We had an unforgettable Halloween, and the temperature would get colder and colder, and you might want to stay in a warm home, stay by the fireplace to warm up, or snooze in bed. But as a qualified owner and guardian, you should take care of your house and backyard and you will be happy to decorate your house. How exciting it is to clean up for Christmas, buy Christmas trees, Christmas gifts and hang beautiful ornaments!


But you may not want to take care of the fallen leaves in your backyard because it's really cold to clean up your backyard in winter. Don't get lost, here are some great backyard grooming tips you can use as a plan to organize your backyard, which won't take you much time, and you can use some facilities to help you.

Make a general backyard care plan

If you are confused about how to clean and care for your backyard in winter, then please don't do it yet, it is not an efficient thing to do and may waste your time. You should first take a close look at the structure of your backyard, divide the whole backyard into roughly a few pieces and think about the purpose of each piece of land.


You can do this regardless of the size of your backyard, and it will prevent you from feeling as confused as possible during the rest of the organizing process.

Protect your plants

The cold winter months can be a huge test for people and animals alike. Many plants need warm temperatures to thrive, and if you leave them outside, they likely won't survive the winter. But that doesn't mean you can't protect your plants well, you need to buy a suitable greenhouse according to the size of your backyard. If your backyard is big, you can buy a large greenhouse, if the backyard is smaller, then a mini greenhouse is more suitable for you. Then put the plants into this greenhouse. Of course, you also need to buy some accessories, such as lighting equipment, irrigation equipment, humidifier, and insulation equipment.

With these facilities, I believe your plants can safely survive the winter. In addition, you'd better leave a path in the greenhouse for easy walking, and after the first freeze, put a thick layer of 3-5 inches of mulch to protect your soil and vegetation.

large great greenhouse

You don't have to buy wood mulch, considering the cost savings and practicality. Lighter materials work well, such as chopped leaves and pine straw, which are ideal because they don't compact.

If your plant needs a very good growing environment, for example, it grows well in spring but can barely survive cold weather, you'd better move it indoors for insurance purposes, and of course, you'd better buy a good-quality grow tent and the necessary indoor planting equipment.

Both grow tent and a greenhouse I suggest you can buy on quictent, you can find different styles of outdoor grow supplies and indoor grow tent on this online store.

Grow Tent

In the greenhouse category you can find both larger products like 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse, but also In addition to these, you can also find Walk-in Greenhouse on Quictent. you can also find different sizes of products in the grow tent category. These planting tents are of good quality and very practical, and will surely help you to take care of your backyard and protect your plants.

Take care of your RV

Many families have the hobby of taking their RV out on camping trips. But in the winter, you and your family may not want to brave the cold to go out camping, so you'll have to keep the RV parked in the yard. But don't just park your RV in the yard and leave it there. First, you need to designate an area for parking your RV and then purchase a thick, waterproof, UV-protected RV cover, a unique cover that is necessary because RV accessories can be damaged in cold temperatures and can get water or frost damage from rain or snow. RV cover provides maximum protection for your RV.

Quictent is a professional outdoor products website that offers a wide range of RV cover products with very good quality. You can find several different styles of covers specifically designed for RVers under the RV covers category.

All of these RV covers are made of the new extra thick material "Super Non-woven Plus", which is special because it is softer and has a higher water tightness index than non-woven fabric. It is more resistant to tearing and more breathable than oxford cloth.


Each RV cover is equipped with upgraded PVC buckle straps, adjustable fastening straps, 2PCS windproof straps, and tension plates. These accessories ensure that the RV cover is stable and wind-resistant while minimizing wind and moisture to keep the interior of the RV dry. Protect your RV with the RV cover so that it remains excellent and looks perfect in the new year.

Find a shelter for your motorcycle in winter

Compared to motorhomes and cars, many families also like to travel by motorcycle, because motorcycle size is very convenient, whether it is storage or maintenance only very low cost. Some families put their motorcycles indoors, while others feel that doing so will affect the cleanliness of their rooms, so they are more willing to put their motorcycles in the garden. Parking your motorcycle in the backyard is really convenient, even cleaning doesn't take much time, and you can do it in spring, summer, and autumn. But winter low temperatures, high winds, and rain, and snow are not friendly to motorcycles. Low temperatures will freeze the parts of the motorcycle, high winds will blow the motorcycle down, rain and snow will dip into the motorcycle, thus aggravating the aging of the accessories.

A motorcycle shelter is a great assistant to help you maintain your motorcycle during the winter. The function of a motorcycle shelter is not only to cover the motorcycle but also to protect it from water and UV rays. quictent has designed the best motorcycle shelter for you and you can find two selected products on the official website.

These are two multifunctional motorcycle shelters. Each comes with a TSA combination lock and is easy to carry. The waterproof covers of the Quictent motorcycle shelters are both made of 100% waterproof 600D Oxford cloth with PU coating and combine with the highest waterproof technology to prevent UV rays and rain, snow and dust from damaging your motorcycle.


Both sides have mesh ventilation windows for cross ventilation. Four expansion bolts help you secure the canopy to the ground in high winds and rain or snow. These two select motorcycle shelters will solve all your concerns.

Tidy up your backyard for a beautiful winter

Maybe you've tried many times to pick up the rags, weeding supplies, and irrigation tools to take care of your garden and lawn, but have chosen to give up because of the bad weather. But you have to admit, a nice, tidy backyard can put you and your guests in a good mood, and you'll be proud of a fine backyard, especially when your friends comment that it's a great backyard.


Don't worry, you can also use a lot of gardening supplies and other gadgets to reduce your workload. Take care of your backyard during Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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