Trade shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity to present your company's products and network with other businesses. Whether you are a large company or an independent vendor, trade shows are a great platform for communication. It's also a great opportunity to meet new customers. When potential customers see your products offline, they will be more confident to purchase. Trade shows can also play a role in publicity, and every time you attend an exhibition there will be hundreds of people or more. As long as it leaves an impression on the people who attend so that they will think of your brand the next time they want to buy a similar product, it is a successful promotional campaign. If you are attending a trade show for the first time, here is a well-regulated ultimate list to help you be fully prepared.

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What you need to prepare for a trade show

Canopy tent. Generally speaking, trade shows are held indoors, but many exhibitors still choose to bring it with them. Because some venues do not have baffles for individual companies, a canopy tent can separate your display from the exhibitors next to you. It also gives a display space. If you want to be more personalized, you can put your logo on the canopy, which is more impressive. A tall pop-up canopy can stand out in the crowd and attract attention. As for the size, it depends on the location planned by the organizers, but a 10x10 pop-up canopy would be the most suitable size.

quictent trade show tent


Banners and posters. These two items are essential and they are the easiest way to showcase your brand or product. They are eye-catching, convey your message, and as the pop up canopy, are recyclable and can be used in multiple trade shows. If you have enough budget, you can also make your brand into a brochure for distribution, which will help visitors understand the product features in more detail.

Stationery. Besides paper and pencil, bring all kinds of supplies that you may need. Scissors, business cards, tape, sticky notes, garbage bags, etc. In a crowded trade show, these small items may be a lifesaver.

Snacks and water. The exhibitions is very busy and you will find little time to rest. Bring a simple snack to keep your energy up, and bottled water with a brand logo on it to hand out to people coming to your booth. This is also a way to promote your business.

trade show with canopy tent


Decoration. Bring a tablecloth and some portable decorations. A bare tabletop at a trade show doesn't look good.No fancy decorations are needed, such as some ribbons or small string lights, which will enhance your look and round out and complete the booth.

How to make your booth crowded

How to attract crowds at a competitive exhibition is also a crucial point. Want to get a long line in front of your booth? Here is a list of ways to make your booth stand out and create an effective promotional impact.

Social media promotion. No matter what the event is, social media will play an important role in it. Reports indicate that by 2021, 3.6 billion people worldwide will be using social media to promote their campaigns. People can get the latest news about your brand and if there is any event information social media will be your best channel of communication. Post information about your participation in the event on social media platforms before the trade show, and afterward you can print the brand's official account on the flyer. Live broadcast your booth and activities throughout the day during the exhibition to attract online crowds.

Social Media


Giveaways. No one can turn down a freebie. Customize some high-frequency use items with your logo on them, such as tote bags, mugs, or pens. Make sure the logo is in a prominent place, and also put brochures and business cards in the tote bag. This way your brand exposure can last a long time. Don't worry, none of these customized giveaways are too expensive. Even companies on a budget can use this promotional method.

Play the game. Giveaways only keep the crowd in your booth for a short period. Choosing to play games allows you to connect with potential customers for a longer time, and the sound of playing games is a way to attract more people. The content of the game can be related to the product, to attract potential customers in the process of the game, and also introduce the product in detail. You could connect the game with a lottery, and the prize could be a coupon or a gift card. Promote the possibility of people making a purchase. Also, remember that it is best to leave their contact information after the game for subsequent branding.

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No amount of advice is better than hands-on experience. If you are unsure about trade shows, attend one as a customer first. Observe what other companies' booths are like and how they advertise during the event. Go ahead and try with self-confidence, and hopefully, you will have a successful trade show.

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