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reinfoced steel framestress resistant reinforced truss barscompletely waterproofcarry bag with roller

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    With high quality and wide selection of color, size and style, whether you're planning a wedding, barbecue, birthday or summer party, Quictent is the first place to look for a quality solution that won't break the budget.

    Based on unique Silvox® fabric, comprehensive ways against water and wind, flexible installation and easy to carry feature, Quictent developed two main series of pop up canopy that best served the market - the 4Season™ and the Privacy™. And later, to meet more specific demands, we launch two more series of canopy tent - the Screen™ for best summer use and the no sides series for basic plan.

    Silvox®, adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by Quictent. Silvox® fabric is durable, lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent(certificate is not available).