This year's summer seems to be extraordinarily hot. Especially in the southwest, there have been several places that had record-breaking high temperatures. In this hot summer situation, it is the best thing to be able to have a outdoor shady space.

Whether you are enjoying a casual conversation with friends and family or reading a nice book outdoors. Or maybe you want to enjoy a romantic outdoor dinner on the patio or in the backyard. Or perhaps it's the need for a setting to rest and cool off after a swim. All you need is a quality patio umbrella. But, when you want to make a purchase. The wide selection of outdoor umbrellas may dazzle you. So, to help you find the right umbrella for your shade. Here are all the secrets about it that will allow you to understand the patio umbrella thoroughly.

outdoor patio umbrella


Types of Patio Umbrellas

Table umbrella

Mostly small size table umbrellas. Usually, the post is located in the middle and can be inserted into the umbrella table. The benefits of this umbrella can provide shade directly on the tabletop, whether you want to dine or read is a good choice. And in the umbrella pole is also equipped with a button that can be tilted, allowing you to freely adjust the angle of shade. Of course, this type of shade umbrella can also make the outdoor space more colorful.

table umbrella


This type of patio umbrella is very popular in various outdoor restaurants and cafes. It is worth noting that one important thing to remember when buying a table umbrella is that the pole need fits into the hole of your table. If the table hole is too large it will cause the table umbrella to be unstable and tilt when blown by the wind.

Offset umbrella/Cantilever umbrella

Many people would think that this should be divided into two types, but in fact, they both have a common feature. That is the umbrella pole is on one side rather than in the middle. Has an arch or connecting pole that sits on one side. And will have a base made of metal at the bottom of the umbrella. The top canopy is supported from the side and above, allowing it to hang freely over seats and tables.

offset umbrella


Compared to table umbrellas, offset umbrellas has a wider shade range. There is also no need to buy a specific umbrella table, and outdoor furniture can be placed directly under the umbrella. Sufficient space for movement is also ensured due to the umbrella column being on the side. However, the size of these umbrellas is large and not easy to move. This type of patio umbrella is more suitable for the backyard, poolside or commercial locations.

Beach umbrella

Many people like to spend their day at the beach, then the beach umbrella is essential. For easy portability, beach umbrellas are foldable. They are also relatively light in weight. It is also divided into two types of fabrics, polyester, and canvas. Polyester is easier to clean and mildew resistant, while canvas is more flexible and durable. The beach umbrella is different from other types because it does not have a base but will have a pointed anchor point. This is to make the umbrella more stable after inserting it into the sand.

beach umbrella


Beach umbrellas come in many different styles. Besides the regular model, beach umbrellas with vintage tops and tassels are also very popular. When buying a beach umbrella, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the size and weight. This determines whether it is easy to carry. After that is the degree of sun protection, we all know how strong the sun is by the beach. Finally, check if it comes with an anchor or if you need to buy extra.

Patio umbrella with lights

This is one of my most recommended outdoor umbrellas. Not only can it be used during the day, but it can also work at night. Each umbrella frame will have LED solar lights. Under the sun after a full charge,then you can light up your backyard at night. If you and your friends are having an outdoor dinner in the backyard, patio umbrella with lights will be the best tool. The lighting also adds ambiance to the party, and the eco-friendly solar lights won't drain your budget. Imagine sitting outside in the evening and enjoying the breeze. With bright lights paired with a great book, it's such a wonderful scene.

quictent patio umbrella with lights


How to clean patio umbrella

After learning about the types of patio umbrellas, you will need to know how to clean them. First, prepare a bucket and pour warm water, a little white vinegar, and a mild detergent into it. Take the umbrella fabric off the stand and lay it on a flat surface, sweeping the dust off it with a broom first. Then use a soft sponge or brush to dip it into the prepared cleaning solution. Scrub the entire outdoor umbrella fabric. When all the stains have been scrubbed away, use a hose to rinse the fabric clean. Wait until it is thoroughly dry before reinstalling it back on the stand. For longer use, it is recommended to close the patio umbrella and cover it with the umbrella cover when it is not in use.



Final thoughts

We want you to be able to stay cool on the hot summer days. And after learning about so many types of patio umbrellas, you can find the one that best meets your needs. A good patio umbrella can add convenience to your life. So you can reap the benefits of a peaceful, comfortable summer.

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