A new design, a new style, and a new home are so appealing that everyone is looking forward to decorating their house. We need to design a satisfying decorating style within a given budget, and sometimes we have to take into account the money-saving factor, but that doesn't mean that a "budget" home has to be boring, there are five creative ideas that deserve to be incorporated into your home decorating plan, so you can save money and have a cozy house.

Essential Preparation - Have a clear idea of decoration

When you are worried about how to decorate your house, you may go to ins, quora, or Youtube to seek advice or explore more decorating ideas, however, the more you look, the more your head may be filled with all kinds of ideas.



Maybe you just wanted to buy a table, but now you think it's not enough and you start to "brainstorm" and buy a lot of furniture, which may cause you to use up your budget too early, but you haven't even finished decorating the interior.

To avoid such a bad situation, you can calm down, make a shopping list of the furniture you need at this stage, and draw a general structure of the house to keep your mind clear and build a big picture. A clear mind will allow you to have a scientific plan, greatly reducing the cost you waste in the renovation process.

New fashion - Minimalist decorating style

A more complex decorating style may be able to attract the public's attention and make people feel creative, but most people still desire to have a simple and comfortable home. Not everyone is an artist, we still prefer, after a day of exhausting work, can return home to enjoy the simple and comfortable warmth of home.

Both minimalist dressing and minimalist decoration are the fashion hotspots in recent years, which also reflects the trend of public preference, many people increasingly like minimalist elements.

If you want to save money on decorating, but also do not want to lose their decorative style of fashion, then you can try the minimalist design.


Minimalism is not as simple as reducing some furnishings but making the whole house look uniform and reducing superfluous elements. Minimalist design can reduce the cost of decorating and still make your house look stylish.

A word of advice, if you have decided to decorate your home in a minimalist style, don't rush to carry out your decorating plan yet. You can seek advice from a professional designer, invite him for a site visit and remember to tell him your ideas before everything starts. This initiative may help you avoid some trouble and reduce confusion in the rest of the decorating work.

Soft colors - Neutral colors give you a good living experience

Color design is a very important part of the entire decorating process. In order to have a comfortable living experience, colors with too high or too low saturation are not suitable for use in home design, especially interior design.

If you choose a furniture color saturation is too high, then it is a challenge for the whole decoration process, in order to make the whole design style coordinated, other decorations must also be coordinated with the color of your furniture. It's not that saturated colors are bad, but you may have to put more thought into the color scheme.

If you don't want to go through all this trouble, then tell your idea to a professional design team and let them design it for you, and you can customize the furniture, but it will cost more to do so.

Colors with very low saturation often give a fresh and natural look, however when these colors are used in design they may also cause some problems. When determining the color palette, we need to consider the living experience. In the summer, you may feel fresh and cool in a low-saturation decorative atmosphere, but in the winter, you may feel cold, because of the fact that winter colors are also low-saturated.

And furniture with low saturated colors is usually not stain resistant, you need to spend a lot of money and effort on caring for the furniture. If you choose inexpensive furniture to save money, this may make your decorating style look cheap, this is because low saturation color furniture needs high-quality material to make the whole style look premium.

To achieve unity in all aspects, neutral colors can give you more surprises. Morandi colors, which have become popular in recent years, are typical neutrals, which are neither dull nor very bright.


These colors will make you feel comfortable in any season, and the decorating style can make the whole house look elegant and "expensive".  Your options are so wide that you can find neutral decorations at any price point, and you don't have to put much effort into caring for furniture.

A simple and beautiful garden

Throughout your decorating plan, you should not neglect your exterior decoration, because you will spend a lot of time in the garden with your family. In order to create a good living environment for you and your family, it is necessary to plan your garden carefully, and you can still save money in some parts to achieve a balance while ensuring the overall effect.

Perhaps you are not very demanding of gardening supplies, so you can choose some consumer-grade price gardening supplies. Consumer-priced gardening tools also have great quality, in other words, these types of gardening supplies are cost-effective and acceptable to all users.

We recommend Quictent's gardening products, which are loved by thousands of users for their consumer-grade prices and wide range of uses.


You can find all kinds of portable greenhouse tents at Quictent, such as small greenhouses, large 10x20 greenhouses. Quictent greenhouses will add fun to your garden life and you will get warm service.

In addition, you can also transplant plants in the garden bed to add layers to your garden, a beautiful garden bed will be the highlight of the whole garden. Quictent also provides you with quality flower beds, such as the elevated flower bed, the wooden flower bed, the 8 Grids Raised Garden Bed (made of cedarwood). These garden beds are all under $100, making them the perfect choice for saving your family money.

Cost-effective parking sheds

Building yourself a garage is a cool thing to do, and it may increase the value of your house, but it also means you'll have to organize your garage a lot. If you don't feel like you need to park your car in the garage very often, then a garage or expensive carports are not for you because it's the exact opposite of what you think.


But you have to admit that sometimes a car shelter can really benefit you, and you may also want your car shelter to serve more purposes.

Quictent was founded with the intention of making quality carports available to more people, so you can find the right portable carport on Quictent. A temporary car shelter or 10x20 carport canopy may perfect for your needs, and you can set up your temporary garage in a very short time when necessary. In the spring and summer, you can use it as a party place, and in the hottest times, you can use the temporary carport canopy as a perfect shelter.

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