You can create many happy moments in this summer heat! To escape the intense UV rays brought by the sun, a qualified shelter will make your summer more comfortable. Carports have long served as a perfect shelter to protect vehicles. Now, build a Quictent carport, use your imagination and make it more enjoyable and surprising for you to use!

Portable carports as a quality shelter for your car

Cars need shelter from the strong UV rays and dry weather in summer. A portable car shelter is flexible enough to fit anywhere in your backyard, and Quictent offers you a variety of car shelters in the most popular 20x10 and 20x13 sizes.

boat protection


You can easily set up a portable car shelter from Quictent in your backyard, and all portable car shelters can be set up in no time. If you also need to store your weed whacker and other miscellaneous items, a portable carport can serve as the perfect storage place.

Carports make outdoor activities easier

In the summer, you'll want to plan lots of fun and interesting activities. One prerequisite for holding these events is that they must all be held under a large enough shelter. A quality carport can serve as a flexible place to hold events.

You can set up the carport on the deck outside your home window. This place can be used as your afternoon tea gathering place and invite your friends and you to enjoy a pleasant afternoon here.

street tent

Set the carport on your home lawn and it becomes the ideal birthday party and holiday party location. 20' x 13' Heavy Duty Car Shelter is large enough and will be your ideal party tent choice.

If you are the organizer of an open-air wedding or concert, the Quictent carport can be the perfect addition to your event or wedding. If a local band or DJ is invited to the concert, this shelter can protect the electrical installations and other equipment.

Portable carports make family picnics more enjoyable

To enhance the quality of life, many families craft a scenic patio in their backyard. A portable metal carport can shield you and your family from the sun and rain. If the size is right, many families will set up a carport in their backyard. This thoughtful carport will provide an ideal place for families to relax.

wedding carport

In the summer, you can enjoy picnics and barbecues here. You won't feel the heat and dryness outside here. Even if it rains suddenly, your fun will not be interrupted. A covered entertainment area ensures your family fun.

Build your carport-style gym

It's essential to improve your fitness during a pandemic, which could provide you with some unexpected benefits. To avoid the risks associated with crowds, you may not be able to work out at an indoor gym, even if there are professional trainers and a wide variety of fitness facilities. Don't worry, your fitness program can still go ahead. All you need to do is move the gym to your backyard and everything will go on as usual.

You can use a Quictent Carport to create an outdoor gym that reflects your character! If you prefer a more enclosed workout environment, the 20' x 10' Upgraded car canopy is perfect for your needs. This is an upgraded car shelter with a sturdy frame and premium waterproof and UV-resistant fabric.

Do you prefer an open workout environment? Maybe you want to show your neighbors that you have an active lifestyle, a 20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy will help you set up a special gym. This great carport is made of quality materials, both the fabric and the construction are made of upgraded materials.

A unique home for pets

You are an animal lover and you need to provide the best home for your pets. Probably you own many pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. You can build a unique home for them in your backyard, such as a large carport.

An enclosed carport is more suitable as a home for your pets and protects them. To keep an eye on your pets, you can choose this 20' x 10' portable carport with Windows. this carport is large enough to provide plenty of space for your pets. The whole carport comes with six windows for your observation.

Pleasant outdoor carport kitchen

Want a unique cooking experience? Bringing the kitchen outside is a creative idea. The idea is feasible. First, you need a specific area. Don't let the rain and sun get in the way of your interest in cooking, a carport can help you with that. 

You need a carport with a sturdy structure. As you set up this carport, remember to reinforce the structure. This way you will be able to move your kitchen utensils and other things into this outdoor kitchen with confidence.

home BBQ

With this outdoor kitchen, you will have the flexibility to cook outdoors all year round. Set up a multipurpose cooking area to delight your family and friends.

Flexible Break area

If you are the owner of a company

To make your employees more efficient, you need to provide them with a comfortable resting place to keep them working well most of the time. A flexible outdoor carport can be the perfect solution for you, and you can use it as an outdoor rest area. Proper outdoor activities and healthy habits will give your employees confidence in your company. Some studies have shown that outdoor activities have a strong relationship with increased productivity.

If you are an event organizer

To make your customers and event attendees feel good about the event, you need to provide thoughtful support services. For example, a spacious outdoor lounge area with delicious snacks and beverages. People often get a good impression of someone because of some details. As a premium carport supplier, Quictent continues to provide you with a variety of great carport products.

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