Quictent Shade Sail


Why Do You Need a Shade sail?

Sun Protection. The biggest purpose of a shade sail is to protect you from the sun. In summer, the sun's radiation can be very strong. If you do not protect yourself from too many UV rays, you may get sunburned. It is not as flexible as a patio umbrella but can provide a stable range of shade and protect your skin in all directions. Of course, the shade sail is also able to act as a carport canopy to prevent the sun from shining directly on your car.

Decorating the BackyardSunShade sails are usually available in many colors. Whichever color you choose, it can add a splash of gorgeous color to your yard and make it even more beautiful. Likewise, if you want to host a party in your backyard, shade sails can brighten up the party with color while doing their job.

About Quictent Shade Sail

If there is the shade sail needed, there should be a Quictent one. Well stitched and sewn, Quictent shade sails serve well as a sunshade, patio shade, pool shade in any outdoor areas including but not limited to gardens, entryways, pools.Quictent offers a variety of styles of sun shade sail for residences as well as businesses.

Woven from high-density 185G HDPE, they look nice and work well for blocking the sun & UV light as well as cooling the covered areas. For your safety, we also offer sun shade which has a flame retardant coating. With strongly attached rings and durable ropes, Quictent sun shade sails are easy to install/clean/keep, mildew-free, which means they should last a lot longer if you take it down in the winter.With a 5-Year Warranty, it’s worth every penny that you spend on it! Rest assured to buy.

Why Choose Quictent Shade Sail?

Frequently Asked Questions about Shade Sails

How to install a shade sail?

What size shade sail do I need?

How long do sun shade sails last?

How much wind can a shade sail take?

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