Are there any outdoor activities that you can go to alone or with your family? Something that can be fun and perhaps unexpectedly rewarding while still ensuring safety? The answer is a fishing trip. If you have never tried fishing, you may think that it is just sitting on the riverside all day waiting for the fish to bite. But, for many people, this is a more interesting activity than a basketball game.

Fishing can improve one's concentration, and being by the quiet water can give a sense of calm and thus reduce anxiety. The sound of rushing water and the natural surroundings give a time free of electronics. It saves one from the stress of clutter and allows one to release oneself. If you are interested in organizing a fishing trip. Then please take note of all the information about the fishing trip that follows.


Choose the right location

Find the right place to go fishing. Many people will choose based on whether they want freshwater or saltwater fish. If it is salt water, you can boat fish or dock fish. For freshwater, you can choose lakes and ponds. If you are new to fishing, the best choice is the surrounding parks.

There are three reasons for this: First, the park will be relatively well-equipped and will have all the infrastructure that anglers need. Second, the area around the park will be patrolled and relatively safe. Third, the fish are complete and can be searched for directly online. If you want to fish from a boat, you will need to rent a boat plus a guide. If you are not on a budget and well prepared, it is better to start with the park. You can also ask questions in local forums and fishing communities. Especially with social media, you can gain a lot of useful knowledge from these experienced enthusiasts.

fishing by boat

Start preparing equipment

Fishing can be a sport that requires patience and requires no less equipment than outdoor camping. First things first, make sure you're wearing the right clothes. Fishing requires you to sit outside for hours or even all day. It's a good idea to wear long pants to prevent mosquito bites and to watch out for fish hooks on your skin.

Fishing rod. In the pond or lake fishing can choose 5-8 feet of fishing rod, more open dock seaside recommended to choose 8-10 feet of a fishing rod.

Fish reel. It is recommended that newbies choose spinning because there is no need to change the left and right hands.

Fishing Rod


Line. Monofilament line is a nylon line, cheap, flexible, and suitable for novices. Braided line has high strength, is not easy to mess, not easy to age. But not wear-resistant has no elasticity, is too slippery, more expensive.

Fish bait. There are raw lures and fake lures. Generally speaking, fishing with raw bait is usually more efficient than fake bait and is suitable for beginners. The most common bait used by anglers is the worm because it is easy to put on the hook and is cheap. There is usually a bait store next to public waters where you can buy all kinds of raw bait.

blue 10x10 pop up canopy with netting


Other equipment. Considering the weather, bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a screen tent. Sitting outside all day without any protection is hard. So pop-up canopy with netting is your good partner. The side walls with netting are both mosquito-proof and ventilated. The interior space is spacious enough to accommodate a family. Moreover, enough water, first aid supplies, Cooler, and a toolbox are a must for fishing trips.

Fishing hacks

Choose the right time of day. Fish at dawn or dusk. Under the hot sun, the fish will come to a shaded area to escape the heat. And become more active during the cooler times of the day.

Observe the bubbles on the surface of the water. If it is a big fish, it will probably produce about 10 mm bubbles. Use the big fish fishing set for the target.

Use fishing rod tips. Avoid tangling the line between your fingers and the rod, just hold the line with your fingers. If you raise the rod, you should not raise the rod too far and with too much force. Avoid hurting yourself or the person next to you while fishing. You can use a larger buoy at the beginning to see more clearly.


About fishing license

Everyone over the age of 16 who goes fishing in public waters must have a fishing license. Fishing without a license will result in a fine and arrest by the fishing police. Fishing licenses are usually available at stores that sell fishing gear, such as Walmart and Supercenter. Beware that some states differentiate between freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses. For more information, you can find detailed fishing regulations for each state on the DFW website. There is also usually a lot of information on fishing locations and tips on the official website.


Now you have learned more about fishing trips. Are you ready to go on a fishing trip? Maybe you can meet some new friends with the same hobby during this fishing trip. Take this guide with you and enjoy a safe and fun fishing experience! I'm sure you'll love this interesting outdoor activity.

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