I know we've talked about many kinds of parties. But trust me, this is the type of party you don't want to miss. Imagine dancing on the dance floor to the music in an elegant dress and tuxedo. And then enjoy an exquisite dinner. That's the party we're talking about - the ball! Dancing is a very fun and stress-free activity. It can provide an environment for healthy social interaction between people of all ages.

It's a great time to spend time with friends and make new friendships. Balls have been recorded as far back as the 15th century and typically last for several hours. And most of them are danced in pairs. Unlike prom, the ball is open to all ages. By now, the number of formal balls has become much smaller. Now, whether you are looking for ball party inspiration. Or you want to decide on a theme for your party, we will be happy to provide you with all the details you need to know about the ball.

Ball party

(Ball party)

1.Selecting a venue

First, you should choose whether to hold it indoors or outdoors. You can decide depending on the number of people invited. There are different advantages and disadvantages to these two types of venues.

Pros and cons of indoor

The pros of indoors are that you don't need to worry about the weather. Also, everything is conveniently located. Including colorful lighting,tables,chairs,and a sound system.

The cons are that indoor venue rental costs can be surprisingly high. As an example, an event space that can accommodate 75 people can be rented for between $825 and $1025. And indoor air does not circulate, plus the need for tables and chairs, if the venue is not large enough will seem very narrow.


(Vienna ball party)

Pros and cons of the outdoor

The best thing about the outdoors is obviously that it has beautiful views and fresh air. In today's epidemic situation, this is a great advantage. Also outdoor do not have to be restricted.

The cons are also obvious, you will need an event tent. Quictent's 20x20 party tent, which can accommodate 75 people, costs $730. Not only is this less than the cost of renting a venue, but the event tent is also reusable, making it a very economical option.This will provide a weatherproof space for guests to dance, rest and eat in the tent. Also, you will need to consider whether you want to install a floor, grass may not be the best option for dancing.

20' x 20' Wedding Party Tent
  • Size: 20' x 20'
  • Height:9.85'
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No matter what venue you end up choosing. One thing to keep in mind is whether there are residential buildings close to the venue. In that case, you will have to consider the time of the ball as well as the volume level. We don't want the police to end the party, do we?

outdoor ball party

(Outdoor ball party tent) 

2.Pick a theme

Ball themes can be very diverse, and it also depends on what kind of style and budget you want. If the budget is not sufficient, then I would not recommend the Carnival theme. Because it will require a lot of brightly colored decorations as well as fancy masks.

And the costume of this theme is not suitable for dancing. In contrast, keeping it simple is the key to a successful party. The 80s theme is classic and does not require too much decoration. Or you can choose the most popular themes of the moment: "Euphoria" and "Bridgerton", which will certainly make your party the most popular.Or do not know how to match the clothing and shoes, may try the simplest sneaker ball party.

Bridgerton theme party

(Bridgerton theme party)

What is a sneaker ball party?

As the name suggests, it's all about wearing sneakers to the ball, and that's what makes it different from other themed balls. This may be completely different from what you think of as a prom. Compared to high heels and leather shoes, sneakers can keep you comfortable and dance all day long!

What to wear to a sneaker ball party?

Just because it's a sneaker ball doesn't mean you can wear a t-shirt, jacket or jeans. Instead, you need to wear gorgeous outfits such as gowns, skirts, and suits. There is a strong contrast between the glamorous outfits and the sneakers, and this contrast will also allow you to send out the best photos. This is one of the interesting things about sneaker ball.

3.Choice of music

ball party with band

(Ball party with band) 

Once you've chosen a theme, music is your crucial next step. After all, music is one of the most important elements of the ball! Consider hiring a live band to play, which always makes the music more engaging.

A DJ can also be a good choice, so there will be a professional to help you choose the music list. And they are also masters of setting the mood. No matter what type of dance you want to choose on the dance floor, tell your DJ that they can help you choose the most appropriate music.

4.Proper decoration

No matter what the theme of the party, the decoration can determine your atmosphere. And lighting is the basis of the decoration. If the venue is outdoors, then hang string lights in the large party tent, and lanterns can be placed in the corners.Or flags, which are inexpensive, easy to hang and add a festive touch to the tent.

There are also balloons that are a classic party decoration that can add color to a event tent. You can use them to create a balloon arch, gather them together, or scatter them throughout the space.It's best to incorporate personalized decorations. Think about what makes your ball unique and figure out how to incorporate those elements into the decorations.

Indoor venues will have more options, gorgeous chandeliers, or vintage disco lights. But the color of the light is best to choose a soft yellow light rather than white light. You need to create a harmonious atmosphere. On the dining table, place candles with gold or silver candle holders of different shapes. If you are afraid of safety issues, you can also use simulated battery candles, which can also provide lighting.

ball dance party

(Ball dance party) 

In addition, you can choose balloons, ribbons, and flowers according to the theme. Fresh flowers can be used not only for decoration but also as a photo prop. At the end of the party can also be handed out to guests, is a multi-functional party decoration.

5.Prepare the food

Remember to feed your guests before the dance so that they will have enough energy to dance. If the ball party will last for several hours, a full meal can be provided. And for guests to be able to refuel in the middle of the dance,  simple finger foods can help.

Some small cookies,cut up fruit or cupcakes. If you are inviting people with dietary restrictions, please refer to their needs as well. Don't exclude drinks either. Some of the most popular drinks at the ball include champagne, red and white wine, and signature cocktails. Besides alcohol, plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages need to be on hand. Don't forget to make sure straws are available. You get the idea, right?

ball party food

(Ball party food)

Final thoughts

You already know what it takes to throw a gorgeous ball. The next step is to go ahead and try it out. Details make the difference in a ball. So you can invite your buddies to come along and discuss the setup. The ultimate goal of the party is to get everyone fully into the party atmosphere and leave with memories of a great time. So relax, go enjoy your ball and have a fantastic night!

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