The entire West has been hit with heat blitzes this summer. Not only Texas but even Utah has had record high temperatures. However, summer is a great season for all kinds of outdoor activities and parties. So the most important point is how to keep cool in such a hot environment. Whether it's camping or a backyard party, make people feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty of summer at the same time. So how do you keep your outdoor party tent cool in the heat? What is the best way to control the temperature in an event tent? To enable you to enjoy all types of outdoor activities, we've summarized a few simple ways to help cool off this summer.

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Choose the right location

Once you come outside in the summertime, remember that the shade is always the best choice. However, the position of the sun does move with time, so plan your event. If there is no shade around, go for the breeze. Areas with good wind circulation. Blowing wind can keep the temperature low, so choose a location with good air circulation. Besides, place the door of the tent in a windward position. To find out which direction the air is blowing, raise your hand into the air. The cold side of your hand will tell you which way the wind is blowing.

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It would be great if the event is held is near a lake. It's usually cooler near the water, so it's a good place to set up your tent on a hot day. Again, point the tent doorway toward the shore to catch the breeze coming off the water. At the same time, a concrete floor would not be an ideal place to hold a summer party. This kind of floor will become hot after direct sunlight. So grass would be a better choice than concrete.

Suitable party tent

The material of the party tent determines everything in a big way. Some event tents are made of a lot of heavy fabrics for the beauty of their appearance. This leads to poor air circulation. Therefore, more suitable for the summer party tent fabric must be able to waterproof and UV protection. This will make the event weatherproof and reduce the damage caused by UV rays on the skin. Choose a mesh tent or a party tent with removable side walls. This will ensure air circulation and also prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

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And tent with a sidewall will be a party tent with a fully ventilated environment after removing the side walls. When the weather cools down in the evening, the sidewall will be put back to provide warmth and privacy again. Choose a lighter color, less heat absorbed will make the interior of the tent cooler.

Water can always help

How can you prepare for a party in the summer without water? Make the most of the water that can cool down the temperature. Distribute water guns to the guests and divide them into groups for a water gun fight. People of all ages can participate, making it a great outdoor party that fits the summer theme. It's fun and cool at the same time. It would also be a great option to hold it by the pool and enjoy the outdoor moments in a cool swimsuit.

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Ice doesn't just make drinks cool, it's also a very good cooling item. Place the ice in a portable food box and bring it to party. Once the food is out, place the food box in your tent and open the lid. During the melting process, the ice will cool the air in your tent, making you more comfortable. Of course, enough water will also quickly calm guests from the dry heat. So make sure you have enough iced drinks and water on the table.

Other facilities

Apart from those methods mentioned above, there is also the use of cooling equipment as a way to keep the inside of the tent cool.


Using fans is a more affordable way. You can hang several fans on separate frames to create a wind that pours down from above. Or use a large upright type fan and place it inside the tent in a stuffy area. As a tip, you can place ice cubes in front of the fans. This will blow out the wind will be exceptionally cool, and the effect of air conditioning is almost indistinguishable.



Air Conditioning

If the party is a large one and you have enough budget. Then renting air conditioning equipment will be the most comfortable choice and will bring a more luxurious experience. The effect of air conditioning is not ice or fans can achieve. Many event caterers now have air conditioning rental services, so you can ask them for more information.




As indicated in the article, you don't have to give up your comfort to have a party in summer. All it takes is the proper method of equipment, and it's easy to enjoy a summer party. No matter what type of event it is, plan with the setup and seating. This saves a lot of time while also letting you know what places are available to put down cooling equipment. Try these ways to keep your tent cool, trust me this will make a difference in outdoor events.

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