Party tents are always essential whenever is an outdoor event. Party tents can provide guests with fresh air and outdoor scenery while keeping everyone comfortable and away from the weather elements.No matter when you want to use a party tent to hold an outdoor event, how to decorate is always a vexing problem.If the party tent is not decorated then it will look very boring, so what is our goal when we decorate the party tent? It's not as simple as you might think. I'll show you a few fun, easy and affordable decorating ideas. I hope these tips can help you with your plans.

Think of a basic party theme

A theme can set the tone of the entire party decor, for example, if you choose a vintage theme. Then the whole party whether it is decorated or music and guests should be dressed to the theme. If it is a vintage theme then it is best to use a record player to play music rather than speakers. This can be better immersed in the party.

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Of course,you can not choose these complex themes, the easiest way is to choose the theme according to the season. For example, if it is autumn, the overall color can be based on the use of brown or yellow. Together with the decoration of maple leaves, maple leaves and autumn are always the most matching pair.If it is spring and summer then bright colors should be used and they will catch the eye. Make the ambiance stand out and always add excitement to any celebration by appearing bolder and more outstanding. But also be careful not to use too many colors for decoration. Too much color is not only bad with will also look too cluttered and tacky.

Textiles, satin and light 

When it comes to the simplest decorations, you should first consider a variety of fabrics. It can simply be laid flat, hung or tied in a tent or on a table. It will be able to immediately make your tent look different.

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Depending on the theme use different colors of textiles to hang on the tent frame or wrap around the railing, or lay flat on the table. Different sizes of fabric will also have different uses, depending on your idea.You can also use some colorful sun shade sails outside of the confines of your tent. They are not only able to block the sun, but also can be used as  decorative objects. Likewise, lighting is a very critical decoration. At night the light can not only serve as lighting, but also  enhance the atmosphere. String lights can help add some light without being too harsh or taking away the beauty of nature.

Greenery and flowers

Do not ignore the presence of plants as well as flowers I know there are many outdoor plants but they are generally not meticulously tended. It will look a bit messy, while a well-matched and tended bouquet will make the whole party go up a notch. And these bouquets can be bought at the right price as long as they are available in supermarkets or farmers markets.

Consider whether to install flooring

dance floor

If you have the budget to do so, installing flooring is an excellent idea, as it keeps the mud, gravel and mess off the ground when it rains. If you or your guests will be wearing gorgeous long dresses and high heels, installing flooring is your best bet. It can also be a solid dance floor, which will allow all your guests to dance with confidence. Of course if you're just hosting a small party, the grass will be more relaxing and comfortable, and there's no need to spend your budget on it.

Please remember to install the sidewall

Compared to the floor, the sidewalls are a must. In the summer, sidewalls can help you resist the sun's rays from the heat and the mosquitoes. In the rainy season, they can also help you protect your furniture and guests from rain, as well as from cold winds. Sidewalls will minimize the exposure of your guests to a harsh environment. Tent with Sides also give you more space for decoration, for example, you can put posters on them or hang ribbons on them to make the most of them.

20' x 14.5' Octagonal Party Tent-White


If you are hosting a small to medium-sized party, the 20' x 14.5' Octagonal Party Tent will suffice. It can accommodate about 40 people, the shape is uniquely octagonal, in the appearance will be more special than the ordinary shape of the party tent. With eight detachable sidewalls and six transparent windows to allow you to enjoy the view of the outdoors. The material of the sidewalls is made of UV protection and waterproof coated cover. Can block 90% of UV rays, even in the height of summer can make you feel cool and comfortable. It can also be your shelter when it rains.

Clear entrance

A clear entrance will make the whole tent look more simple and atmospheric, for tents with sidewalls can generally be rolled up as an entrance. Some simple decorations at the entrance can brighten up the atmosphere of the tent, such as balloon arches or welcome panels are great decorations. Or use the leftover decorative materials in the tent can also make a great effect, some leftover flowers placed in the doorway as a sign will also look very cute.

Choose a comfortable seat

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You can put plush chairs, cushions or put them together to create a sense of home. If it is too hard plastic or wooden chairs will make it difficult for guests to sit for a long time.Soft chairs will not only make people feel comfortable but also appreciate the care you take. They will also be able to relax and enjoy the food you have prepared.

Investing in a tent is a wise choice

You might think that renting a tent would be a more cost-effective option, but buying a tent would be a wise investment if you want to decorate it as you see fit. Usually,there are many rules to follow when renting a tent, and if you damage the tent in the process of decorating or installing it, you will need to pay for it. It will ruin the good mood and also cause a loss of budget. Rental tents also need to trouble the logistics process, once in the process of transport encountered any trouble may disrupt all plans.

The tent you buy does not need to worry about this, and can be decorated according to your preferences. A high-quality tent can also be used many times, even after the party is completed can be used as a carport or temporary storage to use, completely worth the money.If you want to invest in a party tent, you can find high-quality party tents of various sizes for different purposes at Quictent.

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