-thick, reinforced polyethylene fabric. This industrial grade fabric is excellent quality, UV resistant, tear resistant and waterproof. You don't have to worry about rainwater accumulating in the outdoor shed and can leave items inside for a long time.

Multiple sizes At Quictent you can find the size of removable sheds that best suits your needs. There are multiple size options for you, such as 10'x10' shed, 8'x8' shed, 6'x6' shed, and more.

Reinforced construction The quality heavy-duty frame makes Quictent storage sheds stand out. The frame is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel with galvanized steel rods up to 38mm in diameter and about 0.8mm thick. quality frame material ensures stability and durability.

Metal clips provide double protection The Quictent mobile storage comes with regular metal clips and 4-way metal clips as the connection between the ground and leg poles, making the garden storage structure more stable and providing double protection.

Curved leg holders and gifted anchors The curved leg holders and gifted anchors in the package work together to make the portable storage buildings more stable, even in bad weather.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Storage Sheds

Q: What is the Quictent Portable Storage Shed Warranty Policy?

A: A one-year warranty for the frame poles and the fabric (top cover and doors). Lifetime warranty for accessories including connectors, pegs, ropes, and elastic ropes.

Q: What is a storage shed?

A: Storage shed means any accessory structure, either freestanding or attached to another structure, that is not classified for human habitation or occupancy and is intended to be used to store personal property.

Q: Is the Quictent portable storage shed durable?

A: Heavy-duty 38mm rustproof galvanized steel frames and metal corner joints make our storage sheds more durable.

Q: What not to store in a plastic shed?

A: Canned food. Stores of canned food should not be exposed to excessive temperatures.

Leather furniture.



Fabrics and paper products.

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