St. Patrick's Day Party

The St. Patrick's Day party is a lively festival filled with green. It includes an assortment of tall hats, shamrocks, and alcohol. While St. Patrick's is a traditional Irish holiday, originally, it was intended to celebrate the birth of a religious figure. It is now a holiday that is celebrated by millions of people and has become more commercialized. People spend the day dressing up and rushing into crowds or bars to celebrate the holiday together. This was before the global epidemic, however, crowds after the epidemic are not a good thing for protection. Especially in 2023, small spaces are no longer suitable for people to gather. So a small party in the backyard would be a better choice, and such a party would not be complete without a pop-up canopy, which can provide a relaxing space for your guests and also circumvent the effects of the weather. Before you want to throw a backyard festive party, we've put together a detailed party guide for you. So you can be fully prepared.

St. Patrick's Day


Complete holiday decorations

Party decorations are always the foundation for setting a good mood. Obviously on St. Patrick's Day, green is the theme color. Fortunately, pop-up canopy in a variety of color options, you can choose white to use as background decoration, or just choose green to match the theme. As for the size of a 10x20 pop up canopy can accommodate roughly 20 people including tables.

Quictent green canopy tent


In addition, green balloons, ribbons, or shamrock decorations can also enhance the atmosphere of the party. There is also the essential bowler hat for guests to wear, which can make great photos afterward. Because after you set up the whole canopy tent, it is not only a place to eat and rest but also a photo booth. Pop up tent can do much more than that, it can also become your game room at the back of the party. You can put the side walls down if you want more privacy.

Get ready for a festive dinner

Food and drinks are extra important at parties. On St. Patrick's Day, there is also the traditional menu where you can choose from the famous Irish pies and stews. On the side, you can put some soda bread as a side dish, which is the best part of Irish cuisine. As for the dessert part, mint cookies in the shape of a shamrock can be a symbol of good luck. Don't forget the drinks either, how can you go without a traditional Irish stout on St. Patrick's Day? Beyond that, you have plenty of options in the beverage category. Consider adding Irish whiskey drinks to your bar menus, such as sour whiskey, whiskey crumbles, or classic old-fashioned whiskey.

st-patrick's-day activities

St. Patrick's Day Party Games

No matter what your age, there are St. Patrick's Day-themed games for everyone to enjoy. The following games are for almost everyone and can keep them laughing and competing for hours.

Roll A Rainbow is a game where all you need are dice and enough rainbow game sheets. The rules of the game are that players must roll the dice as quickly as possible and mark the color associated with the number they rolled. Keep rolling until they have rolled all the colors. Whoever gets all the colors of the rainbow first is the winner. This game is very simple and is almost all about luck. An equally simple game is the St. Patrick's Day Bingo game. Not much different from other bingo games, you just need to print out St. Patrick's Day-themed game sheets. It will usually have a holiday-themed picture on it instead of numbers.

St. Patrick's Day Parade


Finally, you can watch the holiday parade. Many cities will make a return of St. Patrick's Day parades in 2023 and you can choose to take part or stay away from the crowds and host your parade with friends in festive costumes around the block or in your backyard. If you're not interested in these party games, you can also take your family for a picnic or walk in the park. March is a great time to get out in nature and enjoy the beauty of the green forest, which also allows you to take better social media photos. This nature activity is also suitable for all ages, making it the perfect family activity.


It is very thoughtful to be able to use your creativity to throw a party for friends and family on such traditional holidays. It's a great way to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere than in a bar full of strangers. And getting together with family or friends and enjoying such a cozy party is also a way to deepen the bond between each other. Not just for St. Patrick's parties, canopy tents can help you make a perfect party. I hope the above guide will help plan your holiday events and remember to always enjoy the party.

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