Summer is a time to experience fun! Don't waste the summer sun, fresh air, and nice afternoons. Teddy Bear Picnic Day is just around the corner in July, and there are many creative ideas to get you a fun teddy bear picnic or party!

Buy teddy bear toys

You can find cute teddy bear toys in many stores. This cute little bear is a great bedside companion for many children. There are many models of teddy bear toys in the stores, and some accessories for sale, such as teddy bear clothes. Give this bear as a summer gift to your child, it is a perfect and fun gift.

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You can also buy some teddy bear accessories for decorating your family teddy bear party to make this party scene more special. The most important decorations for a teddy bear party are the cute teddy bears!

Fun teddy bear clothes for kids

Wearing clothes with teddy bear prints will make your child feel like the coolest prince or princess at the party! Many of the featured summer t-shirts have teddy bear prints on them, and the cute miniature teddy bears make the clothes look more lively and fun.

Clean your RV

Your family's RV will be the site of a special teddy bear party! Hosting a party in your RV will be a special experience. If you have set the party date and notified your friends, you can start your RV organizing plan.

Before the party, you should clean the inside and outside of the RV and check the facilities in the RV. If you also want to host a teddy bear party in winter, how to keep the RV free from dust as well as rain is a matter of concern. RV covers can be the perfect solution to your concerns and protect your RV.

Decorate this RV with your kids and friends. For example, put various teddy bears in the living room, paste various teddy bear pictures in the interior of the RV, taste teddy bear themed food, and so on. 

Fun teddy bear picnic in the garden

A garden big enough to satisfy your teddy bear picnic dreams! Enjoying a fairy-tale teddy bear picnic in the garden with your friends is one of the best summer activities. An open lawn is an ideal place to host a picnic, remember to tidy up your lawn before the picnic.

To not to damage your lawn, go to the store ahead of time and buy waterproof picnic cloths, and other fun teddy bear decorations. One great picnic idea is that you can share food and teddy bear decorations.

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With the hot summer weather, it is essential to set up some sun protection in advance so that you and your friends can enjoy your picnic in a comfortable environment.

Pop up canopy, shade sail and patio umbrella are all great sun protection facilities that are very practical and can create a good environment for your picnic party.

If you are just a few people having a picnic, a patio umbrella can meet your sun protection needs.

If you invite a lot of people to this picnic, you need to set up a large pop up canopy or shade sail in advance.

Sing the teddy bear song together

Originally written in 1907 by American composer John W. Bratton, the two-part teddy bear song was written without lyrics, but it still gained public attention.

The version we know and love today is "Teddy Bear Picnic," written by Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy thirty years after the release of the two-part teddy bear song." Teddy Bear Picnic' has been covered by several famous singers since its release.

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The song "Teddy Bears Picnic" is a classic teddy bear song that fits perfectly with your picnic atmosphere. A happy picnic needs music, set up a few speakers at the picnic site and make your picnic more energetic!

Happy Teddy Bear Picnic in the Park

Come to the park in the countryside to enjoy your teddy bear afternoon tea time! A park is an ideal place for a picnic, with its beautiful scenery, lawns, lakes, plants, and all kinds of rides!

A park close to you and your friends is the perfect place to host your teddy bear picnic. Remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast and pick a day with sunshine.

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Picnic baskets and picnic cloths are perfect for park picnics, so you can put food on them and use them for photos. Many fashion bloggers like to document their picnic moments in the park on video.

To make your picnic in the park more comfortable, bring your tent! If the afternoon sun makes you feel tired, you can rest in this cozy tent. A bed tent is very portable and suitable for your afternoon nap.

Teddy Bear Series Food

Fun and tasty teddy bear treats that will catch everyone's eye at the picnic! Follow some of the featured teddy bear recipes and learn them to make you a gourmet at the teddy bear picnic.

Teddy Bear Rice Balls

Shape the teddy bear out of rice, then use the sesame seeds to make the teddy bear face. Arrange the teddy bear rice balls on a plate covered with sauce. The sauce can be ketchup, curry sauce, blueberry sauce, etc.

teddy bear food


Teddy bear sandwich

Prepare some bread slices and fruits such as blueberries. Use a bread cutter to cut out the shape you want from the bread as the "face" and "ears" of the teddy bear, and then garnish the blueberries on the bread as the "eyes" of the teddy bear. You can also prepare some mashed potatoes, avocado purees, cucumber slices, and olives. Garnish your "teddy bear" with these ingredients.

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

No one can resist cupcakes at a picnic! Adults and children alike love cupcakes, they look colorful and fun! Make teddy bear cupcakes with your friends, the whole process is so easy and fun that you can do it with ease.

Drizzle a layer of buttercream on top of the cake of colorful cupcakes, then place the teddy bear cookies on top and the teddy bear cookies are ready.


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