The backyard and patio are always a great place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee with the breeze or dine al fresco with the family in the evening. Stargazing on summer evenings and splashing around in the pool are wonderful, aren't they? However, in the summertime, there is no way to completely block the UV rays by shade alone, so many house owners will consider installing outdoor gazebos at this time. But in addition to gazebos, another product can also shield you from the sun in your backyard, it is called a pop-up canopy. They are both very similar in shape. Perhaps at this time you are wondering what is the difference between them, don't worry I will introduce you in detail their different advantages and disadvantages. You can purchase according to your preferences and needs.

Everything About The Gazebo

A gazebo is a pavilion structure, and those used in backyards are usually quadrangular, and some may be octagonal or turret-shaped. Gazebos usually have a fixed solid roof that is open all around. They are also used as a defined space that can be used for gatherings such as dinner parties or relaxation. Larger gazebos can also be used for big events.

Best Gazebo


Advantages of Gazebo

  • Thicker and Heavier Material. Compared to the frame of a tent, the entire frame of a gazebo is heavier to ensure that it can solidly support the entire roof and stand on the ground.
  • Sliding Curtains. The 4 curtains of the gazebo can be pulled closed when needed, and they can be tied to the poles to maintain ventilation during normal times.
  • Eye-catching Appearance. The gazebo looks elegant and stylish on the outside and can add a distinct visual quality to the backyard. If you choose to dine in your backyard or hold a small party it can perfectly add a sense of ambiance.
  • UV resistance & Waterproof. Whether in summer or winter, UV rays can cause damage to our skin. A gazebo, on the other hand, can provide a space that is not disturbed by weather and sunlight. Meanwhile, the waterproof material of the roof and curtains can protect outdoor furniture from rain when it rains.
  • Adding Value to a Property. A high-quality, well-maintained gazebo adds value to the property in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the backyard.

Disadvantages of Gazebo

  • More Expensive Prices. Because gazebos have stronger and heavier materials, many of them are more expensive.
  • Need Plenty of Space. The gazebo needs a large enough space both in terms of placement and storage, otherwise, the gazebo will not be able to maximize its effect.
  • Maintenance Required. Careful maintenance is a must to prolong the life of the gazebo. Regularly check the frame of the gazebo for rust as well as stability, and the roof for trash or other items that can easily damage the top of the shed.

Recommended Gazebo

This 12 x 12 metal gazebo is different from other gazebos in that it has a domed soft-top design. This is to prevent rainwater from collecting on the roof, and the gazebo's gap and extended eave design provide additional shade and maximum sunlight isolation.4 detachable curtains and 4 zippered nets can be easily attached to the plastic rings inside the gazebo. The mesh netting is perforated to keep out mosquitoes and insects regardless of the weather and to ensure air circulation.

12' x 12' Metal Gazebo with Netting


More advanced materials with a 40 mm thick frame made of heavy-duty rust-proof material for greater durability. Both the roof and curtains are made of waterproof and UV-protective polyester fiber, which can protect you in all kinds of weather 

Everything About Pop-up Canopy

The pop-up shed is also made up of a metal frame and roof covering, resembling a simple and modern version of a gazebo. A canopy is a raised roof that unfolds and covers an area. This type of tent is designed on poles that are not attached to the house. However, its roof is not designed to be as sturdy as a gazebo, but it can also be hung with various decorative items.

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy


Advantages of Pop-up Canopy

  • Easy to Build and Portable. Compared to gazebos, the framing material of pop-up canopies will generally be thinner and lighter. This allows them to be installed quickly and effortlessly even by one person. And its weight also makes it very portable and able to be taken out of the backyard.
  • Multiple Sizes and Shapes. Pop-up shelters will have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on the needs. The style of choice is also very rich, some tents are without side walls, while some are with nets or sidewalls and curtains.
  • Affordable Price. The overall price of the pop-up canopy will be cheaper compared to the gazebo, so if your budget is not that high it will be your best choice.
  • Multiple Usage Methods. Because pop-up sheds are lighter and easier to build, they can be used in many places and have many uses. For example, it can not only be a place to rest and relax in the backyard but also as a shelter when camping. If you are a vendor, a pop-up shed can be very useful at a farmer's market. You can also use it for outdoor picnics with friends, and the space inside can hold a lot of things.

Disadvantages of Pop-up Canopy

  • Not suitable for extreme weather. Due to the relatively light material, the pop-up canopy is not suitable for use in extreme weather. For example, high winds or rainstorms will require you to put it away or it will cause damage to the frame and fabric.

Recommended Pop-up Canopy

10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy with Netting


This is one of the most popular Pop Up Canopy with Netting, size 10 x 10 fits most homes as well as vendors. The removable net covers all four sides and provides adequate airflow as well as being able to keep out mosquitoes. Very easy to set up completely tool-free, each leg has up and down quick release buttons for easy folding and height adjustment. The roof material is waterproof and sun-proof, protecting against UV damage in the summer heat.

Which One is More Worth Buying

When considering outdoor shade structures, you must choose the one that best suits your needs; what are the features you need most? What is your budget? These are all questions to think about before making a purchase.



You might consider purchasing a gazebo if you have a sufficient budget and want to get a semi-permanent piece of backyard furniture. If you want to spice up your backyard in terms of appearance, a gazebo may be the best option. With a more complex structure and heavy-duty frame, a gazebo will last longer than a pop-up canopy. But the simple construction and lightweight frame of a pop-up shelter make it portable and easier to carry around for storage. It also does not require careful maintenance, and most importantly, it has an advantage in terms of price. After fully understanding their differences, it will make your choice easier. If you want a more sturdy frame then a gazebo would be better, but if you prefer convenience then a pop-up canopy would be the choice for you. No matter which structure you choose, an outdoor shelter will make a great piece of furniture that will add value to your home.

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