Outdoor parties and weddings are now a very trendy way to hold events. Holding an event outdoors allows for fresh air and the outdoor scenery is stunning. The cost of the venue is cheaper than indoors, and an event tent can take care of all the hassles for you. It can be a weatherproof space for guests to dine or relax in. Plus an event tent is a very valuable investment that can be used for many years with proper storage. Even if you don't use it for a party, it can be used as a canopy carport. it's a very practical item. And the most important thing to hold an event despite the decoration is a variety of settings. Especially the table settings, which can be determined according to the style of your party. There are many kinds of table settings, from basic to formal, and the details are very important. So next I will sort out the different kinds of table settings that will allow you to successfully hold a wonderful event.

basic table setting

Learn Basic Table Settings

This way is only suitable for family gatherings, or some not  formal parties. This easy setup is also very suitable for a family to have a simple outdoor meal. The outdoor canopy tent will be more suitable for such small gatherings than a large event tent. It does not need to be too big, a 10x10 canopy can accommodate a dining set. Giving you a relaxed dining environment, perfect for use in a variety of scenarios.

how to set a table


The basic set-up is not as elaborate, but it still has more atmosphere than just a plate. First, lay the placemat on the table and then place the plate in the middle of the placemat. There are also a variety of choices in placemats since it is a basic setup. So you should choose a placemat that is easy to clean and made of durable material. I recommend a placemat made of fabric because it can effectively insulate the heat and is easy to clean. After that, place the napkin on the left side of the plate or the plate, on the plate will look more formal. Finally, place the fork on the left side of the plate. The knife and spoon are placed on the right side, with the blade facing inward and the spoon on the right side of the knife. The water glass needs to be placed on the top right of the plate to make it easier to hold and place. Of course, you can also change the position of the tableware according to your usual hand habits.

Learn About Casual Table Settings

If you are now hosting a leisurely party, such as a birthday party. You will need a more delicate table setting but not too formal. A casual table setting is something added to the basic setup. If you're serving soup, then you'll need to place the soup bowls on top of the dinner plates when setting up. And you need to add a spoon on the right side. After that add a wine glass or other beverage glass you want to serve next to the basic water glass.

Casual table  setting


A party, of course, needs bread and butter, so you can prepare multiple bread baskets and place them in the middle of the guests. And place butter knives on top of the plates to form a diagonal line. Since it is an informal party, You can choose a placemat with bright colors or with stripes. As for the material, plastic will be more suitable, as they have a wider selection of patterns. And they are waterproof to prevent spills from leaving marks on the table and easy to clean.

Learn About Formal Table Settings

Finally, if your party is a formal outdoor dinner. The event tent can accommodate enough people plus tables and various decorations. For example, a 20x40 tent, depending on the shape of the table can accommodate 100 to 120 people. Even if the number of guests is not so large, the extra space can also be used to set up props or decorations. And this is an event tent that has sidewalls, allowing it to be used in different weather conditions. Because the sidewalls and canopy can effectively block the sun as well as rain, can make your party avoid unexpected situations.

quictent big party tent


The formal table setting is a lot of work and many small details need to be taken care of. So before you officially start setting your table, you can make a list. About the menu for this party, some dishes require extra plates and special cutlery. Again, keep the basis of casual table setting and change the material of the placemats to solid color linen ones. The pattern on the placemats then needs to be simple and elegant. You can also choose to add tablecloths to the table, which will look more sophisticated.

formal table setting


Fold the napkin and place it on top of the plate, leaving the rest of the setup unchanged. Place the bread plate on the left side of the plate and put the butter knife on top of the bread plate with the blade facing in. Of course, you have to remember that all the knife blades need to face inward. If you have a salad or fish dish, add two extra forks to the left side where the forks are located. Depending on the type of wine served, place the glasses in the upper right corner of the plate. If tea or coffee is to be served, add a teaspoon. Finally, place the dessert spoon or cake fork directly in front of the dinner plate.

Some Extra Tips

Three different table settings, from basic to formal. Table setting tips can be used no matter what kind of event it is, it is very fun and useful. In addition to table settings, there are some details of table decorations that you can use at the party. You can place flowers and candles on the table, which not only play a decorative role but also let you know how much distance the guests are. Of course, placing a card with the guests' names on the dinner plate can make them feel more welcome. It also allows you as the host to know the location of the guests in advance, the party will also be more orderly. This way is more suitable for weddings or dinners, which will be more formal.

table setting


Table settings can sometimes be tricky, but they will make your outdoor event look fancier. Even if it's an outdoor dinner for the family, table settings can add a sense of ritual. So the next time you host an event, take some time to set the table. Both you and your guests are sure to have a different experience.

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