Many expectant mothers become cautious after pregnancy. But actually, some proper exercises are beneficial for pregnant women. What exercises are suitable after pregnancy? Some pregnant women are afraid to participate in labor and exercise because they are worried that their activities will hurt the fetus. On the contrary, proper exercise can make the muscles of the whole body move, promote blood circulation, and increase the exchange of the mother's blood and the fetus' blood. It can improve appetite and make the fetus get more nutrition.

It also strengthens the abdominal, low back, and pelvic floor muscles. It is beneficial to improve pelvic congestion and relax the muscles during labor, reducing the resistance of the birth canal and smooth delivery.  Exercise not only burns calories but also reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. Although the mother's exercise is beneficial to fetal education, the exercise she does should be different depending on the stage of pregnancy. So what activities are there for different periods of pregnancy? You can find the answer in the following section of this article.

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This is one of the safest and most suitable exercises for pregnant women. And this exercise is suitable for the whole pregnancy period of women, walking not only can exercise the body, but also can relax the mood. At the same time, it will not strain your joints and muscles, and the speed of walking can be controlled. Going outdoors to enjoy the view and fresh air can also prevent prenatal depression. However, please be careful not to travel to high-altitude areas. This can make it difficult for you to breathe and create some danger.

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Outdoor Yoga

Doing outdoor yoga is for those who have been doing yoga consistently before they get pregnant. Then after pregnancy, of course, you can continue to do yoga, but avoid those difficult poses! Just do some simple movements that are suitable for pregnant women. But if you haven't done yoga before, then there is no need to learn yoga specifically after pregnancy because your body is not even stretched out. If you learn stretches and such during pregnancy in a hurry, it is easy to have a miscarriage. And the location can just choose the backyard, more convenient.

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But pay attention to the temperature, hot weather is not considered friendly for pregnant women. The body temperature is slightly higher during pregnancy, so you will start sweating earlier than before pregnancy. If you want to do yoga in the backyard, the best way is still to use a 10x10 canopy as a shaded space. This will allow you to stay cool and still have enough space to exercise. If you want more privacy, a pop-up canopy with sides is also a good helper.


Swimming is also a more suitable way for pregnant women. As a special type of aerobic exercise, water exercise can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women. If you normally walk, you may feel very exhausted. But in the water, it will feel comfortable. The buoyancy of water can help pregnant women support the extra 10 to 13 kg of weight than before pregnancy. The resistance of the water can reduce the chance of injury to gradually loosening joints, and the good conductivity of water over air allows pregnant women not to worry about excessive body temperature rise. They will use many muscles of the body and strengthen the body. Also, the water can support your weight, so you can avoid injuries and muscle strains.

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Gardening Activities

In the later stages of pregnancy, when it is no longer suitable for exercise, you can do some gardening activities. Not only can improve your living environment. It can also soothe nervous fatigue and relieve stress. But you can't keep some flowers such as zinnias, oleanders, lilies and so on. Because some flowers can stimulate the nerves of pregnant women, causing headaches, nausea, and vomiting, and affecting their appetite.

Of course, prolonged squatting and bending the body are not suitable for pregnant women. So a raised garden bed will be more suitable for pregnant women to do gardening. It also keeps the plants organized and away from pests or animal nibbles.

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Important Tips

If you are not sure if you are physically fit to exercise during pregnancy, ask your OB/GYN for professional advice. When participating in sports, make sure to choose a place with fresh air and suitable circulation, and exercise gradually. Also, care should be taken during exercise. You need to drink plenty of water. To prevent dehydration. Do a good warm-up before exercising and a good pull-up afterward. In late pregnancy, an abdominal support belt can be used to help reduce discomfort when walking or otherwise exercising. During mid- and late pregnancy, avoid exercises that need the back to lie flat.

Overall, if one's body can exercise during pregnancy, it is very beneficial to stick to it. Ensure the right amount of time and intensity and you will have a healthier pregnancy.

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