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Party Tent Buying Guides

Are you wondering how to choose the size of a party tent or a wedding tent? Don't worry, Quictent has already taken care of it for you. Please refer to the table below for details.

Size Capacity Material Waterproof Anti-UV Tear-Resistant
10' x 8' Party Tent 8 people 160g Polyester
10' x 20' Party Tent 30 people 120gPE
10' x 20' Pop up Party Tent 30 people 420D oxford fabric
20' x 14.5' Party Tent 40 people 190gPolyester
10' x 30' Party Tent 45 people 120gPE
13' x 26' Party Tent 60 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 20' Party Tent 65 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 20' Fire Resistant Party Tent 65 people Roof: 500gPVC,Sides: 350gPVC
16' x 32' Party Tent 80 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
29' x 21' Party Tent 86 people 250gPVC
20' x 32' Party Tent 100 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 40' Party Tent 125 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE

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Why choose Quictent party tent?

Quictent party tents have a wide selection of large sizes from the most popular 10' x 8' to 20' x 40'. Very suitable for personal and commercial purposes, including parties, birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies, etc.The frame of the party tent is made of Powder-Coated Steel, making the frame durable and able to withstand the backyard or open-air environment. The cover of the party tent is made of Ultra-Thick Polyethylene Fabric, which provides a good waterproof shelter. The Sidewalls ard Removable, which allows you to have a good ventilation.Come with necessary assembly accessories and a carry bag, the Quictent party tents are easy to install/ keep/ take away.Worry-free warranty and customer-friendly customer service stand behind all the time. Buy one and decorate it for a one-of-the-kind party!

Should Party Tents be Rented or Bought?

Maybe you thought about this before the party. In fact, whether to rent or buy a party tent is determined by your actual situation. If your budget is not sufficient or you only plan to use it once, it is more cost-effective to rent a party tent. But if you are a person who likes to have parties, or you don't like to use things that others have used, then buying a party tent is a better choice for you. And you can decorate and use your own party tent at will, don’t worry about breaking it.

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