Everything About the Raised Garden Beds from Quictent

Poor planting soil is a lion in the way when you expect a productive season. If you’re dealing with it, do not hesitate to try a raised garden bed. In addition, raised garden beds can be used in combination with greenhouses. It allows you to bring in new soil with microbial life perfect for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs and also works great on:

  • Making easy management possible. An elevated raised garden bed saves your back from leaning, hunching, and kneeling. Also, by not stepping into the garden, microscopic pests can’t get into the planting area by hitchhiking on your shoes. Line the bottom of your raised bed with hardware cloth, even gophers are prevented from getting in! And don’t forget, with a raised garden bed, it would also be more difficult for other small animals to get into the planting area by digging a hole.
  • Saving more space. With a raised garden bed, you can set plants closer to each other. Applying for small-space gardening techniques such as succession planting and vertical supports, it is confirmed that you can make full use of every square inch. The more space you’ve saved, the more plants you can deal with.
  • Extending the growing season. Contained by a garden bed, the temperatures of the soil rise more quickly in spring. Assuming the soil is properly prepared, it can also drain better. They are helpful to create better-growing conditions and extend the growing season. Particularly in the South, a properly prepared raised bed allows plant roots to breathe.
  • Beatifying the surrounding. Attractive raised garden beds are an asset to your landscape. You can also form different shapes with several garden boxes to spice up your entryway, front/back yard, creating a perimeter garden that can screen an eyesore.

Everything About the Raised Garden Beds from Quictent

Sounds great, right? Thinking about taking a garden home to start the planting season but get lost to find a proper one? It’s simple, trust the raised garden beds from Quictent. Started our business in outdoors & gardening in the early 21st century, we have been one of the TOP 5 brands in the market. Available in several models of different colors, you can always find a high-quality, versatile, and cost-friendly raised garden bed from Quictent. We’ll break up available models one by one.

Quictent 35’’ x 24’’ x 35" Elevated Wooden Raised Garden Bed

It's an all-in-one structure. We're sure what you receive would go beyond your expectation.  Below is a list of what extra accessories you’ll receive for the order: a shovel, a pair of gloves, a fabric weed barrier, and 50 T-tags.

Quictent 35’’x24’’x35" 8 Grids Raised Wooden Garden Bed with Legs

  •  The whole frame made of natural woods originated from Canada is weather-resistant and durable. It will not warp, shrink, or swell in high humidity.
  •   Each part is screwed together, which makes the whole structure more stable.
  •   Besides the high-quality materials, we also make it a plant-and-gardener-friendly structure. With a loading capacity of 440 lbs and 8.5” in height(inner component), it is ideal for plants to absorb nutrients and take root. There is a shelf on the bottom, which can be used to place all the necessary accessories. Equipped with 3 removable wooden strips, you can grow up to 8 kinds of plants when the proper installation methods have been applied. With the four 30” legs, it’s very practical for those who have difficulty bending or stooping.


Quictent 49’’ x 37’’ x 36" Galvanized Steel Garden Bed with Cover-Green

49''x37''x36'' Galvanized Garden Bed with Cover-Green
  • Size: 49’’x37’’
  • Height:36"
  • Benefits: Extra-thick Reinforced Galvanized Steel, Dual-Use Raised Bed

Quictent 49’’ x 37’’x 36" Galvanized Steel Garden Bed with Cover-Transparent

It’s a product taking advantage of a mini greenhouse and a garden bed, also the best choice if you want to find a garden bed with the highest level of protection.

Quictent 49"x37"x36" Galvanized Steel Garden Bed with Cover-Clear

  • Needleless to say, the cover coming with the raised garden bed is versatile. You can choose to add or remove per the growing timing. So far, you can choose from the green cover and the transparent cover as per your needs – if you’re going to grow some long-light-loving plants, the one with a green cover would be better as it can absorb more sunlight, and for easier observation, the one with a transparent cover is highly recommended. For better ventilation, we’ve added two zipper windows for both covers. Besides, we have made these covers overlong. That is, you can bury the cover into the soil or add some extra weights to strengthen the whole structure. For the ultimate protection, we’ve also sewn straps on the cover so that you can tie them to the poles.
  • We always choose premium materials and try the best to make our products plant-friendly. The garden bed, which has applied environment-friendly paints and has been galvanized for better resistance to the weather, can be used for at least five years. These steel plates are 0.5 mm in thickness for the mainframe, while those for the four corners have been thickened to 1.0 mm. The height of 11.8” is ideal for plants to absorb nutrients and take root from the soil.
  • Extra gifts for free. As always, we provide the necessary accessories for free. You’ll receive a pair of gloves and 20 T-tag for both the models in gray and green.


Quictent 48’’ x 48’’ x 11" Wooden Raised Garden Bed with 8 Connectors

Quictent 48’’x48’’x11" Wooden Garden Bed with 8 Mental Connectors

It’s the classic wooden model that keeps our tradition of high-quality materials and additional accessories. Made of natural fir wooden plates originated from Canada in 8 mm thickness, the structure can withstand bad weather and won't warp, shrink or swell under high humidity. We also provide eight rust-proof steel stand so that you can strengthen the inner and the outside of the four corners. Coming with the garden bed are a pair of gloves, a thickened weed barrier, and 50 T-tabs.
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