Spring is around the corner, and that means football season. And there is no more popular entertainment during the season than a tailgate party. If you don't know what a tailgate party is, it's a party where drinks and food are served in the trunk of a car after a big event like a soccer game or music festival. This is a great opportunity to get together with friends and spend some time together. Throwing a tailgate party before or after watching a sports game might make your day memorable. And it brings double the fun, the joy of partying, and the excitement of watching the game.

Of course, tailgate parties can be held in the parking lot outside the venue, but you can also hold them in your backyard. As long as there are enough drinks and food. If you choose to have your party outside the stadium you will need to arrive at least two hours early to set up and leave plenty of time to tidy up after the party. So next we'll introduce you to what gear you need to bring and some considerations when hosting a tailgate party.

parking lot tailgate party


What you need to bring for a tailgate party

As an experienced partygoer, I would recommend planning and making a list of the items you will need. Also divide the items into several categories to prepare: food, outdoor gear, beverages, tableware, etc. In terms of food, you can bring a variety of meats such as beef patties to make burgers. Or hot dogs, ribs, and other foods that are suitable for parties with many people. So to make sure these meats don't go bad in the hot weather, a crisper will be necessary. It should also be filled with ice, which will not only hold the meat but also keep your drinks cold. Bring enough snacks too, such as nachos, crackers. Tableware can be more lightweight, so you don't have to worry about damage.

Grill party


Whenever a party is held must have a grill, which can prepare eighty percent of your party food. Remember to prepare charcoal,knife,tongs and a series of tools needed for grilling. For the sake of safety, after using the grill should also first put out the remaining fire inside.

The most important part is the preparation of outdoor equipment, except for the portable chairs can also choose a shade canopy this is a way to cope with different weather conditions. In the summertime it can provide a cool space, waterproof canopy also avoids sudden rain. It is also a resting shelter for guests, who can sit comfortably and leisurely under the shade canopy and enjoy their food. Make your party more fulfilling and let you enjoy the party. Plus the venue of the tailgate party itself is limited, so the shade canopy is your placeholder sign, making full use of the limited space.The pop-up canopy was already very easy to install and portable, making it ideal for use in a variety of outdoor environments. EZ up canopy 10x10, Quictent's upgraded version, uses a patented one-person setup technology. Compared to the previous shade canopy, this technology makes the installation process much easier and takes less time. By pushing the center section up and locking it, the frame is already set up.

quictent pop up tent  with sides


Another Pop-up tent with sides is more suitable if you will stay on the site for a long time. The side walls provide better shelter from the elements and don't block your view, but also give a space for privacy. This allows you and your friends to relax and chat inside without worrying about other people disturbing you.

These are fun activities you can try

Besides enjoying the food, there will be plenty of activities at the tailgate party. A little tip: make sure the other person is on the same team as you, you don't want to be fighting at the party.

Dress up together. Start dressing up with your friends in the shade canopy. You can paint your face with your favorite team's colors or bring some team-themed support items. Wearing a jersey will also be a good choice, your sophisticated dress may be able to get amazed.

football game tailgate party


Connect with your neighbors. What's different about the tailgate party is that you're close to the people next to you, after all, it's a parking lot. They are your neighbors at the party, and you can chat with the people around you and maybe share some of their food. You can also participate in some party games together, which will be tailgate party unique fun. Maybe you can meet some new friends.

Take a picture together. It's a fun party and the photos can leave you with precious memories. Pop up canopy can be used as a photo booth where you can hang a banner as a backdrop to take photos with friends. Plus your previous costumes and props, you will be able to take great photos.


tailgate party with grill

One last tip

Have fun with the unique tailgate party. However, the parking lot is a public area and you will need to clean up all the trash you create after the tailgate party is over. Finally, go and enjoy the football game, hope your team wins the game, fingers crossed!

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