The weather is getting warmer and people have started coming to various bars for a good night out. Hanging out with friends at the bar and then sipping a cold drink can ease the stress of the day. It's also a very pleasurable activity. But with the global epidemic, all bars and restaurants are breaking the boundaries of outdoor dining. Now, many bars and restaurants are choosing to set up outdoor areas for their guests to choose from. Is an outdoor bar a truly superior option or is the atmosphere of an indoor bar hard to ignore. Both have pros and cons that need to be addressed head-on. If you are also torn about this choice, we have put together a thorough comparison of indoor and outdoor bars for you.

indoor bars

Pros of indoor bars

One of the best things about being at an indoor bar is that you can see the bartender making the drinks. If you are sitting at the bar, you can chat with the bartender and get your drink as soon as possible. Secondly, the decor is better indoors than outdoors and will have a better sense of atmosphere. The last point is that the indoor area will be warmer in winter and will not be affected by the weather.

Cons of indoor bars

We all know how busy a bar can be on a Friday night, almost all of them will be crowded and sometimes it's hard to find a seat. And this can be fatal to the current epidemic situation, where you can hardly keep a social distance from so many people. Such a crowded space combined with the fact that masks are not worn, it is very dangerous in terms of disease transmission. Secondly, the airflow indoors is very poor, and this is reinforced by the possibility of spreading the disease. Finally, indoor bars are generally noisy, filled with loud people. If you want to chat with friends also have to raise your voice, which is not a good way to relieve stress.

indoor bar

Pros of outdoor bars

The outdoor bar has become a new trend, first of all, the outdoor gives a better environment. With fresh air and a quiet atmosphere, it is more suitable for people who want to relax. The outdoor area can also be set up as a pet-friendly zone, which can provide convenience for the guests. For the bar, the owner can also get another customer base. It is also important to maintain a certain social distance, and the outdoor area has good air circulation, which reduces the possibility of spreading diseases.

Cons of outdoor bars

The first and foremost point is that it is very susceptible to the weather, which can change suddenly and cause some difficulties. And it is also easy to be infested with mosquitoes outdoors, which will be very annoying. Secondly, the service time will be extended. The expansion of the venue makes it take twice as long for the waiters to serve you your drinks.

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Whether the bar is indoors or out, there will be something not quite right. In other words, one can choose a venue based on their preferences. However, in the situation of an epidemic impact would still recommend an outdoor bar, which would be safer.

How to set up an outdoor bar

First of all, the amount of space on the site is the first thing to consider. This determines how many tables and chairs can be placed outdoors and what kind of outdoor products to choose from. Many products are suitable for outdoor bars. For example, the most popular event tent provides maximum comfort for guests. The tent with a sidewall, in particular, can completely circumvent the weather factor. And if it is a mesh sidewall can keep the insects away and reach the role of complete protection. If you don't want a large tent, you can also choose sun shade, which is a shaded item that can be hung on the support poles. Very light and easy to install, ideal for use in the summer heat.


How to build a backyard bar

In addition to outdoor bars in commercial areas, the more creative is in building backyard bars. If you have enough budget, you can choose to build a backyard bar with a roof. This will give you a space for bartending as well as cabinets for your drinks. The easiest way is to just put up a rolling bar cart so that both the backyard and the patio can be used.

backyard bars


If you want a more comfortable space to relax, an instant canopy can do it. Once installed, the cart can be placed inside the tent so that some of the liquor does not spoil due to direct sunlight. If you want a more sophisticated atmosphere, you can also hang some string lights in the backyard as decoration. The beauty of setting up a backyard bar is that it can be a gathering place for family and friends to build the perfect relationship.

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