Safe Transactions at Quictent
Transactions at Quictent are secure and safe. We value the personal information you provide for the orders and spare no effort to protect it from any unauthorized access, both internally and externally.
To balance your privacy and shopping convenience, we partner with an industrial-leading payment platform. Here we will address details about the payment gateway we are integrating, the available payment methods, and some general cautions for online transactions. 
Payment Platform: PingPong

Secure PingPong Pay

PingPong is the payment gateway that Quictent integrates with. Established in New York, PingPong is a growing trustworthy platform for cross-border transactions. By partnering with leading financial institutions, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms locally and worldwide, as of today, it has gained more than 1,000,000 merchants (and their customers). 

Why You Can Trust PingPong
  • Legit & Safe with SSL Certificate. The SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a security protocol that makes the transmission of internet data between a server and a user encrypted and secure. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that enables encrypted online connection and authenticates a website's identity. In short, you are browsing a legit and safe website if:
    1) a padlock before the URL address bar and
    2) the acronym HTTPS (which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) appears in the URL. 

 secure SSL

  • Trustworthy with FinCEN MSB licenses. MSB stands for Money Services Business. It's a compulsory registration required by the United States Department of the Treasury. Like some global leading platforms for digital money services like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Poloniex, etc., PingPong is also registered for this license. 
  • Partnerships with Well-Known Marketplaces & Platforms. Partnerships with well-known marketplaces and platforms are another strong proof showing how trustworthy PingPong is. By reviewing the Partnership Directory, you'll find some of the world-leading gaits are on the list: global marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Wayfair, etc., e-commerce platforms including Shopify, X Cart, Miva, shipping & fulfillment giants such as FedEx, Easyship, etc.
How PingPong Works at Quictent

After adding your favorites to the Cart, you'll be redirected to PingPong for checkout. On the page, enter & confirm the required information, then just wait for a successful payment notification. The whole process is encrypted and your information is secured.
*You are not required to sign in PingPong nor link a bank card (credit & debit cards are included).

1. Add your favorites to the Cart
2. Check out by redirecting to PingPong
3. Enter & Confirm the required information
4. Payment completed

Acceptable Payment: Credit/Debit Card
payment method
Pay With Klarna
Pay With Klarna
4 interest-free installments
You can choose to pay for your order using Klarna, and you will be able to split your purchase amount into 4 equal payments so you can spread the cost of your purchase over time. Enter the credit or debit card of your choice for automatic payments every two weeks beginning at the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipping date). No interest or added fees when you pay on time!
For more information, just click here.
You do not need to worry about information leakage as both PingPong and Quictent will not hold your card information. For any questions regarding the transactions, you can consult the issuing bank directly.

If you have any questions when completing the payment via PingPong, please email our customer support team at
We'll get back to help out as soon as possible. For a better understanding, we also highly appreciate it if you share the error message or a screenshot without privacy information at the same time. 
Cautions for Online Transactions
The high volume of post-pandemic transactions has boosted fraud and identity theft online. We at are committed to increasing the security of our site. However, we can not be there for your purchases out of By offering some easy-to-practice tips, we hope to help you get rid of as many potential threats as possible.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi connection while doing online transactions.
  • Do not access unknown messages or emails. 
  • Do not save card information while shopping online.
  • Do not share your passwords.
  • Check the SSL certificate, that is, an URL starting with HTTPS and a padlock before the URL address bar.
  • Change your passwords frequently and make them difficult to guess.
  • Use One-Time Password, Private Window for transactions whenever possible.
  • Always log out of your bank and merchant sites after completing your online transaction. 

A rule of thumb, whenever you have concerns about your transactions or bills, contact the issuing bank directly at your earliest convenience.


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