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The date of Labor Day 2023 is Monday, September 4, which means we have another long weekend off to enjoy. If you don't want to make temporary preparations for the holiday, then now is the time to plan for Labor Day. Since it is a federal holiday, all schools, government, and most businesses will be closed. And many vendors will be starting their Labor Day sales.

September marks the end of summer travel as the heat of summer fades away. Labor Day is not celebrated with as many events as Independence Day. But it is still a very precious opportunity to get together with family. So, rather than being stuck at home, come outside with your companions and enjoy the end of summer.

labor day

Enjoy Outdoor Time 

There are 423 national parks in the country, not to mention 6,600 state parks. Taking your family outdoors to a whole new environment could be a relaxing experience on a long weekend. Whether it's camping or picnicking in one of these iconic landscapes. You can also barbecue while camping and move your backyard barbecue party to a more spacious location. Bring a pop-up canopy to help protect you from UV rays and pesky mosquitoes so you can enjoy an even more wonderful trip to nature.

Besides, fishing trips are also one of the great outdoor activities. You can relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the park or the river at the same time. When going outdoors where there are many trees, you need to watch out for mosquitoes. So, screen tent will also be a good companion for you. Help you to keep away from mosquitoes and other bugs. It's also great for families with children to take in the magnificent views. Get away from annoying electronics and soothe your nerves and stress.

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Organize a Movie Night

Watching movies with family or close friends over popcorn is always a very popular activity. The weather in September is also not as hot as it was before, making it perfect for creating an outdoor theater in your backyard. It's like a picnic, with a blanket spread out on the grass. Put a few cushions to create a comfortable environment.

Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks, hang up the screen and start enjoying a peaceful movie night. Or another popular outdoor movie night option is Drive-In Movie, where you check out nearby drive-in movie theaters and buy tickets. After that, drive right into the venue and connect to the theater's Bluetooth to enjoy a private movie experience in your car. This is also a good date choice.

movie night

Long Weekend Travel 

September usually means cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and cheaper prices. So there's no better time to choose a trip for the Labor Day long weekend. For those of you who have no idea about destinations at all, here are some suggestions.

Santa Fe 

Santa Fe is located in New Mexico. Santa Fe's Zozobra the Fireman is 99 years old, a legendary 50-foot tall puppet that has been rebuilt. Inside the puppet will be stuffed with shredded paper, and inside will be tickets, photos, and notes. Anything that represents bad things will burn with this puppet and thus fade away. Let the melancholy and anger you feel during the year go with it.

This unique burning event will be held on September 2 at Fort Marcy Ball Park. Then there will be the Santa Fe Carnival from September 3 to 11, including a parade, art market, and concerts. This is a very interesting place to visit and a chance to experience a different culture and city.


Nevada City 

Originally built in 1849 as a mining camp, the core of the city's historic buildings have been well preserved. These include the Nevada Theatre, built in 1865, and one of the oldest commercial buildings in California. In addition to experiencing the stunning natural scenery, you can tour the Gold Rush-era estates and go down the mines. There are also different activities on Labor Day weekend. If you like movies, there is also the famous Nevada Film Festival to attend.

Nevada City

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city that always has a variety of activities. On Labor Day, there are a variety of exciting events, from music festivals to college football events. There is a three-day Labor Day Market in Hermosa Beach. Here you can enjoy music and food. Afterwards, you can head to the beach to play, swim, lie down and enjoy the sun, and finally take a nice tan! This market is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and entry is free.

John Williams


Or, you can attend a concert by the master of movies, John Williams.David Newman and Williams himself (who celebrates his 90th birthday this year) conduct both the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This will be a feast for the ears not to be missed. Ticket prices range from $15 to $214. 

The Labor Day long weekend will be the perfect time to unplug yourself.No matter how you choose to spend Labor Day, it will be a wonderful memory. Relax from the hustle and bustle of work and choose your favorite way to enjoy the holiday!

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