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Nowadays, a canopy tent is almost indispensable in outdoor life. Whether it is used for backyard or family gatherings or even farmers' markets will need it. Its advantage is that it is very easy to install, the expandable frame design only needs to be pulled apart and does not need tools to put together. Besides the difference in size and features, the pop-up canopy tent also comes in two different types of frame shapes. Pop-up canopies are functionally divided into four types with, no wall, screen, privacy, and four seasons. And on the frame, there are two types, straight leg, and slanted leg. They are characterized and have their advantages and disadvantages. Next, I will introduce you to the differences in these features to enable you to better understand the canopy tent and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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The difference between the 4 features

No side

This is the most basic canopy tent, with only two parts, the canopy, and the frame. There are no extra parts, and it can be installed as fast as possible.

Pros. Inexpensive, able to maintain the air circulation in the summer, providing a cooler space. The canopy also protects from UV rays and sunlight, making it ideal for picnics or vendors. The absence of side walls makes it easier for people to enter and exit, suitable for use in summer.

Cons. No side walls to keep out mosquitoes, and difficult to block sunlight that moves over time. Not suitable for use in the cold season.

no side canopy tent

With netting

The netting design is added to the tent, and the netting is removable.

Pros. Pop up canopy with netting design can effectively avoid the entry of mosquitoes and also can provide fresh air. It is see-through, allowing you to enjoy the natural landscape. The screens are all designed with zippers for easy access also prevent mosquitoes from entering through the thin seams. Suitable for camping or family gatherings.

Cons. Also not suitable for the cold season, and lack of privacy. The screen is not waterproof, so it is difficult to achieve 100% protection in the rain.

Quictent pop up canopy with netting

Privacy and 4 seasons

Both are made of Oxford fabric as sidewalls, and the sidewalls have windows to look at the landscape. Only the privacy type of window style is a two-layer design, one layer is Oxford fabric and the other layer is screen material. While the four-season type of windows is transparent and impermeable material.

Pros. Both have four sides of waterproof, UV-resistant material sidewalls that can be completely insulated from the weather. The extended sidewall design keeps rain out of the tent. And the sidewalls give high privacy and can become a private space. The privacy type's windows can be opened to ventilate the inner layer, but the outer layer's screen can prevent insects. The four-season type of window is a more special shape, perfect for small parties.

Cons. Pop up canopy with sides takes more time to install and is more suitable for winter and more wind resistant. 

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy with sides

Straight leg canopy tent VS Slant leg canopy tent

The frame of the pop-up canopy is divided into two kinds of straight legs and slant legs, and the different legs will have different effects in the later use process. I will show you the differences between these two frameworks so you can make a better choice.

Straight leg canopy tent

A straight leg canopy tent is the most common style, their legs are standing vertically and at right angles to the ground.

Pros. The Straight leg pop-up canopy gives more shade space and also has reinforcement holes at the bottom for stakes. And the straight leg frame can be height adjusted to suit your needs. If you need several tents side by side, the straight leg tent can save more space. It is also a good choice to set it up against the wall for better protection from the wind. More space at the top to display products or decorations. It is suitable for farmers' markets or outdoor gatherings because it makes efficient use of space and can provide shade for many people.

Cons. The square shape is unstable, and without extra reinforcement, it is likely to be blown over by the wind.

instant canopy

Slant leg canopy tent

The pop-up canopy with slant legs has the legs tilted slightly outward from the top of the tent to the ground, forming a triangle.

Pros.  More stylish in appearance. Because it forms a triangular structure, the slant leg tent is more solid in terms of stability. It is a shape that is difficult to deform, so it can be installed and used even on uneven ground. This is difficult to do for straight-leg tents.

Cons. Even if it is the same size, there will be less space for use and shade than a Straight Leg Tent. It is more suitable for use on the beach or uneven ground. Slant leg tents with sidewalls have few options and are generally with mesh sidewalls.

Quictent small party tent


After introducing the features and frame types of canopy tent, you should be familiar with their differences and features. In general, if you want to be able to use the tent all year round then Privacy or Four Seasons would be your best choice. They can protect you from all kinds of weather elements and the side walls are removable, so ventilation is not a problem. And if you just need to camp outdoors in the summer, a pop-up tent with netting meets this need. The no-side style also gives the largest display space, making it ideal for crowded events. The activities you regularly attend can determine what frame you need. If it's an exhibition or camping, a straight-leg tent is a more permanent option. If it's a trip to the beach, a tent with a slant leg is a more stable solution.

So be sure to consider their style and type of frame before you buy, and think carefully about what your purpose is. How do you plan to use them, and what will you decorate them with? These questions can help you find the best canopy tent.

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