My friends, don't stay indoors all the time, you need to get some fresh air. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to go far away, you can do this just in your backyard and patio. Whether you have a balcony or a backyard garden, you can create idyllic outdoor retreats to entertain friends and family in a variety of ways. And one of the most important instruments in the backyard is shade equipment, in fact, no matter what season there will be UV rays. And prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause some damage to a person's skin.



Decorating a deck seems like a simple process, but to make the most of the space, we realized we needed a lot of things. One of them is a shading tool. If we don't plan to install a pergola on the deck area and there are no trees, then we need an umbrella or a sail, as it will shelter us on sunny days. While two common shade tools are sun shade sails and patio umbrellas, the two products differ greatly in both the way they are installed and the range of shade they provide. Adding the right shade product to your outdoor space is an important decision, so here are some of the most vital tips. Make this important purchase decision to add the perfect patio umbrella or shade sail to your outdoor patio, balcony, deck, and pool area.

The difference between shade sails and patio umbrellas

A shade sail is a device for creating outdoor shade based on the basic technology of a boat sail. Shade sails use a flexible membrane in tension between several anchor points, and they come in many different sizes as well as shapes. Patio umbrellas, on the other hand, are divided into those mounted on a table and those with their chassis. The shade range of a terrace umbrella may not be as large as that of a shade sail, but the installation process is a little more complicated compared to a patio umbrella. The shade sails provide greater shade coverage, while the patio umbrellas are flexible enough to move to the space you want.

backyard shade sail

Pros and cons of sunshade sails

Sunshade sails come in a variety of shapes, including squares and rectangles in addition to triangles. Several shade sails can be put together to form different patterns, adding to the aesthetic appeal and allowing for a wider range of shade. Broader shade range,rectangular shade sails can be used in outdoor restaurants or open-air markets, in addition to covering the entire pool.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, providing shelter from the rain in besides shade. Or as a temporary carport to use to avoid damage to the contents of the car from direct sunlight.

Installation takes more time,the installation of shade sails requires support posts, and it is best if there are natural trees. If there are no trees, you need to install several support poles before you can continue to set up the shade sails. This is a process that requires some time and effort.

patio umbrella

Pros and cons of patio umbrella

Add beauty, if not much furniture throughout the backyard. Patio umbrellas can also add a certain amount of color and a sense of ambiance when dining al fresco. Even as a decorative item it is a nice-looking presence.

Easy to install, patio umbrellas can be placed in many places. The umbrellas with the center at the bottom are designed for tables with holes in the center. They can be successfully installed without tools and can be opened and closed by rotating them, making them very easy to handle. It can also be tilted with the push of a button and the tilt range is always adjustable according to the sunlight.

Flexible and movable, unlike shade sails that are difficult to move once installed, patio umbrellas can be moved to the location you need shade at any time. If it comes with a base, it is more portable and can be taken to the beach.

Small shade range,If you don't need a wide range of shade then it's not a problem, but if you want to hold an outdoor event on a hot summer day then a shade sail would be a better choice.

Select the range you want

The first point is to think about the range of shade you want before you buy. If it is a large space such as the entire pool, shade sails will be a better choice. For tables of 2-4 people, patio umbrellas may be the best choice. These umbrellas feature a center pole that mounts through a hole in the center of the table and rests on a weighted base. These umbrellas have a ribbed canopy that can be opened and closed with a crank or simple pulley system.

Choose high-quality products

Upgraded 9' Patio Umbrella with Lights


What you pay for is what you get, but that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on it either. Look carefully at the materials used in the product so that you can avoid the risk of buying a product that tears off after a period of use. But you don't need to worry about products from Quictent. The 9FT Patio umbrella has many highlights in the detail design, and the fabric is made of 240g yarn-dyed fabric instead of the ordinary 180g polyester fabric. 8 ribs structure makes the whole more stable and less likely to break. Rust-free powder coated rod, 1.5" diameter aluminum, and iron heavy-duty rod combines the advantages of aluminum and iron to provide more powerful support than standard round rods. There are 32 led solar lights in total, with 4 lights in each rib. The lights can add a sense of atmosphere to your outdoor dinner in addition to lighting at night. The umbrella cover is made of heavy-duty 420D Oxford fabric with PU coating. Designed for your outdoor umbrella to extend its life. It can prevent the umbrella from being damaged by rain, snow, frost, bird droppings, and other harsh conditions. Besides this, there are many colors and sizes to choose from.

Quictent shade sail


The material used for the same shade sails is 100% new HDPE heavy duty. 100% virgin polyethylene shade cloth! Prevents shade sails from drying out, tearing, or fading, significantly extending their life. The hardware package is also made of marine-grade stainless steel, which enables the shade sail to be strong enough to withstand the elements. Heavy-duty double edges prevent edge wear and distortion. Both triangular and square shade sails will shield you from UV rays to the fullest extent.


Both shade sails and patio umbrellas are great backyard shade tools, so please check which product is more suitable for your patio or backyard based on your needs and budget before purchasing. But be careful to check your shade equipment regularly for any loose or rusty spots. They are also not suitable for extreme weather conditions such as storms, so if this is the case, keep them indoors. To ensure that their service life is extended.

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