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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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13 x 26 Heavy Duty Party Tent13' x 26'  Party Tent
13' x 26' Party Tent -White
Sale price$549.99 Regular price$589.99
Save $40.00
16 x 32  Party Tent -WhiteQuictent 16x32 party canopy tent
16' x 32' Party Tent -White
Sale price$709.99 Regular price$749.99
Quictent 20x32 party tentQuictent 20x32 heavy duty tent
20' x 32' Party Tent -White
Sale price$1,099.99
20 x 40 Party Tent Quictent#size_20' x 40'Quictent 20x40 white party tent#size_20' x 40'
Quictent 20x40/20x32/16x32/13x26 White Party Tent
Sale priceFrom $549.99
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20 x 40 party tent20' x 40'  Party Tent sidewall
16 x 32 Heavy Duty Party Tent16' x 32' Heavy Duty Party Tent - Stripe Blue&White
Save $200.00
20 x 40 Party Tent QuictentQuictent 20x40 white party tent
20' x 40' Party Tent -White
Sale price$1,299.99 Regular price$1,499.99

About Quictent Frame Tents

Quictent offers three main types of party tents. And among these tents, frame tents are usually the most popular ones. The reason is that frame tents are simple in structure and have no special requirements for installation locations.

From the appearance, the top of the frame tent will be a triangle. The shape is rectangular and can accommodate more guests. And the frame at the top gives more room for decoration, such as hanging string lights or fabric.

Quictent has a wide range of frame tent sizes, from a 10x20 party tent for small parties to a large size 20x40 tent. when you are hesitant to pick a frame tent, you can read the frame tent guide to get detailed information about each size tent.

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