Quictent greenhouse

20’ x 10’ x 7’

Style 1

Style 2

78” x 56” x 30”

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As winter is just around the corner, greenhouses have become a necessity for their warm-keeping features. Quictent greenhouses gaining good fame in the marketplace for the friendly cost with high quality and excellent after-sales service, have seen a great demand. Of course, we never slow down our pace for better products. With the efforts of the Quictent team, some major updates have been made to the 10' x 20' x 7' and the 78" x 56" x 30" greenhouses. This blog post will break down these updates, keep on reading!

20’ x 10’ x 7’

The 20’ x 10’ x 7’ is a perfect size for a walk-in greenhouse. We have worked out two new styles. Take in their improvements one by one as below.

Comparison of Quictent 20' x 10' x 7' greenhouse: Basic, New Style 1, New Style 2

Style 1

Quictent 20’ x 10’ x 7’ Walk-in Greenhous with Mesh Doors Vents on SALE

Updates in style 1 are obvious: the mesh doors and the mesh windows that you can see clearly from the comparison. When the cover is fully closed, temperatures inside the greenhouse would be higher than the outside. Sometimes you hope for better ventilation with plants also protected from small animals such as cats and chickens, especially on a sunny day in winter. The mesh becomes a great solution – open the cover freely, the mesh is safeguarding all the time! You can also keep both (un)opened as you like. After all, versatility is one of the goals for Quictent product developers.

Style 2

Quictent 20’ x 10’ x 7’ Walk-in Greenhouse with Reinforced Frame Sold out

Style 2 in 20’ x 10’ x 7’ is the latest version, also the model our team put on a lot of effort. Major improvements are applied to the framework. What comes to the first is the material. We changed the white powdered tubes into galvanized steel ones that are rust-resistant, delivering longer service than usual ones. The ground bars are added for better prevention of water-and-snow accumulation and durability, which is doubled by the three rows of crossbars on the frame top. Another two diagonal poles are also added for enhanced stability. We dare to say, this updated frame is the strongest among Quictent greenhouses so far.

Another not-obvious but considerate improvement is those black caps for screws. They work well on protecting the screw from weather and scratches.

Cap for screw: Quictent 20' x 10' x 7' greenhouse

78” x 56” x 30”

Major updates are the two doors and sides and some additional accessories. We also bring in one more choice for the cover, now you can choose from the white and the green in this size.

Comparison of Quictent 78” x 56” x 30” greenhouse: Basic vs. Upgraded

Doubled doors. A mesh door is added to the front and the back door. That is, double-protection for your lovely plants inside - the mesh doors protect small animals away while the PE door keeps warm. Moreover, the two can be rolled up independently, you can either keep one or both (un)opened.

The newly added mesh window on each side. The 13.8" x 13.8" square mesh window on the top layer of each side realizes better ventilation. It’s also flexible, you can either one or both (un)opened.

You may think these changes would make the one-piece cover into several parts. The answer is no. We know how important a one-piece cover for warm-keeping and will not break it. Our product engineers work hard to ensure you still receive the one-piece cover. They’re awesome, right?

Versatile accessories include a vertical shelf, several pieces of hooks, zip ties, and plant tags. When it comes to accessories, the first one that should be referred to is the vertical shelf with 10 S-shaped hooks. Put on the top of the back, they will not hinder your in(out), and make it a great area to hang the tool kit like gloves, bags, watering can, etc. Given the added mesh sides and doors, we added 30 pieces of zip ties so that you do not need to pay extra money looking for something securing them. We also add T-type plant tags up to 50 pieces, you can record more information besides the plant name!

We attach importance to stability from the beginning. So aside from those updated accessories, 8 stakes and 4 ropes are included as before. You do not need to worry about it.

We also received feedback like this, “ I like these changes. However, I prefer the bigger one. Is there a solution?”  We’re happy to tell you that if a new model applying all UPGRADED parts is available in 56” x 56” x 77”, white and green.

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