Hi, dear buddy, I know you are thinking about how to spend a happy and unforgettable Halloween! Celebrating the holidays always makes people unable to calm down their inner excitement. I also want to tell you the good news that Thanksgiving is approaching. The fourth Sunday in November is a lucky day to get together with my family to eat turkey and go to church to pray for thanksgiving. People in New York can also join the Thanksgiving Day Parade hosted by Macy's!

You can set up a big and solid carport in the garden with your family and friends as your outdoor party venue.


You can also drive an RV to camp and spend an unforgettable holiday. Many novel ideas can be added to Thanksgiving. Unleash your talents.

Why hold a party in the carport?

There are many places to hold parties. We can spend a happy time with family and friends at home, in the garden, and the woods. Many young people who pursue fashion will spend a romantic and meaningful Thanksgiving with their lovers under the lights of bars or restaurants.

Make the most of the carport

Many families with gardens buy a relatively spacious carport as a temporary parking place for parking convenience. Or in order not to get wet after parking on a rainy day, they will also build a carport as close to the house as possible. Some families think that if the carport can only be used for parking, it would be a bit monotonous, and they hope to use the carport as much as possible. So they usually put some furniture, such as mini sofas, stools, and chairs under the carport. Holding a party in the carport can make full use of the furniture, and can also reduce part of the family's expenses.

The carport brings surprises to the thanksgiving party

Most carports are open or semi-open. If you buy an open carport at home, the open carport gives you the freedom to breathe the fresh air outside.

You can choose to set up a carport on a warm weekend and invite your friends to share afternoon tea under the carport. With the bright sunshine, this will be a very pleasant dinning experience!


Semi-open carports are more suitable for colder late autumn. This type of carport is often open at both ends. The semi-open design allows users to have a relatively private space to a certain extent, but they will not have the same stuffy feeling as indoors. In the evening, users can put the carport in a suitable location and make a bonfire. This is warm and comfortable.

About the carport-features worthy of attention

Shed cloth material

The shed cloth material is very important for the entire carport. Generally speaking, the shed cloth is made of high-quality polyester material through a special process, which has a good waterproof function. When buying a carport, you should focus on whether the shed fabric has the additional features of UV protection and tear resistance. If you‘d like a carport, you should also pay attention to whether the shed fabric has reached the level of industrial products. This is very important to you, which will affect the durability and protection of the carport. If you ignore this consideration, you may panic when the carport is leaking or unstable, and then give the merchant a bad review.

carport party

So before the Thanksgiving party, to ensure that your carport will not face the embarrassment of rain leakage, please be sure to choose the material carefully when purchasing.

The quality of the framework

A strong frame structure is essential for the carport. The human body needs bones to support it, and the carport needs a strong frame to support it. Therefore, when purchasing a temporary carport, you should focus on the material and diameter of the frame.


A good carport usually has a heavy-duty steel frame. Heavy-duty frames are usually constructed of high-quality galvanized pipes. Diameter is a factor that may be overlooked, but the diameter of the galvanized pipe often also affects the stability of the entire carport.

Is the brand reliable?

Many people like to browse the pictures and detailed instructions of the carport in the online store. Online shopping is indeed more convenient than going to the store. Users can learn more about the material of the carport and the overall construction effect through the photos taken by the merchant, so in addition to carefully browsing the product page, you should also make sure that you meet a reliable seller. Big brands often pay great attention to product quality and user experience. They will not sell customers inferior products, and you will not worry too much about the quality of the carport. Even if you have questions when building or using the carport, the brand will provide you with quality after-sales service.

Recommend excellent carports for you

Classic Heavy-Duty Car Canopy

This is a product you can't miss. This 20' x 10' classic heavy duty canopy is an open carport, you can use it flexibly. If you want to buy a simple carport for temporary parking or holding events, then I will recommend him to you because it is movable carport. Quictent knows that you want a good helper with good quality and low price, so the price of this carport is acceptable to all families.

Although this carport is cheap, its shed fabric and frame are made of very good materials. The shed cloth is made of reinforced polyethylene material, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-ultraviolet. This classic carport uses a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that is rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Car Shelter with Windows

In addition to the basic features, one of the most important features is the removable sidewall with windows. There is a window cover outside each window, which is practical and beautiful. If the basic carport can't meet your needs, this best car shelter will satisfy you. In addition to parking, this carport is large enough for you to explore other uses. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come one after another, you can hold banquets and parties in this tent with your family and friends, and hang your favorite decorations on the tent.

The frame of this outdoor carport is made of high-quality powder-coated steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. In addition to excellent steel, Quictent added wooden brackets to the carport to ensure the stability of the entire carport.

Portable Garage Outdoor Storage-Gray

It is a relatively small multi-purpose carport. The size of this garage is smaller than the average carport and the size of the portable canopy garage is 6'x 6'. You can use him to protect your bicycles and motorcycles. Of course, you can also have other ideas, such as using it as a camping tent. Black is a great color and the color can set off the cold winter atmosphere better than white.

camping tent

This garage is very durable and uses upgraded galvanized pipes. The high-quality frame materials enable this unique garage to withstand all kinds of weather such as light rain, light snow, strong wind, etc. You can rest assured to use it as a camping tent for Thanksgiving Day. The shed cloth is an ultra-thick polyethylene fabric. This material has multiple characteristics of waterproof, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant, you will not face the embarrassment of sudden tearing of the shed cloth.

Let the carport decorate your daily life

Thanksgiving is coming. Have you found the right carport to hold your party? In addition to parking, you can use the carport to do many interesting things, such as using it as a gathering place, a temporary gym, a temporary kitchen, etc. Let the carport decorate your life and add fun to your life.

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