Tents are an integral part of all kinds of outdoor events. Whether it is catering or event planners, or even you are arranging your outdoor wedding. All can use the tent as your most critical prop. The event tent will serve as the backdrop for your special event, seating area, lounge area, etc. If you want to use a large tent at your outdoor event, most people will choose to rent one. And to ensure that your tent serves its purpose, it is important to expect quality equipment and how to get the best service. So for your event to be a success, we've put together a detailed guide to the top 10 tent rental companies for you. Aside from renting, buying a tent is also one of the options. After reading this guide, you can also determine whether renting is right for you or buying is more convenient.

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Big Top Rentals

This rental company started in 1986. Conveniently located in Anaheim, California, it serves the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. Not only do they have tents, but you can also find bars, tableware, heating equipment, and everything else you need for outdoor activities here. There are 7 different types of tent options to choose from based on preference or need.

Big Top Rentals


These are canopy tents, which range in size from 10 feet wide to 40 feet wide. Clearspan tents, which range in size from 50 feet to 100 feet. Festival tents range in size from 10 feet to 20 feet. Pop up tents, which are only available in the most common 10 feet. Push pole tents, which come in sizes of 40 feet and 60 feet. Twin Series Tent in size 100 ft. Twin Tube Tent in size 50 ft. As for the price, you can contact them directly or submit a quote form on the website.

Stuart Rental 

Stuart has recently merged with another rental company, Williams. It now has more options and showroom additions. Serving the larger nine-county Bay Area and beyond. With an extremely wide selection of products, all kinds of party supplies, as well as stage and flooring needed for events, can be found here. The difference with the last one is that you can get them to help you plan the details of your event directly. Perfect for people who don't want the hassle of finding multiple event companies.



They have 6 tent options including Frame Tent, High Peak Tent, Genesis Tent, Structure Tent, Specialty Tent, and Construction Tent. You can contact the company for tent options. The other products have a detailed price list right on the website, which is very intuitive.

Tent Rental Service

This is a tent and event equipment rental company located in Denver, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They serve Central PA, Eastern PA, NJ, MD, and DE. This company's product range is much smaller, with pole tents and frame tents. There is also flooring, staging, tables and chairs, and lighting.

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The selection is relatively limited in comparison. But they offer 24-hour emergency service. If you want to hold a small event, this company would be a good fit. Its prices include standard installation and dismantling, delivery fees, and extras that may apply for special cases. You need to contact them for questions about pricing.

All Occasions Tents

A corporate tent rental company located in California. Has been providing services in California for over 30 years. This rental company offers commercial, construction tent rentals. Also long-term storage rentals, flooring, custom tents, and event planning.

All Occasions Tents


Commercial tents are available in High Peak and Clear Span Tent, frame tents, canopy tents, pole tents, tension tents, custom tents, and clear material in colors other than white. However, there is no detailed information about the size and price of the tent on the website. You can choose to leave your request and wait for them to contact you. Btw, there is a summer discount on the website for renting tents at 30% off.

Bright Tent

This company also has a very wide range of products. Beyond the usual party supplies and tents, there are wooden frame structures, chuppahs, furniture, and gardens. Bright has multiple locations in California and Arizona to serve you. Event planning is also on their list of services. They also have a space calculator on their website so you can roughly figure out what products you need based on your event needs. Very easy and thoughtful.


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Diamond Event Tent

This Utah-based company has been in business for over thirty years. Also a rental company with a wide range of products, you will be able to find event planning here. It is worth noting that if you rent dishes, you will need to clean them. Cooking equipment must also be returned in a clean condition.

Diamond Event Tent


For delivery, Wasatch Front has a standard shipping fee of $150 for most areas. And they have a minimum number of pieces to rent, with china and flatware rented in multiples of 5. Glassware is rented by the full rack. In terms of tents, there are frame canopy sizes from 10x10 to 40x100. Pole tent, sizes from 40x40 to 60x100. The last is the structure option sizes from 49x49 to 100x135, a very wide selection of sizes. All event products except tents have clear prices. And they are not open on Sunday.

