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With backyard living taking up the vast majority of your spare time, it's a place you can't afford to ignore. Decorating your backyard is a worthwhile endeavor to enhance your quality of life, improve your health, and relax. However, striking a balance between saving money and creating a creative garden can be a troublesome task.

Don't worry, some meaningful suggestions can give you great inspiration.

Turn used tires into creative garden elements

Small tire pond

If your child likes to keep goldfish, turtles, and other small animals, he will pester you to set up a pond in your backyard. For you, building a pond may be a big project, you need to find a suitable place to dig out empty space, and then tile or lay stones for the pond, and also complete the project of water diversion.

You probably don't have that kind of budget, but a nice pool is really inspiring, isn't it? The unused tires at home can help you to accomplish this wish, you still need to find an empty space and fill it with cement. Then you can place the tires on the concrete at the perimeter of the pool. Then paint the surface of the tires with cement as well. At the end of these steps, you will have a creative and affordable tire pool.

Tire flower bed

Discarded tires can also be turned into creative flower beds in your garden. You can overlap several discarded tires and plant flowers in this "pot", so you have a special "potted plant". And to make your new invention look more interesting, remember to use a paintbrush to paint on the tires.

tire plant


You can also lay the tires flat on the ground, such as placing them in the shape of flower petals so that you have a special flower bed. To make the "petals" look more vivid, draw on the tires with a paintbrush to make them look like a big flower.

Various shapes of "flower pots"

Many items in your home can be transformed into garden elements, such as your unused cups, dishes, small storage boxes, or even the outer packaging of eggs bought from the supermarket. These neglected items can be turned into "planters" of various shapes.

For example, plant some miniature plants in the egg packaging. In cups and saucers, you can grow tomatoes, small peppers, and other vegetables, as well as flowers like hyacinths.

Novel flower bed

If you want a larger "pot", don't forget the small storage box you don't use, you can transplant kale, carrots, eggplants, and other plants into it.

If you have a discarded plastic bottle at home, you can make a hole on one side of it and fill it with soil, then plant your favorite flowers.

Clever vintage-style decoration

Have a used bicycle and wine barrel at home? Don't throw them away. These are great decorations. If you have scrap items in your home please don't rush to throw them away yet, they may play an important role in your backyard landscaping project.

bike flower design

Graffiti is an art technique often used by artists. Art comes from life, and you can let color decorate your garden and bring more life to your backyard.

You can: paint your bike, pink, green, purple, whatever color it is. Turn your bike into a novel decoration in the garden, and plant flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. in the basket, preferably some vines, which will sag down the basket. This way you have a special vintage-style flower bed in your garden.

Use the same idea to transform your discarded wine barrels. Paint your wine barrel the way you like, you can plant plants directly in the vertical wine barrel, or you can put the wine barrel on its side and let the branches of the plants grow in the direction of the opening.

wine barrel plants

If you don't want to use it as a flower bed, you can also put it as a simple decoration next to the plants, which is also very distinctive.

Measure the pH of the soil in your garden

If you don't have much energy to research cultivation techniques and tend your garden, you need to find a relatively simple and easy path for yourself. Whatever plant you want to plant, know the pH of your backyard soil in advance. Professional gardeners understand the importance of soil pH for cultivation.

garden soil

To minimize expenses, make everything ready before planting. After understanding the "character" of the soil, then buy fertilizer or other materials to assist your planting work according to the specific situation.

While this process can be cumbersome, to improve efficiency and reduce losses, you'd better get the groundwork before you start.

Buy good quality and affordable gardening tools

Dear friends, if you just want to feel the fun that gardening life brings you and don't want to invest a lot of energy and money in it. Then expensive gardening tools such as glass greenhouses, raised garden beds, and other professional gardening tools seem a bit too much. Simple high-quality gardening may be what you really need, so I recommend products from Quictent, all gardening tools from Quictent at prices you can afford!

gardening tools

You can find many styles of planting tents under Quictent's greenhouse category, all of these greenhouse tents are very practical and of good quality.And most importantly the price is right, which means everyone can buy them without any worries.

If you need a large greenhouse, this backyard greenhouse is perfect for you, and you have two colors to choose from. The quality of this product is great and has received many positive reviews from users.

If you have a mini yard, a small greenhouse will help you a lot, such as this best small greenhouse, which is the perfect size for a small garden.

quictent small greenhouse

This is an excellent small planting tent that has received a lot of praise from customers and the price is right, you can have it for only $40.

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-use planting bed, this galvanized garden bed is worth a try. This small flower bed consists of two parts: garden bed and green cover, easy to install and flexible to use.

Although the products designed by Quictent are inexpensive, the after-sales experience users get is still great. Quictent provides each user with thoughtful question answers and warranty services.

You only need to buy it at a price you can totally accept. Many users love this mini planting bed, and they even buy several to spare!

Choose low-maintenance, high-yielding fruits and vegetables

There is a great sense of accomplishment in tasting vegetables and fruits that you have grown yourself.

high yield vegetables

And if you want to have that pleasure at a minimum cost, then choose those vegetables and fruits that are easy to grow and have high yields whenever possible.

Inexpensive and easy-to-grow vegetables: potatoes, cabbages, salad leaves, peas, beetroot.

Easy-to-grow fruits: Strawberries, apples, blackberries, raspberries.


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