May is here and it's almost lavender harvest season. Lavender farms are a popular place to visit for many young people and travel enthusiasts. And there are many derivative products of lavender, such as essential oils, aromatherapy, and decorative items. Spring and early summer are the best times to enjoy lavender, so start planning your lavender plans now!

Something about lavender

How to get the best time to enjoy lavender? You need to know the species and growth habits of this plant from the Mediterranean. Lavender is just a generic term for this type of plant, and common species include English lavender, Spanish lavender, French lavender, and hybrid lavender.


Flowering time

Spanish Lavender - Grows in agricultural zones 8-9 in the United States and can bloom up to three times a year, in early May, June, and the early fall season.

French Lavender - Grows in agricultural zones 5-9 in the United States and blooms from early spring through summer.

English Lavender - From northeastern Spain, grown in U.S. zones 5-8, most varieties bloom in May-June.

Hybrid Lavender - Blooms from July to late summer and is a cross between English lavender and broadleaf lavender.

As you can see from the flowering period of lavender, spring and summer are the best times to see lavender, and you can see many varieties of lavender blooming during this period.

Lavender Festival

A festival that plant lovers cannot miss in spring and summer, the Lavender Festival was initiated and continues to be held by 123 Farms in California. Starting in 2004, this romantic novelty festival attracts a large number of visitors every year and its popularity is increasing year by year. The 2022 Lavender Festival opens on 5.6 and closes on 7.31, during which you can experience the charm of lavender with your family and friends every day from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Organic cultivation

It is worth noting that the lavender here is grown organically, which presents a romantic and ecological atmosphere to the visitors. Here, visitors can enjoy the scent of lavender fields as well as the benefits of organic living.

Lavender products

One thing worth doing at 123 farm in May is to stroll through the large lavender fields to feel the warm purple color bring you joy. You can also learn how to extract the lavender essential oil, taste lavender-inspired dishes, and taste lavender-inspired dishes.


Colorful activities

To make every visitor's stay at 123 Farm a fun and meaningful experience, 123 Farm offers a wide range of activities for visitors during the Lavender Festival.

Horse-drawn hay wagon

The farm provides a horse-drawn hay wagon service for visitors to easily explore the large lavender fields. The driver drives this wagon while a professional guide takes visitors on a tour.

Distillation demonstration

123 Farm offers visitors a professional demonstration of the distillation of lavender to extract essential oils. The demonstration lasts one hour and includes organic essential oil practices and plans for the future, making this a meaningful show.

Crafting Projects

Here you can make a small gift for your family and friends using freshly picked lavender from 123 Farm. You can make a lavender wand for $15 per DIY wand. Lavender crowns are also a popular item at $25 per DIY crown.

There are also many exciting events here during the Lavender Festival,, come and experience the joy of lavender at 123 Farm.

Making lavender dishes and decorations

Decorating your room with lavender is very romantic, lavender can be made into many decorations, they look very special and few plants are as attractive as lavender, this will be a great piece for you.

Purple lavender ball

If you want to get an innovative lavender decoration piece, you can put lavender petals into a decorative ball, like a Christmas ball, and then tie a ribbon to close it. This particular decoration can also help you reuse unwanted lavender bouquets, and it's eco-friendly.

Lavender flower crown

Those of you who have seen the movie Alice in Wonderland will be impressed by the dreamy garden inside. Spring and summer are the seasons when flowers are in full bloom, so if you love making decorations with flowers, now is the perfect time for you to create them.


You can make a colorful flower crown with plants such as lavender and roses. Lavender is tough enough that you can bend it without worrying, and adding elements such as roses will make your crown look more colorful.

You can incorporate lavender into your regular cooking. Purple lavender will make monotonous food look more appetizing and make your cooking process more enjoyable.

Lavender cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of the most popular sweet treats for kids. The beautiful cupcakes and edible decorations on the cake can attract kids to enjoy cupcakes at parties. The difference between lavender cupcakes and regular cupcakes is that the maker needs to incorporate chopped lavender leaves into the butter, and once the cake is formed and cooled, the maker will decorate the top of the cake with lavender flowers.


Lavender Chocolate

White chocolate and dark chocolate are the two most common types of chocolate you'll see. Making some fun and creative chocolate will give you a whole new taste sensation, and the process of making lavender chocolate is simple. Once you have heated the chocolate blocks until they are completely melted, pour them into clean molds and sprinkle them with fresh lavender flowers and chopped lavender leaves. You can also mix other chocolates, these can be chosen according to your interest. Finally, put the molds into the refrigerator for about an hour and the formed lavender chocolates are ready.

Planting lavender in the backyard and on the balcony

Buying wrapped lavender from florists and flower markets often is the most direct way to get your beloved plants, but you will need to visit these places often and you will need to pay extra for these flowers and plants such as packaging fees.

To reduce unnecessary expenses as well as to have access to your favorite plants from time to time, you can create an area on your balcony or backyard to grow these attractive flowers and plants.

Balcony planting

First, you need to get some lavender or lavender seeds and buy the right size pot for you to transplant the lavender into. If you have a style and aesthetic requirement for your balcony, you will need to pick one that matches the style of your balcony when choosing a pot.


To use your limited balcony area more wisely, you need to set up a scientifically designed gardening tool, such as a raised garden bed, which is ideal for placing multiple potted plants without taking up too much space. Another benefit of growing lavender on a balcony is that you can often enjoy the scent of lavender, and natural romantic lavender will make you have a special afternoon.

Backyard cultivation

Lavender is one of the best plants to accent your backyard. Transplanting some of this romantic plant in your home during the lavender blooming season will make your backyard life interesting, such as a family lavender party is a very special idea. Afternoon tea in spring and summer is a leisure activity for many people, and natural romantic lavender will make you have a special afternoon.

You can also plant a lot of lavender in your backyard, as long as it is large enough. Many people feel that the best place to enjoy lavender is at a lavender farm, flower market, or a botanical garden, however, cultivating a lavender garden of your will give you so much more.

Before you embark on a great cultivation project, identify the variety of lavender you want to cultivate and learn about the plant's growing habits and contraindications. Most lavenders prefer a warm, dry climate, and to provide a good growing environment for your plants, greenhouse gardening is perfect for lavender. In a greenhouse, you can control the growing conditions of your plants, create the right temperature and humidity environment for your lavender, and gain more initiative. Depending on your lavender planting plan, set up a small greenhouse or a large greenhouse.

Growing lavender outdoors requires careful maintenance by the gardener, such as providing suitable soil for the lavender, timely watering, and pruning. Lavender is useful for repelling animals like deer, which do not like the smell lavender emits, so lavender protects the plant from deer, and outdoor lavender planting is the way many plant lovers prefer.

Start your lavender time

The weather is becoming warmer, and now is the best time to enjoy flowers, travel, and camping. Lavender is at its best in May, so don't miss this best season and start your spring flower viewing time.

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