Picnicking is an activity that has always been very popular. Because it does not require much. It's also great to go with friends, family, and kids. Whether it's at the lake or the beach, or your favorite park.When the first rays of the summer morning sun hit the ground. You may be eager to stuff everything into your picnic basket or grab your favorite food and throw it in - because, well, outdoor picnics make everything taste better! And July is National Picnic Month, besides Independence Day. It's the perfect time to plan a picnic outdoors. A picnic away from the crowds on a nice early summer day can make all the difference in the experience.


What you need to prepare

No matter what kind of outdoor activity, what needs to be packed is always the first question. But don't worry, we will prepare a detailed list of items for you. A perfect picnic trip is guaranteed.

Food and Drink

I would suggest dividing the food into snacks, main meals, desserts, and some fruits. But everything should be easy to carry. For snacks, you can choose simple crackers or chips. Or you can choose a fine cheese platter and pre-meal bread. Make outdoor picnics more luxurious. As for the main part, sandwiches or take-out pizza can reduce the pressure of preparing food. Salad or hummus with fresh vegetables can bring refreshment on a hot summer day. Choose fruits that are easy to store, such as strawberries, blueberries, or pre-cut honeydew melon.

picnic food


When outdoor picnic in the summer, you need to be adequately hydrated. Fruit juices and lemonade are perfect for kids. Remember to bring a bottle opener if you need some wine. All drinks are best kept in the fridge first so that they are still cold when you drink them.

Picnic equipment

Picnic mat: picnic mat is certainly a necessary supply, but also the soul of the entire picnic date. Choose a slightly larger size to make it easier to move around. At the same time, picnic mats need to pay attention to waterproofing, which can prevent grass moisture and food or drink spill problems. So easy to clean and waterproof picnic mats are preferred.

outdoor picnic food


Cushion: Sitting on the ground for a long time will always be uncomfortable, you can bring a cushion to make yourself more cozy.

Screened canopy: This is a must for outdoor activities in summer. Pop up canopy with netting, which can block the mosquitoes. The top canopy is still waterproof and has UV-protective fabric. Let you have a quiet and cool picnic space.

quictent mesh tent

Other supplies

Paper towels, disinfectant: picnic is, after all, in the outdoors, there will certainly be inconvenient places. This is when tissue, wet paper towels, and other cleaning supplies are very necessary. Whether it's washing your hands before a meal or accidentally spilling something, they're great! Besides, it is still the epidemic period, and need to pay more attention to personal cleanliness and hygiene.

Mosquito repellent: In most picnics in the park, grassland, or riverbank, the interference of mosquitoes is inevitable.

outdoor picnic


Sun protection supplies: all sun protection supplies can be prepared, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a canopy tent. After all, if you are planning to picnic all afternoon outside, there is still a risk of sunburn.

Garbage bags: The garbage created in the picnic will be more than imagined. So always remember to bring garbage bags and clean up after.

Pick a location

Generally speaking, parks, beaches, ranches, and campgrounds will be the main locations for picnics. But before judging a suitable picnic spot, observe whether the place has flat and dry ground. Or the place has its public tables and benches. Avoid going to popular places on public holidays. You will have a hard time finding seats that include quiet and enough space to move around. If you don't want to spend too much time on the road. Backyard or rooftop can also be one of the options.

grass picnics

Fun games to play

When we come outdoors, it's a perfect opportunity to relax. Of course, some people will choose to hang around, read, talk and enjoy a rare moment of quiet. Others will choose to more exciting activities.

Card game: You can choose the UNO game cards that suitable for a group of people to play. The rules are simple and also very interesting. Plus it is easy to carry and is the game of choice for many people at gatherings.

Guessing game: Each person takes a strip of paper with a different character or object written on it and sticks it on their head. Only the other person can see what it is, and each round has the opportunity to ask questions. The answer to the question will only be yes or no, and whoever guesses what is written on the slip of paper first is the winner.

Frisbee game


Frisbee game: This is one of the increasingly popular outdoor games. Frisbee can be used as a game like a basketball. Or it can be used as a relaxing exercise after lunch.

Final thoughts

Rather than being bored at home swiping through social media and watching other people's lives. Why not try to have an outdoor picnic during this National Picnic Month. Sit on the soft grass under the summer sun. Enjoy the food you prepared with your friends and talk about your recent life. With the breeze blowing, this moment of peace will be the key to starting the next week. And don't forget to take pictures of the wonderful memories of this picnic.

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