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Our One Day One State series has finally returned! I hope I didn't keep you guys waiting too long. The destination we are about to take you to this time in Utah, which is located in the west. This place has never been the best choice for travelers' minds. New York, Los Angeles, and Washington are always popular options. But you might not think about the fact that Utah has five national parks and seven national monuments. Two national heritage areas, one historic site, and 43 state parks. It's perfect for nature lovers to explore. With 28 beautiful scenic byways and endless landscapes, Utah is the premier road trip state in the United States. Get together with your RV and bring your outdoor gear. Come explore the natural beauty of Utah.

Dead Horse Point Park

Enjoy Utah's Natural Landscape

Utah's natural beauty has magnificent scenery and grandeur. This is something that cannot be felt by looking at photos, each park has its characteristics. And some parks are very close to each other but present a completely different look, which is very amazing. We have selected the most representative ones among several parks, which are worth exploring.

Arches National Park

Perhaps you've noticed that Utah's license plates all have a signature design on them. This pattern is the breathtaking Arch in Arches National Park. When you visit this park, Exquisite Arch is a must-see. Besides the Double Arch, the North and South Window areas, the Devil's Garden and other attractions are all unique and well worth visiting.

Arches National Park


For the best touring experience, please drive slowly and follow the parking rules. At the beginning of the Scenic Byway, the La Salle Range viewpoint gives a stark contrast between the exotic arch and the distant peaks. You can spend half a day in this park and then head to nearby Dead Horse Point State Park. Where you can see the red and white sandstone streaks cut deep into the Colorado River, creating a familiar but unique "Gooseneck Bay".

Canyonlands National Park

This is the largest national park in Utah. With a spectacular view of the canyon, there are relatively fewer tourists. Here, you can feel the magic and magnificence of nature. There are the most frequently photographed iconic western landscapes. It concentrates a wide variety of landforms such as canyons, arches, rocky peaks, and ruins.

Canyonlands National Park


The Colorado River and Green River divide Canyonlands into the Sky Island, the Needle Point Area, and the Maze Area. Each area has its unique style. Of the three areas, the most accessible is the Sky Island area. The Needles District is named for its abundant red rock spires and sandstone fins. The Maze District, on the other hand, can only be reached by 4WD vehicle.

About the nearby accommodation. I would recommend Moab town, which is close to all three of these areas. Immediately to the northeast of the town is Arches National Park, and to the southwest are Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point Park.

Zion National Park

As we said before when we recommended campgrounds. Zion National Park is Utah's first national park and contains nearly two hundred campgrounds. Unlike other parks that only have canyon views, the water experience is only available in Zion National Park, making it unique.

Zion National Park


For a relaxing tour, you can choose to explore the Palouse, Grotto, and the Watchman Trail. Many travelers choose to camp here to better experience the park's scenery. If you want to do the same, but don't know what equipment you need. The screen house is perfect for summer camping, sun protection, and mosquito protection. A canopy tent is a great camping partner.

Fun Activities in Utah

Utah has more than just extraordinary natural beauty. There are also fun activities to participate in here. Make your trip more enriching and interesting. Utah is an adventure playground like no other.

Skiing in Park City

Park City's Resort Village is one of the largest vacation experiences in the United States. And the luxurious Deer Valley Resort stretches to the neighboring Herb Valley. There's only one commercial street in the small town, lined with gorgeous restaurants, stores, and theaters.

Park City


The best part is that you can ski straight up from the mountain and take the lift back down. There are two ski resorts in Park City, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain, which have rolling snowy hills inside. The highest ski trail is on a steep peak of more than 3,000 meters, which is very exciting. There is also Olympic Park inside, and the facilities are still running as usual. A museum is also available at the bottom of the mountain, which is very attractive.

If you are traveling to Utah in an RV during the winter, an RV cover will be your best option for keeping warm during the cold winter months.

Visit the Museum

When you come to a new city, learning about its history and culture is part of the journey. The Utah Museum of Natural History is located in Salt Lake City. There are up to 1.5 million artifacts, including fossils and dinosaur bones, and Native American artifacts. It quickly gives you a snapshot of ancient times from modern society. This activity is also perfect for family trips. If you have children with you, the antiquities and history are also well worth learning about.

Utah Museum of Natural History

Experience the off-road tour

Want a more exciting activity? Utah's landscape is perfect for an off-road driving experience. If you don't want to rent a car. You can choose to have an off-road adventure in Moab. This trip can go through difficult terrain with the help of a guide. On this trip, you'll travel down steep slopes. Then stop at Lion's Back to see the fossilized dinosaur tracks. Along the way, you can see Echo Canyon, La Sal Mountains, Abyss Canyon, and the Colorado River. If you have plenty of time, this is worth trying.

off road trip


Utah is rich in landscapes. From desert plateau ecology to alpine meadows, from snow-capped peaks to wetlands where birds gather. Traversing various terrain, you'll find national parks and monuments, state parks, and a wealth of unique cultural and historical activities. A range of outdoor activities is also waiting to be discovered. Visitors are welcome here all year round!

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