The weather is getting warmer, so if you want to get fit, now is the best time to start. There is a more convenient and affordable way to get fit than going to the gym, which is to exercise in your backyard. But today we're going to cover not just how to exercise in your backyard, but how to build an outdoor gym. Not only is building an outdoor gym a fun activity, but you'll save a lot of time and money when you're done.

Think about the monthly dues you spend at the gym and the time you spend waiting for equipment. All of these problems will be solved with an outdoor gym build. If you have some space in your backyard and are without a clue about how to build a backyard gym. Then here are some suggestions and ideas to build an outdoor gym you can refer to.

outdoor gym

(Outdoor gym)


Before you start shopping for equipment, there are a few questions you need to think about. What is your budget? How big is the space that can be planned as an outdoor gym? What kind of exercise do you prefer? What parts of the body need more training?

First of all, some of the gym equipment is not cheap and you need to determine a good budget. If you are a frequent mover, you can choose cheaper and more portable equipment.

Second, determine the size of the outdoor gym you need. Choose a location in your backyard where the ground is level and away from all hazards, such as pools, power lines, and potentially dangerous furniture. Also, measure the dimensions before deciding what size equipment to buy.

Backyard workout

(Exercise in the backyard) 

Outdoor gym equipment

Cardio equipment

Jogging, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, and stair climbing are all aerobic exercises. The equipment used to achieve this effect is cardio equipment, like treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment that requires electricity. We do not recommend the use of outdoor, because the outdoor environment is more wear and tear on this machine and is not convenient.

Stationary bikes are a great outdoor cardio equipment option. There are also more compact step treadmills, more affordable, and suitable for people on a budget, or lack of space.

Stationary bikes

(Stationary bikes) 

Strength training equipment

The basic exercises of weightlifting, squats, and pull-ups are generally referred to as strength training. The power rack is commonly used for strength training, which is a steel frame that usually accommodates Olympic lifts and barbells. It can facilitate exercises such as weightlifting and pull-ups.

If you have enough budget, you can also choose multifunctional training equipment, which can train muscle groups from arms to legs. However, it should be noted that these two devices need to be fixed to the ground to ensure their safety of use.

power rack

(Power rack) 


In addition to the above large exercise equipment, there are several accessories to choose from. Dumbbells can effectively exercise the arms and hips. Choose the appropriate weight according to your level of training. Balance trainer, when you stand on it not only exercise your balance can also make the core stronger.

Of course, jump rope, yoga mat, and yoga ball are good outdoor training accessories. If needed, you can also install a foam patchwork carpet on the ground, used to increase friction and exercise more safely. 

Adding shade or shelter

If you want to add privacy and shade to your outdoor gym, then a temporary shelter can do just that. If shade is all that is needed, a shade sail can provide adequate shade. A shade sail is inexpensive and easy to install with a fixed post around it.

If you need privacy, you can choose a canopy tent. easy to install and can be removed at any time. Especially pop up canopy with sides can provide excellent privacy and ventilation. It is the first choice for many outdoor activities.

And if you need a larger size outdoor gym, the potable carport can also meet the requirements. It can also be used as a storage room when you don't need it.

outdoor canopy tent gym

(Quictent outdoor canopy tent) 

Security requirements

When you create a backyard gym, these are the safety requirements you need to follow.

1. Before you start any workout, make sure you warm up adequately to prevent injuries. You also need to stretch after your workout to avoid muscle stiffness.

2. Use the exercise equipment properly and check the instructions and usage videos carefully before using it.

3. Always wear appropriate fitness wear, such as comfortable and well-fitting clothes and sneakers.

4. Prepare a first aid kit, which should include items such as band-aids, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution, painkillers, etc.

5. Keep children and pets away from the fitness area.

Maintenance requirements

When using a canopy tent or other temporary shelters, you can effectively avoid rusting of sports equipment by rain. If there is no temporary shelter, you can also use a tarp to cover the equipment when it rains. Or use spray sealant to cover the surface of the equipment to avoid rusting.

Regularly check each piece of equipment for damage, wear, and tear, or lose parts. Ensure the safety of the equipment when in use. And of course, clean the equipment and outdoor fitness area to prevent dust and dirt buildup. Lubricate parts after you feel the equipment is not as smooth as it used to be.

Outdoor weightlifting training

(Outdoor weightlifting training)


The fresh air and spaciousness of the outdoor area both make it the best place to exercise. It allows you to enjoy nature and stay healthy at the same time. Create the most suitable outdoor gym according to your exercise needs.

With your outdoor gym, you can also spend enjoyable exercise time with your family, making exercise a new family activity. What are you waiting for? Start planning your outdoor gym!

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