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The Full List Of Preparations For The 2022 Coachella Festival

Are you excited about the upcoming Coachella festival? 2022 Coachella will be held from April 15th until the 24th. Regardless of whether Kanye will choose to attend Coachella, the festival's guest lineup is still very lavish. With Harry styles, Billie Eilish, and Doja cat, I'm sure everyone will be excited about them. Then you will need a packing list if you start planning to come here for a wonderful weekend. Want to know what you need to pack for Coachella and what its security requirements are? I'll put together a detailed preparation list for you, from safety needs to personal items. If this is your first time at Coachella, this essential checklist will allow you to have maximum fun as well as comfort.

Coachella festive

Safety Requirements

According to the guidelines on the official website, Coachella 2022 will have no vaccination, testing, or mask requirements.

However, the event should be conducted under the applicable public health conditions on the day of the event and changes in requirements may occur at any time. Examples include proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test and other protective measures. Therefore, for your health, it is advisable to have a nucleic acid test before and after attending the festival, wear a mask for the entire time you are attending the festival. Bring enough masks to ensure that you can change them at any time. Also bring plenty of sanitizers to keep your hands clean.

Coachella Essentials List

Comfortable clothes.

Indio's April minimum temperature will be 59 °F and the maximum will be 86 °F. Plus, the desert nights can get pretty chilly. So bring a jacket, you don't want to catch a cold at the festival. I know everyone will want to bring their chicest clothes when they come to Coachella. But what you need to understand is that you will probably be on your feet for 12 hours at the music festival. So high heels and boots are not the best choices, wear your most comfortable shoes and then run around the festival. Trust me, you'll appreciate this at the end of the day.

Sun protection items.

Paying attention to sun protection at Coachella is always your priority. Especially in the high-temperature desert, many people will get sunburned. You don't want to spend that weekend in the sun until your skin turns red and stings, plus the possibility of wrinkles coming early. Besides to protecting your skin is your eyes, cause the desert sun is no joke. Especially when you need to look at the singer on stage, don't let the sun block your vision. So pack a high SPF sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.

Coachella caopy tent


Many people choose to camp at Coachella, and you can't go wrong with a pop-up canopy, which is the perfect place to gather, relax and protect yourself from the sun and UV rays. Generally, a 10x10 canopy tent is spacious enough to set up a table and camping chairs in. It is worth noting that pop-up canopy can only be used in the Coachella camping area. And the music festival is not able to bring tents.

Multiple types of items

Water bottle. Walking around in the festival will always need water to replenish physical energy, but the price of bottled water inside is expensive. You can bring a smaller size and carry the water bottle, to save budget and be eco-friendly.

Portable charger. It will be a day of crazy pictures and constant social media posts. So use a portable charger to keep your phone charged. That way you can stay in touch with your friends, and it's hard to find someone at Coachella without a phone.

coachella tips


Blanket. In the afternoon perhaps you have felt tired, lay a blanket to sit down and relax your legs. Sit and chat with friends or look at the photos of the day. When night falls, it can also help you resist the cold.

Lightweight bag. Throw your belongings into the bag and keep the essentials in one place so they are easy to find. 

Extra tips

With all of these must-haves in place, these tips on Coachella will also prevent you from wasting time.

Make a meeting appointment in front of an iconic building. If you and a friend are coming from different places, agree in advance to meet at a prominent location. This can also be your rendezvous point if you get separated afterward.

Go early. If you want to take the best photos, take advantage of the less crowded mornings to take pictures in front of the landmarks. Otherwise, if you wait a little longer, the place will be filled with people taking pictures.



Buy souvenirs early. These stores will be packed with people when everyone is leaving at night. So if you have something you like buy it early, you don't want to deal with the crowds.

Now you have everything you need to prepare for Coachella. The first time attends Coachella, it will going to be a fantastic time. Go see some amazing bands live, make some new friends, and enjoy yourself.

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