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It’s a year when we want to be together more than ever. We're very grateful that we have you with us in this special year. In the final send of 2020, we want to bring you a little extra joy by sharing several impressive pictures received from our customers, thinking those would also best summarize what Quictent has brought this year.

Pop up Canopies

Compared to previous years, the family has become more significant because we have to spend more time with our families. The support from our dearest is one of the sources that enable us to keep moving on and look forward to a bright new year. How do Quictent pop up canopies enrich activities in families and our communities? Let's take a look.

Firstly, Quictent pop up canopies enrich family parties. Rich in styles and sizes, they are the perfect gear for family outings, campfires, gathering party, and more. Providing one in the backyard also gives a great shelter to enjoy yourself without going outside.

Family parties with Quictent pop up canopies.

 Decorated Quictent Pop Up Tent

A well-decorated party to welcome the new member coming to a family. The colors of those balloons are eye-catching, making everyone think of spring when everything comes to life.

Quictent Privacy Pop Up Tent for Gathering

The siblings decided to have a picnic out to kill time. Quictent pop up canopies provided a great shelter. Good childhood memories came to their mind, it’s just like Yesterday Once More.

 Quictent Pop-up Canopy for Party

Tables and chairs were set, foods and drinks were served. It’s a wedding ceremony. We at Quictent sincerely hope the new couple lives a sweet life together forever.

Quictent pop up canopies offer a great shelter for family outings. It looks better when equipped with lovely string lights that flicker in the summer night. What a fantastic scene!

 Quictent Screen Pop up Tent

Family campfire with the Quictent screen pop up canopy.

 Lighted Quictent Mesh Screen Pop up Tent

A string lighted Quictent screen pop up canopy.

Quictent pop up canopies are also capable to work in your backyard or porch.

Quictent Screen Pop up Tent in the Backyard

A Quictent screen pop up canopy turns your backyard into a perfect guest reception site. Imagine this: Your friends and you sit around, talking and having tea while the warm sunlight and the gentle breeze were spreading over the whole backyard. No one can refuse such an invitation.

 Quictent Screen Pop Up Tent

Even though you live in an apartment, you can find a way to use the Quictent pop up canopy.

 Aside from family or personal use, Quictent pop up canopies are also a boost for small business, which is the main form of local trade fairs amid the pandemic.

 Trade Affairs with Quictent Pop up Tents

The local trade fair with Quictent pop up canopies.

 Quictent Pop up Tents

Small business with the Quictent pop up canopies.


Building up a permanent garage would be a little costly, especially this year. So a portable temporary structure naturally becomes a good alternative. We at Quictent have seen such a growing demand for portable garages. With the heavy-duty frame and the waterproof, UV-resistant cover, Quictent carports are perfect to protect items underneath for years to come.

The reason that comes to the first when our customers decided to choose a Quictent carport is for its versatility. Quictent carports are not only the shelter for cars, they can also be a perfect site to park your pickup trucks, boats, bikes, and more.

Quictent 10' x 20' Carport Sheltering the Car

Quictent 10’ x 20’ carport serving a car.

 Quictent 10' x 20' Carport Protecting Vehicles

Quictent 10’ x 20’ carport protecting the boat and bikes in the backyard.


Quictent 10’ x 20’ Carport-Beige

A pickup truck parked underneath a Quictent 10’ x 20’ carport.

Quictent carports can be also used for various recreational activities. The most impressive feedback is to turn it into a personal gym.

 Quictet  13' x 20' Carport

Some customers also treated it as a tent.

Quictent 10’ x 20’ Carport

Another outstanding feature of Quictent carports is the durability. A customer once gave feedback telling that her Quictent carport survived from a 42" snowstorm in Binghamton, NY. We take pride in our products for quality control.

Quictent  Carport

Quictent carports withstand snowy weather.

Besides temporary carports, Quictent also provides outdoor storages and truck tents. See how they work as below.

Quictent Outdoor Garage

Quictent outdoor garages are available in 6’ x 6’, 8’ x 8’, and 10’ x 10’ at present.

Assembled Quictent Truck Tent

Assembled Quictent truck tent.

Party Tent

Pop up canopies are enough for a small party within households, however, when it comes to a party of more than 25 people, you’d better try a party tent, or it would be too crowded. Made of high-quality materials, supported by hassle-free warranty and customer-friendly after-sales, Quictent party tents that have served hundreds of thousands of happy customers are a good choice. Good memories are surely on the way with a decorated Quictent party tent. Let’s see it.

Quictent party tent

A Quictent party tent decorated in the romantic style.

Quictent party tent

Quictent party tent

Quictent party tents make all-day gathering possible. They protected guests from direct sun exposure at noon, provided shelter at dusk.

Grow Tent

A gardener should have at least one grow tent if (s)he wants to grow and protect plants all year around.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can always find a suitable grow tent from Quictent to start your growing season. It can be placed in your garage, basement, or even in an empty closet — without interfering with the rest of your home.

 Quictent Grow Tent-1

Quictent Grow Tent-2

Quictent Grow Tent-3

Owned the SGS certification, the Quictent grow tents are eco-friendly. That is, no harmful gases will release when you use one, making it a perfect container for sensitive plants as well as a proper home for your favorite reptiles.

 Growing Plants inside Quictent Grow Tent

Quictent Grow Tent - Home for Your Reptile

That’s it for Quictent’s story in pictures for 2020. Thank you for your reading. We highly appreciate your continuous support which firmly strengthened our faith to overcome hardships encountered this year. Without it, we can’t keep moving forward. Therefore, we would persistently offer more top-quality outdoor products with industrial-leading service. On behalf of all Quictent staff, we sincerely hope you have a safe & sound holiday season and new year!

As always, be thrive and be well!

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