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In many parts of the country, the weather has started to get  hotter. The pool is also the second favorite place for people in the summer after the beach. It is always associated with summer and is a sign of a wonderful summertime. It can keep you entertained in sunny weather, but for pool lovers staying cool while swimming would be best. A cool space offers the opportunity to find some respite from the hot midday sun, as well as avoid sunburn. Playing in the sun is very enjoyable, but no one wants to get sunburned!

Sunburn can cause serious damage to the skin, and prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to premature wrinkling and aging of the skin as well as an increased risk of skin cancer. So besides sunscreen, physical sun protection is an effective way to protect against UV rays. That's why many pool owners are seeking shade solutions for their pools. We've put together a list of the easiest and most affordable pool shade options that are guaranteed to keep you cool during the summer months.

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Shade Sail

Shade sails are a very efficient way to shield the sun, and they generally come in different sizes and shapes. Triangular shade, square shade and rectangular shade sails. You can choose according to the size of your pool, and for a more modern look, these interestingly shade sails can be flattened into a series of unique shapes. Of course, I would generally recommend a rectangular shade sail, there is plenty of room for shade and it doesn't leave gaps.


Keep the pool water cool. Protection from sunburn and UV rays is one of the most basic benefits. If the sun shines directly on the pool will cause the water temperature rise and no longer cool, then the comfort will be lost. During the hot summer months, a slightly higher water temperature can make people lose interest in the pool. Shade tools keep not only the pool but also the surrounding area cooler, which paves the way for more enjoyment.

pool shade sail


Keep the pool clean. Shade sails protect the pool, blocking bird droppings as well as leaves from entering the pool. This also saves the time and effort of cleaning the pool if you are inviting guests to a pool party. A clean environment is paramount.


The installation takes time. You will also need to spend time installing shade sail and support posts if there are no posts on the side of your pool.

Weak water resistance. Most shade sails are made of canvas or HDPE, which basically can only withstand light rain and are not 100% waterproof.

Patio Umbrella

The patio umbrella is a flexible way to provide shade, and because it is portable it can be moved to the location you want at any time. Even better, there are patio umbrellas with lights, which not only shade you from the sun but also provide you with light at night. Even in the evening you can come to the pool and enjoy the summer nights.

patio umbrella over pool


Easy to use. No installation, portable and adjustable at any time, you can adjust the direction of the umbrella according to the different sun positions each day. It can also be easily stored when not in use.

Affordable price. Compared with the shade sail, the price of a patio umbrella is quite affordable. Suitable for groups with limited budgets.


Limited shaded areas. Patio umbrella provides only regional shading and barely shades the top of the pool. So it's hard to stay cool while swimming.

Pop Up Canopy

The pop-up canopy is a shade tent that is very easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from. From 6x6 to 10x20, it can be installed on the side of the pool or even in the pool (if you just want to sit in the pool and cool off). Of course, if the size of the pool is not large, a 10x20 pop-up tent can also completely cover the pool. Pop up canopy not only achieves the effect of shade but also can become your leisure space. It provides a perfect outdoor dining area and is a perfect choice if you want to host a pool party.

canopy tent over pool


Versatility. Pop-up canopy is great at blocking UV rays from the sun and being waterproof, perfectly insulating it from the weather. It can also be placed on the poolside lounger when it rains to avoid wetting the furniture. They are durable, lightweight, easy to set up, and easy to store. The pool is also not its only use scenario, picnics, backyard parties, including camping can be used.

Privacy. A pop-up canopy with sidewalls is an private space that allows you to completely relax by the pool.


Limitations. Does not have enough spacious shade space to ensure the water temperature and the pool conditions.


Overall, if you have the budget and the tools to install it, a shade sail is a pretty good choice. Of course whatever works best for your pool is the optimal shade solution, make sure you take some time to consider your needs. Make your decision and keep this summer cooler than ever!

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