Quictent 10x15 canopy

A pop-up canopy is a shelter that can be folded into a removable size. It is also referred to as a pop-up tent or canopy tent. Pop-up canopy is usually constructed in two parts, the frame, and the canopy. As the name implies, the frame of the pop-up canopy is pre-built, so the installation process is very simple. Just pull the frame apart and then put on the top fabric and you're done.

The pop-up canopy is often used as an outdoor shelter for various activities such as outdoor fairs, camping, and tailgate parties. It can also be a recreational space for backyards, decks, and other places. Because of the diverse uses, the pop-up canopy is available in a wide range of sizes. To enable you to find the pop-up canopy that best fits your needs, let's start compiling a guide to the different sizes.

Quictent white canopy

6x6 canopy

The 6x6 canopy is the smallest size pop-up canopy Quictent offers. The size is 6.6x6.6x8.5 ft, which is roughly 80x80x102 inch,and 200x200x260 cm. The 6x6 canopy is capable of providing 44 square feet of covered space for 2 people plus two chairs and a small table. This small canopy weighs 30 pounds and is perfect for family trips, RV camping, or relaxing with friends in the great outdoors.

6.6' x 6.6' Small Pop Up Canopy with Netting
  • Size: 6.6’ x 6.6‘
  • Height:8.5’/8.2’/7.9‘
  • Benefits: Anti-mosquito screen mesh,Easy to carry

8x8 canopy

The 8x8 pop up canopy size is 8x8x8.5 ft, which is 96x96x102 inch, 240x240x260 cm. Provides 64 square feet of covered space for 4-6 people. The 8x8 canopy can also cover a square table on the patio plus two double sofas or can accommodate 4-6 foldable camping chairs and 1 small round table. The 8x8 canopy tent weighs 35.7 pounds and is suitable for use in the backyard or patio as an outdoor shade space. This size is perfect for road trips, picnics in the park, or tailgate parties.

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy with Sides
  • Size: 8' x 8'
  • Height:8.5’/8.2’/7.9‘
  • Benefits: Removable side walls, Anti-mosquito screens

10x10 canopy

This is the most popular size of the pop-up canopy and is the size of vendor tents required by many farmers' markets and trade shows. It has a size of 10x10x8.5 ft, which is 120x120x102 inch and 300x300x260 cm. The 10x10 canopy measures 100 square feet, weight is 39 lbs. It can accommodate about 10 to 15 people without adding any furniture. If a table is needed, a 96-inch rectangular table and 8 to 10 chairs can be set up. For a 60-inch round table, it can accommodate 10 chairs.

Quictent 10x10


The three adjustable heights for the 6x6 canopy, 8x8 canopy, and 10x10 canopy are 8.5/8.2/7.9 ft, or 102/98/94 inch, 260/250/240 cm. The side opening height is 6.9/6.6/6.3 ft, or 83/79/75 inch, 210/200/190 cm. Even taller guests do not have to worry about bumping their heads when entering or leaving.

Please note that for the same size pop-up canopy, a canopy tent with slanted legs will provide less space. For example, a 10x10 canopy with sloping legs can cover an area of 8x8 feet or 64 square feet.

No-Side 10'x10' EZ Pop Up Canopy
  • Size: 10' x 10'
  • Height:8.5’/8.2’/7.9‘
  • Benefits: Good ventilation, Easy to carry

10x15 canopy

The top of the 10x15 canopy is designed differently from the previous three to allow rain to slide down faster. The size is 10x15x10.8 ft, which is 120x180x130 inch, 300x460x330 cm. Capable of covering 150 square feet and can accommodate up to 18-22 people, 10-12 people with the addition of a 60-inch round table, or 8-10 people with an 8-foot banquet table. The 10x15 canopy's weight is 58 pounds, more suitable for family gatherings or as a carport for small cars.

Privacy 10' x 15' Pop Up Canopy with Sides
  • Size:15' x 15'
  • Height: 9.2'/8.9'/8.6'
  • Benefits: Flexible settings,Multiple Protection

11x11 canopy

Quictent's 11x11 canopy is designed to look like a gazebo, with a double-layered roof for better air circulation. Measuring 11x11x9.7 ft, or 132x132x116 inch, 335x335x295 cm, it has 121 square feet of coverage, seats up to 10-15 people, and weighs 38.6 pounds. There is enough space to place a dining table, sofa, or recliner inside. Same capacity as a 10x10 canopy, but with a more sophisticated look, suitable for placement in the backyard garden as a relaxation space.

Privacy 11' x 11' Pop up Gazebo with Sides
  • Size: 11' x 11'
  • Height:9.7'
  • Benefits: Vented Roof Top,Waterproof and UV Resistant

13x13 canopy

Quictent's hexagonal canopy is also a very popular size, in addition to the special shape, there is a solar LED light. The length of each side is 6.5 ft, and the adjustable height is 9/8.9/8.8 ft, or 108/106/104 inch, 274/271/268 cm. This 13x13 hexagonal canopy tent provides approximately 110 square feet of space. It can accommodate up to 10-15 people or 8 folding chairs plus a square table. 13x13 canopy weighs 48.5 pounds and is suitable for larger backyard BBQ parties.

13' x 13' Hexagonal Pop up Canopy with Netting and Lights
  • Size: 13' x 13'
  • Height:8.8'/8.9'/9'
  • Benefits: Solar LED Lights,Detachable Mesh Walls

10x20 canopy

The 10x20 canopy is the largest size pop-up canopy with plenty of space. The size is 10x20x8.5 ft, which is 120x240x102 inch, 300x600x260 cm. provides 200 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 30-35 people. With the addition of a 60-inch round table, it can accommodate 16-20 people while adding an 8-foot banquet table can accommodate 10-15 people. This is an excellent size for small outdoor parties.

It should be noted that all pop-up tent frames of Quictent are made of reinforced powder-coated steel frames. The top and side walls fabric are 420D silver coating oxford, which is waterproof and sun-proof, suitable for use all year round.

10' x 20' Pop up Canopy with Sidewalls
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.5'/8.2'/7.9'
  • Benefits: Private space,Multiple usage methods

Recommend canopy tent size according to purchase use

Small outdoor activities:6x6 or 8x8 canopy. If you're going out with friends for a picnic, tailgate party, or a music festival, it's best to choose a 6x6 or 8x8 canopy for small groups of people.

Small patio:6x6 or 8x8 canopy. Maybe you want to choose the right shade shelter for your patio, but don't want to take up too much space. These two sizes are also very suitable.

Commercial event:10x10 canopy. If it is a commercial event such as an outdoor fair, then the 10x10 canopy is the universal size and has enough space for goods.

Family outdoor activities:10x10 canopy or 13x13 canopy. It is also perfect for families going camping outdoors as a dining area. The same applies to watching children's sports games, or providing a space for athletes to rest.

Quictent 10x20 canopy


Backyard: 10x10 canopy, 11x11 canopy or 13x13 canopy. These 3 canopy tents vary in style but do not have much difference in size, making them perfect for backyard shelters.

Backyard parties: 10x15 canopy or 10x20 canopy. Both have ample space to accommodate plenty of guests and tables and chairs. Perfect for casual or formal parties.

Temporary carport: 10x15 canopy or 10x20 canopy. A 10x15 canopy can park a small car, while a 10x20 canopy can park a regular model or a small truck.

When you find the pop-up canopy that meets your needs, sit back, fire up the grill and make unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

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