How a Quictent Carport Becomes a Temporary Gym

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life, so does our fitness routine. Before the pandemic, exercise often unfolds out in the open, on the gym floor and in the studio classes, and on sidewalks, where people can find community while staying comfortably anonymous. Amid the pandemic, exercise gradually becomes more of an individual activity due to the social distancing rules and the closures of public sports fields. We're going to sweat one out on our own.

Given the situation, that’s not surprising if your motivation to exercise during the pandemic too elusive to catch up with, and you’re not alone. You’re filled up with the thought to give up, especially when you have to finish the daily exercise in your living room or bedroom where there probably would be screaming baby or working-from-home family member. A sound echoes on your brain: where can I have a personal gym without being disturbed?

It is a burning question, especially for those who are fitness enthusiasts.

Recently we received a creative way to use Quictent 13' x 20' Galvanized Carport with Ground Bars-White from one of our customers – she turned it into a personal gym ( she named it as Happy Jack Gym).

Let’s see how she makes it. You can also refer the following steps to a general instruction about how to set up a Quictent carport.

Note: You should get the ground prepared before placing an order. We highly recommend you build the carport on a concrete pad or at the end of a paved driveway. Or you should clear the ground and make it as level as possible and add fine gravel or another ground cover over a layer of  landscaping fabric as needed.

Step 1. Check received boxes and parts. It seems that this step is unnecessary to be listed. We do not think so. It’s crucial to ensure that you have all parts before starting. You can either refer to the instruction inside the shipping box or the Qucitent instruction page for a full check. If any parts come damaged or missed, please contact us.

Step 2. Start from the roof and one side of the main structure. You can begin the work after confirming all parts are here. Usually, we recommend starting from the roof frame and one side of the main structure. Feel easy about it. Connectors are provided, just put parts together according to the part list.

Start Quictent Carport Assembly from the Roof Frame

Start from the Roof Frame: Quictent Carport Assembly


Finished Roof Frame for Quictent Carport

Finished Roof Frame of the Quictent Carport

Step 3. Put the top cover and sides on the half-finished main structure, erect it. The top cover should be added after finishing the assembling of the roof frame. As for the sides, you can either add them together with the top cover or after finishing the whole frame. We recommend you to add the top and sides at this step because it saves time. A ladder is needed if you need to check how the top cover goes with the roof frame.

Half-done: Erected Frame

Step 4. Connect the other side of the frame, put on other necessary parts. Add parts for the other side of the main structure. Please note that we provide ground poles (part number 4 on the part list) for extra protection of the main structure, do not forget to add them. For better stability, we also suggest you make full use of those pegs, ground bars, ropes, etc. The customer said that she put this carport up in about an hour and a half. It would cost less time if you have several friends to help with.

Assembled Carport

Step 5. Get your equipment in. Now that you’ve finished the structure assembly, it comes to the last step to make it a personal gym – get equipment in. The customer added plywood to make the ground more gym-fit. If you’d like to renovate in the same way, please be careful when you’re leveling the gravel floor so that it wouldn't rock. Do not forget to sit down and feel the ground before getting equipment in, make changes until you feel it is fit for daily workouts. Take your workout preference, surroundings, weather, and the equipment weight into consideration when you equip the gym. Recommend equipment are power rack, kettlebell, balance trainer, rower rowing machine, indoor exercise bike, medicine ball set, barbell pushup stands, foal roller, etc.

Power Rack Laying on the Ground Inside the Quictent Carport

Power Rack Laying on the Ground Inside the Quictent Carport

Power Rack Stands at the Door of the Quictent Carport

Power Rack Stands at the Door of the Quictent Carport

And finally, you get it done! Now you can carry out daily exercise without being disturbed while the cool breeze blowing through the gym.

Quictent Carport Gym

Quictent Carport Gym

This blog is inspired by @drcoop3 (above) and Quictent has obtained awareness and authorization for content writing & sharing.

Do any ideas strike on you? Do not hesitate to share and tag us if you have any ideas about using Quictent carport creatively. You can also check the following carport if you’re inspired and willing to start your DIY.


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