When seeing the beautiful garden that Edward created for Pago in the movie Edward Scissorhands, we often dream of having such a beautiful garden ourselves. Although we can't have a fantasy garden like the one in the movie, we can take good care of our own backyard. What does your backyard look like? Do you take care of it regularly? If your backyard is just a yard for clutter, would you want to transform it into the secret garden you have in mind? 

Why remodel your backyard?

Collaborating with your family to dress up your home is a wonderful and desirable thing to do. A beautiful garden can add a lot of joy to life. A good living environment can bring family members closer to each other.

Elements that make up a garden

Usually a garden is made up of many elements. You can plan a grassy area for a party, afternoon tea or badminton. It is also a good idea to build a path made of stones. You can put a mini-greenhouse in your garden, so that in winter you can put your plants in the greenhouse to protect them from freezing temperatures.

secret garden

To make efficient use of the land, you can put the garden bed or greenhouse in your garden. The raised garden bed and mini greenhouse are currently the most popular styles. It is also great to fix a small fountain in the garden, and a fountain can make the whole garden look more alive. If you have children at home, you can buy a swing for them as an upcoming Christmas gift. A garden can be made up of many elements, but the most important thing is your preference.

How to design your garden

There may be a lot of ideas in your head before you design your garden, but many times you can't just design from your imagination, you need to refer to the actual size of your backyard and its shape. It is best to sketch out a layout garden design, including how tall and large the plants you want to grow will eventually be, plants that are too tall are not easy to prune and may also attract complaints from neighbors, and you also need to build a pathway to your front door.

After drawing the garden design, you will have to design the details of the garden. For example, how many areas you want to design your garden into, what plants you want to plant, and what stones you want to use for the pathway.

It can be appropriate to add a focal point to your small garden, such as a sculpture or a small fountain or a pond, you can place it anywhere you want in your garden, which will make your garden look more beautiful and vibrant. In the summer you can build a patio umbrella in the garden is also very good.

You can place some plants in curves and others in garden beds, which will make your garden look neat and clean.

garden life

It is recommended that you plant some vegetables and fruits in raised garden beds. This will make the different looking and colored plants look jagged and orderly, taking the overall look of your small garden design to a higher level. With winter just around the corner, you can also opt for a garden bed with a greenhouse. Such garden beds are more suitable for fall and winter, keeping plants warm during the cold winter and early spring. And you have the flexibility to use this multipurpose garden bed.

Traditional greenhouses are larger and are usually easy to see in farms or botanical gardens. What is more popular now is the mini greenhouse, which does not take up much space can be flexibly placed in the yard. You can choose a suitable mini-greenhouse and let it protect your flowers and plants during the cold winter months.

Why are garden beds and mini greenhouses so popular?

1. People use garden beds to make their gardens look neater and more beautiful. If you are hands-on and imaginative, a simple garden bed will become a highlight of your garden.

2. Raised garden beds are very user-friendly, both practical value and make the garden look layered. Raised garden beds are very convenient for the elderly and people who have difficulty bending down, and can relieve the pressure and tension on legs, and shoulders.

greenhouse tent

And you can place it on a patio, porch, deck, or garden depending on your design.

3. The mini greenhouse helps plants stay warm in any temperature, gives them good growing conditions, and takes up a small area for easy placement. People usually put a mini greenhouse on the grass, the green appearance of the greenhouse and the grass match perfectly and add life to the garden.

4. Garden beds and greenhouses are easy to build, and parents can build them with their children, which is a meaningful family activity. Children can learn a lot about nature from their usual observation of plants.

Three best garden beds and greenhouse

35''x24''x35'' 8 Grids Raised Garden Bed

All-natural, high-quality materials. This portable raised garden bed is made of unpainted and non-toxic natural cedar wood. This solid wood can withstand harsh weather, and it is stable in high temperatures where it will not warp, shrink or expand. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of up to 440 pounds ensures that plants will not fall off.

Multiple use functions. This is a two-tiered raised garden bed that you can use to grow and store plants and watering cans and other utensils.

35''x24''x35'' 8 Grids Raised Garden Bed

You can grow your favorite flowers, fruits, and herbs in the eight upper compartments. The wide shelf below can store some plants with pots and some miscellaneous items.

Thoughtful design. The height of this garden bed is more than 30 inches, this height is very friendly to the elderly or difficult to bend people, reduce the pressure on the body joints. You don't need to bend down to water and trim plants.

49''x37''x36'' Galvanized Garden Bed with Cover-Green

Flexible use. This is a dual-purpose raised bed which is divided into two parts, the garden bed and the greenhouse for winter and summer. The combined use of the garden bed and greenhouse allows plants to remain warm and grow well during the cold winter months. You can also use the two parts separately.

Sturdy material and environmentally friendly paint. The entire raised bed is made of high quality galvanized steel. 0.5mm thickness galvanized sides, 1.0mm galvanized sheet corners, 11.8" height.

Galvanized Garden Bed with Cover-Green

Perfect size with extra thick steel, you can use it for at least 5 years. Environmentally friendly galvanized paint prevents rusting.

Two large zipper windows. There is a large zipper window on each side of the garden bed for ventilation. In spring and summer you can open the zipper windows to let the sunlight in and help the plants grow.

Clear reinforced PE cover. 100% waterproof clear cover allows 85% of the sunlight to pass through, preventing UV rays and protecting your plants and keeping them warm in winter.

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse

A super practical greenhouse, very worthy of purchasing! This is a large greenhouse with aisles, available in two colors: green and white. It has many noteworthy features.

You don't need to worry about the infiltration of snow and water into the greenhouse because the entire greenhouse is a perfect arc structure, snow and water can slide from the top to the ground.

Two independent zipper doors on each side protect your plants from being eaten by animals and ensure ventilation in the hot summer.

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse

A PE-covered door ensures that the temperature in the shed is suitable.

10 exhaust ports are used for cross ventilation. Eight are on the upper side of the greenhouse, and two are on the door.

Unique double-sided Velcro. The windows of the greenhouse are equipped with double-sided Velcro to keep the greenhouse warm in winter. Ten windows are equipped with gauze to prevent animals from entering.

The fully waterproof heavy-duty PE cover allows 85% of the sunlight to enter the greenhouse while preventing ultraviolet rays from damaging the plants.

This is also an easy-to-install greenhouse. Many users like it and praise it for its good quality. It can keep in good condition even in terrible winds, rain, and snow.

Decorate your garden, beautify your life

Remodeling your backyard is not only about adding some garden beds, building a fountain, or planting some plants, but most importantly, the overall style. The point of decorating a garden is to create a harmonious living environment for family members, to show a beautiful card to the outside world, and to cultivate a positive and optimistic mindset. It is not only a process of transforming the backyard, but also a good opportunity to promote communication among family members.

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