Enjoying a glass of wine is always one of the best choices for a party with friends. Imagine sipping a delicious wine with a breeze and tasty food. It will be an unforgettable experience. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, it would be a great event to host a wine party outdoors and chat with friends over a glass of wine. No matter what kind of party we throw, we always have a lot of problems to solve. When it comes to hosting a reception, the questions are: what kind of wine to prepare, how to decorate a wine party, etc? So for you can host a fabulous wine party. We have prepared a comprehensive reception guide for you that will enable you to immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

wine party outside

How to set up the party

The most basic point of holding a party is to set up and decorate the venue. This is the key to creating an atmosphere for the party. If it is held in hotter weather choose sun shade to achieve a cooler environment.

Table setup

First, determine how many guests will be coming to the party. Prepare enough seats so that everyone can sit. Next, layout tablecloths on the tables and set out the appropriate tableware and wine glasses. Finally, you can also put soft cushions and blankets on the seats. This will make your guests feel that you have taken care of them.


Lighting is always the key to the party. Here are a few options for lighting: place candles on the table or hang string lights, lanterns are also beautiful. If you want to create a more sophisticated environment, setting up flowers is also a common way.

wine party with tent

Resting area

In addition to setting the table, you can also set up a pop-up canopy on the patio as a resting area. Apart from that, it can also be waterproof and shaded from the sun to avoid the weather factor. Very suitable for all kinds of outdoor parties. Of course, you can also put the dining table directly into the pop-up canopy with sides. this can also prevent mosquito infestation.


Music is an important element of any party, and certainly you want to set the right tone for your wine party. My advice is to choose soothing, subdued music as the background sound. This will not interrupt your conversation but will also provide a good atmosphere.

How to prepare wine and food


We assume that each person can enjoy three-quarters of a bottle, and a party of 5-8 people would ideally have 5-10 bottles of wine. Of course, it will be a little difficult to prepare so many bottles of wine for one person. You can invite guests while asking them to bring their favorite wine so that everyone can share each other's favorite flavors. The price doesn't need to be too expensive, it's just a fun activity between friends and doesn't need to spend too much money on it.

Ice bucket and wine


You can choose red or white wine according to preference. Of course, it would be more appropriate to start with a glass of light sparkling wine. In terms of white wine, these are the categories you can choose from.

Sauvignon Blanc: Originating from Bordeaux, this popular white wine has high acidity, herbal aromas, and a more balanced taste.

Riesling: More on the sweet side, but a lot of it is focused on pear, almond, and honey flavors.

Gruner Veltliner: This is a very cool category of white wine, with a crisp, citrusy taste.

wine party


And for red wines, you can choose these. Pinot Noir: A red wine that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Pinot Noir is loved for its gorgeous red fruit flavors and floral aromas.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most widely known wines in the world. It is the most intense on the palate, often with a rich, spicy roundness, high tannins, and a rich finish.

Grenache: Intense aromas of red and blackberries. What the grape lacks in tannin, it makes up for with spicy acidity and high alcohol content.

Some tips, white and rosé wines are best refrigerated and can be stored in a good ice bucket. And always provide water and non-alcoholic beverages in case guests have had enough alcohol.


This is a party where the focus is on wine, so you can keep it simple in terms of food. There is no need for a rich meal, some simple cookies, or fruit as an appetizer. Later on, you can choose cheese, nuts, or some cured meats to go with it.



How to choose the activities at the wine party

There's nothing like a fun gathering of amazing people and good wine. Of course, games are vital to the party and will take the whole thing to the next level.

Blind tasting test: Pour a random glass of wine without letting them see the bottle or label. Having the guests taste it will test their ability to name the correct flavor. You can also pour a cheap and an expensive glass of wine and let people drink it and find the more expensive one.

What Am I: This is a very simple game that can be played with cards or in a downloadable game app. one person randomly pick a card and holds it up to their forehead. The one who guesses can only ask questions where the answer is yes or no, while the other person answers until they guess the answer on the card.

Murder Game: What goes better with wine than a murder game. You can choose to buy a card game in the murder category. Or of course, you can choose a story where you assign characters to the guests. The one who gets the role of the murderer has to do his best to get away with it. While the others follow the timeline, confessions to find the real killer. This sounds very interesting, doesn't it?

wine event


Although it may sound a bit daunting at first, once you understand the basics. Get organized and follow the key guidelines above, hosting a wine tasting is not a difficult task. Once you've successfully hosted your first wine tasting, you can switch to a different style of the party afterward. A themed reception, for example, allows guests to dress up. Or you can have a casual cocktail party, which will be a lot of fun. Cheers! Wish you a perfect wine party and have a good time.

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