Summer is coming, do you want to become more fit before then? No matter what your goal is, exercise can always make you better. Both physically and mentally, reducing body fat along with mental stress. If you're a beginner in workouts and aren't used to coming to the gym. And gyms will begin to limit the number of people in the facility and occasionally close due to the epidemic. Also there may also be certain influences at the gym that make it difficult for you to give full attention to your workout. And at times like this, a backyard workout at home can be a better option. Maybe you're a little confused about how to start working out in the backyard, don't worry we're here to help you start this new chapter.

backyard workingout

The benefits of working out in the backyard

More affordable. The cost of working out at home is much lower than the cost of a gym membership. Save more time on exercise, no matter what time of day you just need to come to your backyard and be able to start workout time. You don't have to deal with traffic, find a parking lot, get into a crowded locker room or wait to use the machines.

Quictent pop up canopy with sides


With fresh air and privacy. One of the best things about working out outdoors is the fresh air. An open environment can give you a significant boost in mood and improve health. If you want a more private space, you can use a pop-up canopy with sides. the windows on the side walls also ensure air circulation, UV protection, and water resistance, it is a pop-up canopy that can be used all year round. In addition to being a private gym, it can also be your lounge.

Spacious space. There is enough space outdoors for you to use, whether running or aerobics without disturbing others or having contact with them. This way you will be more focused on accomplishing your exercise goals and achieving better results.

Tips for working out in the backyard

Take baby steps. Let your body have a gradual adaptation process. You don't need to set your goals too high in the beginning, it's not a good way to exert your strength to the extreme. Your muscles will produce a lot of lactic acids, causing your body to be sore the next day. And too much running or jumping will strain your knees, which is very unsafe. Estimate your physical condition and set an exercise program that fits your body. When you start to feel easy about your current workout routine, it's time to step up your plan for the next level.

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Basic workout process.First, warm-up. It is very important to warm up before doing any exercise. You can choose a brisk walk or some simple stretching to wake up your muscles. Get your heart rate up so that it is good for the next movement. Second, work on your cardio. You can choose to run or jump rope, which can improve endurance. Base your goal on the pace and don't let yourself get out of breath. Third, add weights or aerobic exercise. This part of the choice is very wide, some people will choose HIIT or core exercise. Barbells can be used to build arm strength or squats to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. For core strength, you can be on a yoga mat do sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises can be completed.

Finally, always remember to stretch at the end of your exercise routine. Stretching will relax your muscles to avoid them becoming stiff, your body will be more flexible and help prevent injuries. Runners can also enhance muscle strength and endurance. Also stretching will eliminate the lactic acid that builds up in your body so that your muscles are not too sore the next day.

Exercise Stretching


Use all the tools around you. In the backyard exercise equipment is certainly less than the gym, but everything around you can become workout equipment. For example, a water bottle filled with water can be a good substitute for dumbbells as a tool for exercising your arms. Sitting on a chair, stretching the legs can also be a good exercise core strength. Take a towel, spread your arms above your head, and relax your shoulders with a few sets of movements. Stairs are also ideal for aerobic exercise, brisk walking, or jumping up the stairs to promote your endurance. If you have a lot of workout tools, you may also want to consider outdoor storage that can organize your belongings.

outdoor working out



Workout is not difficult, the hard part is how to stick to it. You can set up reminders on the phone to keep yourself in the habit of exercising. Exercising in your backyard is not affected by anything else, and you will see a noticeable change in your body if stick with it, but it's also a great way to take care of your mental health. You can even build a backyard gym.Invest the time and trust the process, and you'll be on the way to a healthier life.

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