It's almost the last week of October, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Tell me, who wouldn't love Halloween? It always comes with fall, and it seems that even the air smells like spicy pumpkin lattes, which is my favorite season of the year.At the same time, Halloween is not just a children's holiday, adults can also take off the burden of being an adult on this day to put on fancy dress to be a happy child. Not to mention the fun decorations, carved pumpkins, skeletons placed in front of the house, and a variety of scary ornaments. It is like a competition with neighbors to decorate, who is the best-looking and scariest who is the champion of the neighborhood.So have you ever wondered how to decorate your home or backyard? If you have no clue for now, perhaps reading this article can give you inspiration.

Tips on outdoor decoration

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you start formal decorating.

  • First measure the outdoor space and the size of the decorations you want to buy, you don't want to bought back something that exceeds the outdoor space. At the same time, you need start to place the decorations in your mind or on paper to think of their approximate location, otherwise constantly adjusting not only wasted time but also consumed energy.
  • Second, clear away some debris as well as weeds in the yard. This can make your yard look neater and save you a lot of time in decorating.A cluttered environment affects the aesthetics as well as one's mood, and we don't want that to happen on a happy Halloween, right?
  • Last but not least, once you have established the foundation of your space, you can start adding ambiance. Color and lighting are key to creating ambiance, and this is one way to draw the eye. Lighting, in particular, is an important key to a good ambiance. For outdoors there are many types of lighting sources such as candles, lanterns, and of course string lights. String lights can turn any backyard into a Parisian bistro.Of course, if you do not like a variety of string lights, some brightly colored textiles such as shade sails or some plants can be used to decorate. These are some simple ways to prepare to help you save time and space and think about what to do next.
halloween pumpkin


Recommended practical goods

There are some decorations are just disposable items, and this is quite environmentally unfriendly, the next items I recommend are products that can be recycled many times and can be used for many years. Not only environmentally friendly but also can save a lot of money.

Try Pop Up Canopy

If you want to hold a small family gathering in your yard on Halloween, a pop-up canopy will be your best choice because it is easy to install, unlike many other canopies that take a long time to set up. And no tools are needed, a person will be able to set up in three to five minutes. Of course pop-up tents are also divided into many types and sizes. And my most recommended one will be 8 x 8 this size canopy, this size is suitable for most of the family use, can accommodate 4 to 6 people. The Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy also has two mesh windows to ensure ventilation and two screens to keep out mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, the Quictent is made of a fabric that is waterproof and UV resistant, and of course windproof in the fall and winter months, and can protect your privacy if you lower the two screens at the entrance of the tent.

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy

Of course, in addition to the backyard, it can also be placed in your front yard, if you have any valuable decorations that do not want to be wet by the rain, you can also remove its sides as a shelter to use. You can also place more decorations in the tent to decorate it, if you have more open space and like lighting, I would recommend to you this one with solar led lights hexagonal canopy, as I said at the beginning, the light is always the key to the atmosphere. Not to mention that it is still solar light energy-saving and environmentally friendly, once fully charged will be able to last 20 hours. The honeycomb mesh construction can also be perfect to keep out mosquitoes, and the larger interior space allows you to invite more people to the gathering.

Quictent 13’ X 13’ Hexagonal Gazebo

Of course,a pop-up canopy can not only be used at festivals, if you are going camping or picnics it is also a good choice.

Install a Shade Sail

24' x 24' Square Shade Sail

Don't let down your guard against UV rays because it's autumn and winter, even on cloudy days UV rays are still there. So a shade sail is a popular choice at the moment, and if you have to choose one of the differently shaped shade sails, the Square Shade Sail provides all-around protection. If a pop-up canopy is too big for you, you can also hang string lights on the shade sail, which is also a great way to add a sense of ambiance. Different colors will also be a way to add ambiance, Quictent offers a wide range of colors to choose from, but in my opinion terracotta and brown are the most appropriate colors for Halloween.(Don't worry about damaging the shade sail by pulling hard, it is made of 100% virgin (non-recycled) polyethylene shade cloth, which extends the life of the shade sail.) 

Add a Patio Umbrella

patio umbrella

A great-looking outdoor photo is never without a patio umbrella, it's an inevitable trend. A good Patio umbrella is not only a prop to enhance the atmosphere, but also able to protect against direct UV rays as well as wind.Patio umbrellas can be placed not only on the ground, but also on specific tables or cabinets. whether you are eating or reading it can protect you from dust. It can make you more comfortable and safe when you rest and relax on the terrace. In addition to everyday use, it can also be a cute prop at Halloween, for example, you can put pumpkins or skeleton toys under the umbrella, as if the umbrella is shielding them from the wind and rain. Believe me, it will be a very cute scene.


Halloween decorations test people's creativity and imagination, do not let your fixed thinking limit your imagination, decorations can have many kinds of not necessarily limited to stickers or balloons. If you want to buy shelter products, Quictent will be your best choice. Quictent provides high-quality outdoor products, each product has different sizes, colors can be selected according to your preferences and needs. Each product comes with a long warranty, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of the return and exchange process. We are a shelter for everyone, including the little pumpkins for Halloween .

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