Get your Summer and Fall Hippie Fun - Hippie Fest

Hippie Fest is one of the most fun festivals of the summer. It's a grassroots festival that belongs to visitors of all ages. =Hippie Fest will be held in August, September, and October. Experience the best entertainment and delicious food with your favorite people. Hippie Fest brings you coolness and joy in the summer heat!

Special Hippie Festivals

Hippie Fest is never limited to one location. The next Hippie Festival will take place in Ohio, Nebraska, Indiana, and Carolina. If you miss the earliest event in early August, you can still look forward to the mid-August, September, and October events. The Hippie Fest schedule is very friendly for those of you who are busy.

You can find out about hippie fest event times and event details on eventbrite.
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How do I attend Hippie Fest?

Have you been looking forward to the Hippie Festival for a long time? Do you want to attend this event right away? The next event  will be held in Ohio, and this is your chance.

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But you can't just go to the door and buy tickets. According to the event organizers, you need to buy tickets online in advance. Make sure you book as soon as possible, tickets for the Hippie Festival are limited. If you don't get tickets for the August festival in time, you'll be looking forward to events in mid-August, September, and October.

Things you can do at Hippie Fest 

Dress up yourself

At the Hippie Fest event, you can see fashionable people wearing colorful clothes. Yes, everyone is showing off their features. No one will think you don't look like a "normal" person here. In addition to clothes, people also like to have all kinds of unique accessories, such as colorful hats and colorful hair bands. Bring your paints and create some fun graffiti for your friends!

Family-friendly entertainment

Hippie Fest is great for families, and it's a place where adults and kids alike can find joy! There's an abundance of fairs, happy music, beautiful flowers and green lawns.

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You can find the entertainment that appeals to you most here. Bring kites, bubble machines, lawn chairs and your good mood to start your fun trip here.

Featured Vendors

The colorful vendors are one of the most interesting features of Hippie. When you come to the hippie festival site, you must experience the featured hippie vendors. Vendors come around and sell their handicrafts, bohemian clothes and accessories, and other specialty items during the hippie event. The hippie festival organizers require all vendor booths to have a hippie or bohemian theme. The more creative and colorful, the better!

If you are a fan of face painting, the hippie festival will make you happy. Many face-painting artists will be on hand to provide professional painting services. The patterns painted by the artists are very unique and maybe something you can't get anywhere else.

The henna service at the Hippie Fest is very popular with young ladies. The henna patterns here are commendable. These beautiful patterns are painted by experienced craftsmen and can set off a lady's hands more beautiful and attractive.

It is worth mentioning that all the vendors offer unique items at the Hippie Fest. You cannot see similar merchandise anywhere else outside of the event.

Various performances

Hippie Fest can always bring you a new kind of fun! You can watch a variety of performances at Hippie Fest. There's bohemian drumming, acrobatic performances, Hippie Fest's most popular stilt walkers, and much more!

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Every year, the Hippie Festival brings new experiences to the audience. In addition to watching the performances, you can immerse yourself in the performers and create an enjoyable performance experience with them.

Tasty snacks

In addition to a fun event experience, Hippie Fest thoughtfully prepares a variety of food for you. During the event, many food vendors will provide you with various kinds of snacks. You won't feel hungry and sick after the fun activities and shopping, you can always enjoy the awesome food provided by Hippie Fest for you.

We know that alcohol and drinks can make participants happier! All participants are not allowed to bring outside food, drinks, and alcohol to the Hippie Fest site. Hippie Fest provides alcohol and mixed drinks for participants. 

Take attractive photos and videos

Hippie Fest is the best hippie party and you can take many meaningful and attractive photos at this happy place. At the hippie festival site, both the vendor tents, food trucks, and other decorations are painted in color.

The colorful decorations can provide the best backdrop for participants who love photography and help you take quality photos.


The enthusiastic music atmosphere and colorful environment of the hippie festival site can help you create the coolest videos!

If you are a hippie festival vendor….

Hippie Fest is a great showcase opportunity for vendors. Hippie Fest has a lot of fans, which makes it a great business opportunity for you. If you want to get satisfaction from Hippie Fest, you can refer to some tips.

Make your booth cooler

There are many vendors just like you on the Hippie Fest event floor, and they all want to be the most conspicuous ones. It is a well-known fact that conspicuous decorations and exciting music can attract the attention of customers. To make your booth even more special, decorate your tent before the event begins.

You can find multiple pop up canopies in different colors at Quictent, special colors can make your booth more eye-catching. If you want to paint or create special patterns on your shed, a white pop up canopy would be ideal for you.

Bohemian style is a major theme of the hippie festival, drawing special bohemian patterns on the white tent will attract many customers.

If you have a large booth, you can also choose a carport to serve as your temporary booth. Quictent offers many portable carports of excellent quality for you.

Prepare your trailer in advance

The hippie festival organizers have set some rules for food vendors. For example, only food trucks or trailers are accepted, food vendors need to obtain a mobile food business permit, and the organizers do not provide water or electricity.

If you want to participate in this business war, you need to prepare the necessary permits in advance. You also need to prepare a qualified food truck in advance and make sure your food truck is properly powered and supplied with water. Therefore, you need to bring a generator and a water tank.

Any preparation needs to be planned well in advance of the start of your business. You also need to prepare for emergencies, such as in the event of a water or power outage, how you try to keep the situation as normal as possible.

Offer unique merchandise and performances

Hippie Fest is all about specialty items. The merchandise you sell must be special and in line with hippie culture.

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To promote your merchandise or your craft, make sure that your products and performances are both in line with the organizers' requirements, and that they are new and meaningful.

In conclusion

At a hippie festival, you will not only enjoy the music, the special performances, and food, but also the unique culture. Fun is the most important theme of Hippie Fest, and we hope you get the most out of your time there!


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