At the end of March you'll be celebrating a special holiday, National Something On a Stick Day, a creative and fun holiday that food lovers won't want to miss. To make your holiday even happier, celebrate such a delightful holiday with your friends and family and unleash your creativity and appetite.


There are three super cool activities to inspire your special holiday celebrations, enjoy easy finger foods eaten with a stick, these lovely foods bring you joy, passion, and a desire for spring!

In Your Backyard - Happy Stick Food Party

Enjoying food while swaying the music and interacting with friends, and posting party videos on social media platforms is something that will make you feel relaxed and happy. It's time to get ready for this creative moment!

The first thing we usually think of is to prepare a lot of food sticks, vegetables, fruits, meats, and desserts. If you want to go to the farmer's market to buy vegetables and fruits, this is certainly feasible and a solution that many people can think of right away.



But this time if you have a portable greenhouse tent in your backyard that you have been using for a long time, then you will reduce some unnecessary processes. You can pick some of everyone's favorite vegetables and fruits in this cozy greenhouse tent. Unlike the food you buy from the farmer's market, these are the foods that you watch go from seed to table. And, it's a really rewarding experience to participate in picking plants with your family and friends!

After picking the plants, you can cut the fruits and vegetables into pieces and skewer them on small sticks. Of course, you have other preparations to do, such as buying drinks, cleaning the grill, preparing a party tent in advance, if you can not immediately buy a party shelter does not matter, a temporary portable carport can help you.



You can use this portable carport as a temporary party tent, on the day of the party, move your pre-prepared grill and food into this shelter, and set up some tables and chairs inside, and some decorations are essential, it makes this party place look more attractive!

Go to the Park - BBQ Spring Picnic

If you can't resist the beautiful flowers, the green trees, and the fresh lake in the park in spring, then you must come to the park on a sunny afternoon with your loved ones for an unforgettable Stick picnic.

A picnic will require adequate preparation before departure. Before you go to the park, prepare plenty of ingredients, drinks, picnic supplies, and other items you might need. Because you don't necessarily find these things in parks, even those that advertise paid picnic equipment.


So bring all the food you can think of, enough little sticks and desserts (like waffles, hot dogs with cheese, lollipops, cheese chunks, etc.). You can skewer these little desserts on sticks, even if you've never done it before, and having fun is paramount! 

Try to pick a lake as your best picnic spot, and choose a flat spot. You will want to be able to enjoy the spring sunshine to the fullest, so a small bed tent can make your gathering more enjoyable and relaxing. With this mini-shelter, you can rest inside in the late afternoon, and if you choose a waterproof bed tent with an awning, the rain or the hot sun will not bother you.

The joy of free travel - an RV camping dinner

If you and your family are planning a long-distance spring trip and you want to spend an unforgettable day together during the trip, then an RV trip can make this little wish come true. Life in an RV is similar to life at home. In an RV, you can still see the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other settings, and RV travel is also more flexible than traditional travel. Before the trip, you will need to have plenty of food in the fridger, and keep your prepared sticks in a dry place.


To keep your RV in good condition continuously during the trip, don't forget to check the condition of the RV before you leave and do the necessary maintenance work. After you have done these tasks, it is very necessary to protect the mobile home with an RV cover. Travel trailer covers can keep dust, UV rays, rain, and animals out of the RV.

National Something On a Stick Day in 2022 is March 28th, and if the weather is bad and you, unfortunately, have a rainy or cloudy day, it's best to have this fun dinner in your motorhome. But who wouldn't want such an engaging dinner outdoors? So you'd better prepare some foldable portable tables, chairs, and decorations so you can take them out at any time to set up a dinner party.

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