For golfers and sailing enthusiasts, regular attendance at major tournaments and networking events will give you a lot of excitement. At these exciting events, you will be competing with other competitors and sharing experiences. Even if you don't finish in the top spot, you can still gain a lot of valuable information. Information is valuable for everyone who wants to get better, and in July, the American Century Championship is coming!

About the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship

The American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament is the most famous in the country, where you'll see many of the stars who love golf. Every year many celebrities participate in the tournament, including Justin Timberlake and Tony Romo, among others. These celebrities and many other golf enthusiasts compete for up to $600,000 in prize money in the tournament. During this event, you can watch the tournament on NBC.



Edgewood Tahoe - This golf course, known as one of the most scenic in the world, will host all of the tournaments for this event. This beautiful and luxurious course has also been named one of the "Top Golf Courses" in America. It's safe to say that playing here is a top-notch pleasure.

Every player who comes to play and participate at Edgewood Tahoe will experience the perfect playing conditions and a resort-like experience.

Here, there is not only golf but also abundant activities, quality grass, beautiful lake, and dense forest. Pretty cool!

Complete pre-tournament preparation

Frequent training

How do you keep yourself in the best shape for the tournament? The best tournament form is a championship-like mindset. If you believe you can win, or even be a champion, then you are likely to be the one on the top podium. To achieve this, you need to train consistently and scientifically before the race. Maybe you need a professional coach to help you, no matter what, a professional can always give you the most valuable help

The perfect venue

If the weather is nice, you can do your daily training on an outdoor golf course. A golf driving range is the best place to train, and the setup here is almost identical to that of a professional golf tournament course. However, when the weather is not good or you need to train indoors, a golf tournament simulator is one of your best options, where you can simulate the scenario during the tournament with this professional equipment.


Where to set up your golf simulator? You can set them up in your garage or a portable carport. in short, you need a space big enough for your daily indoor training.

Maintain your equipment

The internet is full of advice on how to show your best technique while playing golf and maintain a nice swing while getting your best score. Yes, many cool golfers care a lot about how they look. You may also be more concerned with improving your technique and maintaining your outward appearance in your regular training.

It's important to remember that some details can also affect your mindset and technical play, such as your equipment. Do your clubs work well? Do your shoes fit well? Does the collar of your uniform make you uncomfortable? These little questions often come to mind when you're training and you can't ignore them. Comfort is the basis for ensuring that you play properly or even excel in the game.


You need to buy some essential equipment and maintain it from time to time. When they become obsolete, you need to replace them promptly. Do not ignore any point that normally makes you uncomfortable, they may attack you when you are not paying attention.

To reduce your costs, use your equipment scientifically in the training process. Check your equipment regularly and maintain it to minimize the number of times you have to change it. You can set up a special storage room in your backyard to store your golf equipment, such as a practical and lightweight outdoor storage room.

Quictent provides you with waterproof and UV-protected outdoor storage with sturdy frames in multiple sizes.

Frequently update information

A good golfer must be a competent information collector. In addition to training, you need to visit major websites frequently to get valuable information before the tournament. If you need to train outdoors, you need to frequently look up the addresses of nearby golf courses. If you want to find a coach, you will search for experienced coaches online and communicate with them. If you want to buy some equipment, besides going to the store to consult and buy, you can also collect some online quality golf supply stores. Compare the products and event information of these stores often, you can buy the best products for you. Moreover, you will also get the best quality discounts.

Some golf forums display information such as shops, golf courses, training advice, etc.

This kind of valuable information is usually provided by experienced golf enthusiasts, and you can try to contact them.

More Entertainment at Lake Tahoe

Besides coming to Lake Tahoe for the most famous golf tournaments, you can also have more summer fun in this beautiful place.

Sailing sport

Lake Tahoe is also one of the favorite places for sailing enthusiasts, and many of them come here every summer to enjoy the excitement and fun of sailing. The lake here is great and Lake Tahoe is surrounded by beautiful scenery and wide-open views. It is a great place to enjoy sailing!


Lake Tahoe in the summer is a great place for a family vacation. The water of the lake here is clear and cool, giving you a fresh and cool happy feeling in summer.


If air conditioning can't give you the natural cool feeling, Lake Tahoe's lake will give you the most satisfying answer! Imagine swimming in the lake and admiring the surrounding woods and blue sky, fantastic!

Sports parties

Every summer during the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, many visitors and athletes come to Lake Tahoe for lots of sports parties. At Lake Tahoe, you'll meet excited people here, participating in an exciting summer sports party. There's spirited music, fun activities, great food, and the best beer of the summer!

Beach bathing

There are soft sandy beaches in some parts of Lake Tahoe scenic area, which are very popular among visitors in summer. If you are planning an enjoyable summer nature trip, Lake Tahoe's beaches are a must-see stop on your trip.


When you come here, remember to set up your beach chair and a pop up canopy on the beach. It will be such a cool trip.

In Conclusion

The heat of summer cannot take away your passion for sports. Get involved in the coolest golf event in the country and you'll have an unforgettable tournament experience, and meet interesting people. You'll never be bored here because Lake Tahoe will give your summer a special touch! Come on, more fun for you to explore!


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