Apex Tent and Party

Apex Tent and Party were founded in 2005. They provide event rentals and equipment for locations throughout Southern California. This company offers event products that look retro, and what makes them special is that they offer real vintage furniture. So if you're looking to throw a nostalgic themed party, consider this company's style. As far as tents are concerned there are festival tents in sizes from 10x10 to 20x40.

Apex Tent and Party


A better point is that they have marked out the price of the tents as well. So the festival tent rental price is $100 to $613. But prices are subject to change at any time. Rentals are for 3 days. Frame tents have a wider selection of sizes from 10x10 to 40x90 and prices are $94 to $2123. Tidewater tents are available in sizes from 32x60 to 44x103 and prices are $1811 to $4275. This is perfect for people who like a clear price.

Anywhere Out Post

This is a different company from the previous event tent rentals. This is Glamping, which focuses on bringing people together in the middle of nature. The type of tent is a bell tent, which focuses on building and holding luxury camps for event sites. And the tents provide beds inside so that you can rest. The tents are all 16 feet 4 inches in diameter and 9 feet high.

Anywhere Out Post


There are three types of bedrooms. One is an extra-large double bed, two is two single beds, and three is four single beds. The company offers a 10-tent smallest rental for events in Northern California and a $20,000 minimum rental for events outside of the Northern California area. This type of Glamping tent rental company is more appropriate if you want to host your event in the middle of nature and stay overnight.

Sperry Tents

The same long-standing tent rental company that specializes in tents and arches and no other event products. The tents are all made of canvas and are marked by handmade timber support poles and nautical design cues. The largest 66x126 size tent can accommodate up to 750 people, and 350-400 if tables and chairs are needed. The smallest size is a 16-foot round tent. There are 6 sizes of tents on the website, the smallest of which can accommodate nearly 20 people.

Sperry Tents


Regarding the service area, there are dealers in most regions of the United States. And if you are in the UK or Australia you can also use their services. There is a very wide geographical range of services.

Valley Tent

This is a party rental company located in New Jersey. Serving Northern New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex counties. As well as southern New York, including Rockland and Westchester counties. There are 35 tent sizes ranging from 6x10 to 40x100. And the distinctive frame tent package, this way you can save some of your budgets. For example, the 20x20 tent package includes four 60-inch round tables and 32 standard chairs. This prepared package can also save a lot of time. The best part is that there are over 60 colors of woven linen to match the theme. Again, except for the tent, the rest of the products are marked up.

Some tips on renting

  1. You can compare the prices of several companies, and the style of products.
  1. Check if they have delivery options and the size of the truck.
  1. whether there is a minimum limit for renting party supplies.
  1. Check the price for late and broken items.
  1. It is best to plan and book the rental company 6 months in advance to have enough time to prepare.
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Rent or buy a tent?

After we learn about these 10 rental companies, you will find that the large tent rental prices are surprisingly expensive. Sometimes the same size canopy tent will be cheaper to buy than to rent. This way you can use it many times without spending the extra money to rent.

My advice is if you want to have a huge event. If the number of people exceeds 150 or the size of the tent exceeds 20x40, then choosing a specialized rental company can save you energy. These companies provide other party supplies besides tent installation and dismantling services. This also saves you the trouble of having to find a second rental company.

However, apart from the high rental price. You also need to be responsible for all the items because once they are damaged in any way, they need to be compensated.

Quictent 20' x 40' party tent


Of course, there are several benefits to buying a tent. First, the overall cost will be lower than rent. You can use it multiple times, or even lend it to family and friends, and it can be used as an outdoor carport even when there is no event. Secondly, you don't have to worry about the damage that will result in compensation. Finally, the sense of accomplishment of preparing and decorating an event by yourself will be unparalleled.

So, rent or buy a tent? This answer will depend on the actual situation and budget of the event. No matter what the choice is, I hope your event will go well.

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