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The combination of sporting events and a large tent is not a new pairing, and the two complement each other well. Especially during the epidemic, many sports venues have come outdoors. Whether it's a soccer game or a marathon, you can see the presence of outdoor party tents. This is because no matter what the weather is, there is a need for a shelter, a place that protects everyone present. Tents, on the other hand, are not limited to traditional fixed buildings and can be very flexible in the choice of venue. Of course, not all tents are suitable for sporting events, luckily if you are looking for the most suitable large tent, we have compiled a list of affordable options for you. It can make the outdoor sporting event perfect.

outdoor sport tent


Benefits of using large party tents

Easy to install and remove. 

Compared with fixed venues, large tents are more flexible and movable, not constrained by the venue. Especially in sports events where time is of the essence, it is important to be able to set up quickly. A 20x30 tent can easily do this, just put the pieces together to get a perfect space. The tent can also be quickly disassembled after a long game, without wasting any extra time. The rectangular shape also makes it easier to divide the tent into several sections for use, and it can become a private changing room if participants need to change clothes.

Insulation from weather factors.

The weather can change rapidly, and sporting events are held throughout the year. So no matter what the weather is outdoor party tent can protect people, in the summer the roof can be isolated from UV rays and direct sunlight to protect the skin from damage. In winter, the side walls can be added to block the cold wind, tent with sidewall, in addition, to keep warm, the windows on the side walls can also provide a good view.

Quictent 20' x 40' party tent

It can be used as a rest and emergency treatment area. 

Regardless of the competition is required to configure the rest area, the participants need a safe space to relax and rest. The audience will also need a good environment to watch the game. Especially in the marathon, a spacious space is needed to place the supplies for the participants. It can also be used as an emergency medical room so that if participants are suddenly injured, they can at least have a close treatment space. It can also give the participants enough space to warm up.

rest party tent

Can be used as a competition venue.

If it is a case of few participants, such as boxing matches. It will be able to become a competition venue and also be able to accommodate a certain number of spectators. This allows the audience to watch the match more closely, and the organizers can choose their venue. Natural lighting during the day can also save costs, but also save a lot of electricity consumption.

Different types of tents

It is important to choose the right event tent for a successful sporting event. Different types of tents will have different features, which can be based on the characteristics of the game. Generally speaking, we will divide the types of event tents into three kinds.

quictent party tent


pop-up canopy. The biggest advantage of pop-up canopies is that they are very easy to set up, with pre-built frames and height-adjustable settings, making them very portable. No tools are needed, and one person can finish building it. But also because it is easy to carry this point it is usually not very large size, more suitable for family gatherings or backyard use. If you need to use it in sports events, it is more suitable for individual families as a viewing area.

Frame tent. These large tents are perfect for all types of activities and when reinforced they can serve as a shelter for short periods. The choice of sizes is much wider and can accommodate a larger number of people. Of course, the larger size means that more people are needed to install it, but it is still very easy to complete the installation. Because the frame tent can be set up on any flat surface, the requirements for the ground will not be very high. Let's use the 20x30 tent as an example, it uses the triangular structure to increase the overall stability of the tent. Using the structural support, the extra ground bar makes the whole structure more wind resistant. The duration of use is also increased, so it can be used as a boat or car canopy even after the sports event is over.

pole tent


Pole tent. The main difference between it and the frame tent is that it will have one or more central poles in the center of the tent. The assembly parts will be less than frame tents so they will be easy to set up, but they will need to be installed on grass. If you choose to install it on concrete, the center pole may receive wear and tear, thus reducing its service life and limiting its usefulness. The pole tent will be more attractive, and the high center pole design can give more space for decoration, and you can decorate the center pole with string lights or ribbons. Of course, the existence of the center pole will make the space inside the tent smaller.


Each type of tent has a suitable activity, it just depends on how you use their interior space. There are many different styles and options for tents, and finding one that fits your event needs requires a lot of preparation before you buy one. What size do you need, the venue you will be using, what is your budget? These are all issues that need to be thought about in advance, if you need to buy a large tent for a sporting event I would recommend choosing a frame tent, which has a wide selection of sizes that can accommodate a larger number of people. And the installation will not be restricted by the site, as long as the ground is flat can easily complete the installation, more suitable for different sports activities in the venue. Outdoor party tents are usually versatile. There are not too many restrictions on how to use them. As long as you understand your needs, you will be able to find the most suitable tent.

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