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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
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16 x 32  Party Tent -WhiteQuictent 16x32 party canopy tent
16' x 32' Party Tent -White
Sale price$709.99 Regular price$749.99
Save $40.00
13 x 26 Heavy Duty Party Tent13' x 26'  Party Tent
13' x 26' Party Tent -White
Sale price$549.99 Regular price$589.99
Quictent 20x32 party tentQuictent 20x32 heavy duty tent
20' x 32' Party Tent -White
Sale price$1,099.99
20 x 40 Party Tent Quictent#size_20' x 40'Quictent 20x40 white party tent#size_20' x 40'
Quictent 20x40/20x32/16x32/13x26 White Party Tent
Sale priceFrom $549.99
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20 x 14.5 Octagonal Party Tent20' x 14.5' Wedding Tent
20' x 14.5' Octagonal Party Tent-White
Sale price$550.99
20 x 40 Party Tent Wedding Tent20' x 40' Party Tent
20' x 40' Party Tent/Wedding Tent - White
Sale price$2,199.99
16 x 32 Heavy Duty Party Tent16' x 32' Heavy Duty Party Tent - Stripe Blue&White
20 x 40 party tent20' x 40'  Party Tent sidewall
20 x 20 Fire Resistant Party Tent20'X20' Fire Resistant Party Tent Size
20' x 20' Fire Resistant Party Tent
Sale price$1,194.99
Save $200.00
20 x 40 Party Tent QuictentQuictent 20x40 white party tent
20' x 40' Party Tent -White
Sale price$1,299.99 Regular price$1,499.99

Party Tent Buying Guides

Are you wondering how to choose the size of a party tent or a wedding tent? Don't worry, Quictent has already taken care of it for you. Please refer to the table below for details.

Size Capacity Material Waterproof Anti-UV Tear-Resistant
10' x 8' Party Tent 8 people 160g Polyester
10' x 20' Party Tent 30 people 120gPE
20' x 14.5' Party Tent 40 people 190gPolyester
10' x 30' Party Tent 45 people 120gPE
13' x 26' Party Tent 60 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 20' Party Tent 65 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 20' Fire Resistant Party Tent 65 people Roof: 500gPVC,Sides: 350gPVC
16' x 32' Party Tent 80 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
29' x 21' Party Tent 86 people 250gPVC
20' x 32' Party Tent 100 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE
20' x 40' Party Tent 125 people Roof: 180gPE,Sides: 160gPE

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What Kind Of Outdoor Activity Is Party Tent Suitable For

All outdoor activities need the presence of a party tent. Because it can not only provide a space for events but also solve the difficulties of different weather. Thus, it has been a very popular choice as a wedding tent as well. A variety of sizes and shapes of wedding tents can make outdoor weddings unique. Besides being used as a wedding tent, party tents can be used for birthday parties and graduation ceremonies.

Why Choose Quictent Party Tent?

Types of Quictent Party Tent

Types Of Sidewalls For Large Party Tents

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: How to put up a party tent?

A: Step 1, Put your tent steel tubes for subsequent splicing. Step 2, Assemble the upper part of the roof frame and reinforce it with connectors. Step 3, Cover the roof and use elastic bands to tightly connect the roof to the frame. Step 4, Install the lower part of the steel tube. Step 5, Use accessories to strengthen the frame. For more detailed information, please download the installation guide.

Q: Can party tents be installed on grass or concrete?

A: Frame tents can be installed on grass and concrete. But pole tents are best installed only on grass, concrete will cause some wear and tear on the metal poles.

Q: How long does it take to install a tent?

A: Tent installation depends on its size and type. For example, it will take about 30 minutes to set up a 20x20 pole tent. A 20x40 frame tent will take at least an hour to set up.

Q: How many people does it take to set the party tent up?

A: The size of the tent will affect the number of people. For example, if you want to set up our largest 20x40 tent in the shortest amount of time, our recommended number of people will be between 2 and 5.

Q: How much wind can a party tent withstand?

Q: How to secure a party tent in high winds?

Q: What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

Q: How much are party tents?

Q: What materials are party tents made of?

Q: How to heat a party tent?

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