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How to Choose a Quictent Greenhouse?

Quictent portable greenhouse provides a suitable environment for your plants throughout the year. Protects your plants inside from high temperature, wind, rain, and pests. Cross your fingers and reap a good harvest. No additional assembly kit is required. You’ll find how easy it is to build a greenhouse.

You can pick according to your preference and the size of your backyard. Quictent greenhouses are mostly different in size, you can measure it before buying and then choose the appropriate size.
If you prefer a larger one. The large greenhouse, heavy-duty greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, and backyard greenhouse may suit you well.
If you want a smaller mini one. You can find several small greenhouses here.
If you prefer a walk-in style, the 56 "x56 "x77" Walk-in Greenhouse and 56" x29" x77" Indoor Greenhouse can meet your needs.

What is the difference between 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse and 20' x 10' x 7'Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse?
The frame of the 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse is made of powder-coated steel. While the 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse's frame is made of galvanized steel. And it has an extra 7 rows of crossbars, the structure is better and stronger.

Five Reasons to Choose and Trust Quictent Greenhouse

Excellent product quality
All greenhouses from Quictent are made of strong, waterproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant materials, and the structure of the greenhouse is made of sturdy steel.

Easy to set up and store
Quictent indoor and outdoor planting tents are portable products that allow the user to successfully build gardening tents in a short time. Likewise, because the flexibility of the material, Quictent portable garden tents are collapsible greenhouses that can be folded up and put into storage when you don't need the them.

Acceptable price
Quictent wants everyone to enjoy the pleasure of gardening, so Quictent greenhouses are available at prices that everyone can afford. You can find cheap and good-quality planting tents here.

Diverse styles
Quictent brings you multiple styles of greenhouse tents. You can find products such as big greenhouse, backyard greenhouse , mini greenhouse and walk-in greenhouse here.

Thoughtful after-sales service
You will experience comfortable after-sales service at Quictent, and you can learn about the specific warranty content on the product page.

The Benefits of The Greenhouse Tent

Take care of plants all year round. You can use it to cultivate flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs all year round and get a year-round harvest. Greenhouses can extend the growing season of your plants and you will have a more accurate understanding of the growing process of your plants.

Protect your plants from harsh weather. Plants protected by the translucent greenhouse are protected from weather damage and grow well even in bad weather.

Animals and pests are kept outside. Pests are harmful to plants, but the greenhouse is a closed environment that keeps animals and insects outside, so they cannot enter the house to harm and eat the plants.

Flexibility to create optimal growing conditions. Adjust the growing conditions inside the large sturdy planting tent to suit the habitat of the plants you cultivate, giving them the best growing conditions to thrive.

More environmentally friendly and more economical. Using a greenhouse to grow plants makes your gardening greener. Compared with traditional gardening, greenhouse gardening can improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Cultivators who appreciate natural health do not like the risky pesticides and chemicals involved in their own growth. Gardeners using greenhouse growing can try to avoid the drawbacks of traditional growing and control the use of chemicals.

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